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  1. I'm here for this. I think Ring is a steaming pile of hammered crap. question. how will the Chime work with a home doorbell/chime? Ring uses that little adpater you wire to the actual bell.
  2. for me i am really trying to steer clear of the cloud services if I can. I am not always able, but if I have to I am trying as others said to make sure they are on the supported list. For myQ I ended up using some Nyce tilt sensors on my doors and soldered an extra remote and wired it to the contact switch on my EA controller. the remote lives in the rack with my EA controller. Only issue here could be range, it isn't for me. Take a remote to your rack and test it. or else use a z2io near your opener. No need to run wires from the opener to the rack in either case. I'm also going to be ditching my Ring doorbell, what a steaming pile that is. I going with local hardware and wiring. Haven't decided what hardware yet. Probably a security cam and the elk sensor. if I can get cat5 to right spot i might try some kind of door station. It has become a basic design principle for me. agree on the integrator front, you don't know a bad one until they are done. Everyone promises similar. I just kept moving on util I landed with a good one. If they don't know more than one way to do something and can't give you options, it raises red flags. For MyQ we tried the cloud, wink, liftmaster driver, but the method i'm using now has worked out the best. My dealer and I tried to go easy but he had options for me and didn't keep trying to shove the same crappy solution at me. i think understanding what design principals are important to you will help avoid mistakes, too bad it took me a few mistakes to figure that out. That all said, i have certainly wondered what are we doing with all this and why.
  3. well, i didn't really expect you to go find it for me. I thought you might already know of one that works. its cool.
  4. you just add the additional rooms in the the control4 app as needed. They can always be grouped. I rarely jump between the two apps, once i've set my presets up.
  5. I use shairbridge by Room, that way we can just stream to the room you are in. That said, we really dont use it that much since spotify connect came out. For Spotify we just have an instance of the driver for each family member, so they can use their own presets and start it where ever they like. We use spotify connect in this case. Hope that helps.
  6. They are both on the same matrix. So i think i need to ask him to move the family room denon to digital out 2 and the use audio out 1 as the second feed to my matrix. Does that sound right? I think this right because the same thing happens with tune in and it isn't just spotify
  7. I have a screen shot from when we were setting it up....he sent it to me so I could hook everything up properly. but, this i wonder if the issue might be here somehow. Like I don't have enough cables\bindings. The Kitchen and the Gym are both on the Audio Matrix, but I think i'm seeing here that only one cable is going to the Amp\Matrix
  8. wow sorry typo there. didn't even realize i did that. It is an EA 5. That said I will double check how many outputs I'm using on it.
  9. Ok. I have 3 instances of the Spotify Driver in my project. 1 for each family member and each is named as such. We are on the premium family plan, no issues there. I start spotify in the kitchen playing my favorite playlist. My daughter goes down to the gym and puts on her playlist using her instance of spotify and boom they combine. I'm now hearing her music in the kitchen. If i then put my playlist back on it changes it in the Gym. What I observe in that app is that both rooms are joined to the same session. I've been looking through my programming and for the life of me I can't find anything that would make this happen. To be transparent, of have some programming on a button click that will join a session in progress, but again that is on a Music button in each room. I never had this problem before and haven't touched that programming in over a year. My dealer and I have recently upgrade me to an EA1 to address some hardware issues. and my spotify app started acting funny, so I think he removed the old instances and readded spotify because I had to re add my playlists. I'm on 3.1 I'm racking my brain over this and I'm not sure how to track this down. Could sure use some advice from the big brains around here. Thanks for the help.
  10. yes, but you can't buffer a phone call or it isn't a known stream. I'm just saying it has to be stable and fast enough. Its a different kind of workload. a movie could buffer and then play and you would never know, except that you might see it buffer at the beginning. That will not and cannot happen on a live phone call. you just end up with drops and and jitter and all that. The point is that pure speed shouldn't be the goal.
  11. I went with DSC Neo. itegrates well, been solid. No issues. I'm on 3.1, but it worked well on 2.x as well. I did it all myself and had my dealer install the driver. I like it because it can handle both wired and wireless sensors.
  12. I ultimately came to terms that streaming services only need a certain amount of bandwidth and I never experience any type of buffering. Also my wife and I both work from home and I am on Skype and Teams video calls all day. She is on Zoom calls all day. Real time audio and video and all day. These are far more demanding than netflix. If you saw my speed test results you would cry, but ultimately it doesn't matter, I don't have problems. I'm not really sure what i would even notice if i realized the full speed they were "promising". Probably nothing. I will also second this sentiment. You should really be striving for good coverage and the ability to handle more clients than you need. I had the whole family over one christmas years ago and they crushed my wifi (apple extreme), with too many clients and connections. I went for a coverage and volume solution, not a speed solution.
  13. I've had this issue since I put ac pros in 5 years ago. That said. They have been rock solid in terms of my wifi coverage and the number of clients they can handle. My research into this has told me two things. If you block multicast on your wifi network you will get some better speeds. However lots of other things will or can suffer. I left allow multicast on. Second, numerous threads on the subject can be found in the unifi forums. Those threads all say the AC Pros were never built for pure speed, they are built for coverage and the number of clients they can handle, as I eluded to above. The speeds they publish are theoretical limits and are rarely seen in practice. Just relaying what I've read.
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