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  1. I'm just sorry i didn't do it sooner and wasted sooo much time on trying to make the various cloud driver options work
  2. I have no idea how to solder and I soldered(had to buy some cheap supplies) my liftmaster remote in 30 minutes. I called my dealer and installed two Nyce tilt sensors. Then i programmed the two buttons that I soldered to the buttons on my garage remote. Then I plugged my soldered wires into my controllers contact switches. didn't need no z2io either. less than an afternoon of work and done. The only catch is that your garage remote needs to work from your rack locations. if it doesn't then you might need the z2io. This is easy and way more reliable than the cloud options I have tried in the past.
  3. +1 for Ted Lasso. If you don't know where the cookies come from or haven't made it to the darts scene you haven't watched enough. I hope season 2 lives up to the lofty standards of season 1.
  4. Agree with this. I did this method in an afternoon for two openers. the tilt sensors are small and not expensive at all. i have no delay at all like i did with the cloud api. its just like pressing the button on the remote in my car.
  5. I'm here for this. I think Ring is a steaming pile of hammered crap. question. how will the Chime work with a home doorbell/chime? Ring uses that little adpater you wire to the actual bell.
  6. for me i am really trying to steer clear of the cloud services if I can. I am not always able, but if I have to I am trying as others said to make sure they are on the supported list. For myQ I ended up using some Nyce tilt sensors on my doors and soldered an extra remote and wired it to the contact switch on my EA controller. the remote lives in the rack with my EA controller. Only issue here could be range, it isn't for me. Take a remote to your rack and test it. or else use a z2io near your opener. No need to run wires from the opener to the rack in either case. I'm also going to be ditching my Ring doorbell, what a steaming pile that is. I going with local hardware and wiring. Haven't decided what hardware yet. Probably a security cam and the elk sensor. if I can get cat5 to right spot i might try some kind of door station. It has become a basic design principle for me. agree on the integrator front, you don't know a bad one until they are done. Everyone promises similar. I just kept moving on util I landed with a good one. If they don't know more than one way to do something and can't give you options, it raises red flags. For MyQ we tried the cloud, wink, liftmaster driver, but the method i'm using now has worked out the best. My dealer and I tried to go easy but he had options for me and didn't keep trying to shove the same crappy solution at me. i think understanding what design principals are important to you will help avoid mistakes, too bad it took me a few mistakes to figure that out. That all said, i have certainly wondered what are we doing with all this and why.
  7. well, i didn't really expect you to go find it for me. I thought you might already know of one that works. its cool.
  8. you just add the additional rooms in the the control4 app as needed. They can always be grouped. I rarely jump between the two apps, once i've set my presets up.
  9. I use shairbridge by Room, that way we can just stream to the room you are in. That said, we really dont use it that much since spotify connect came out. For Spotify we just have an instance of the driver for each family member, so they can use their own presets and start it where ever they like. We use spotify connect in this case. Hope that helps.
  10. They are both on the same matrix. So i think i need to ask him to move the family room denon to digital out 2 and the use audio out 1 as the second feed to my matrix. Does that sound right? I think this right because the same thing happens with tune in and it isn't just spotify
  11. I have a screen shot from when we were setting it up....he sent it to me so I could hook everything up properly. but, this i wonder if the issue might be here somehow. Like I don't have enough cables\bindings. The Kitchen and the Gym are both on the Audio Matrix, but I think i'm seeing here that only one cable is going to the Amp\Matrix
  12. wow sorry typo there. didn't even realize i did that. It is an EA 5. That said I will double check how many outputs I'm using on it.
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