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  1. I was wondering the same thing
  2. I do one instance for each user. Then each user always uses their own instance wherever they go. Just show them how to save their playlists in Control4 if they care
  3. In the properties of my AppleTV drivers I can select a Room to Auto Power on, I wonder if that setting is set in your driver
  4. I haven't run into that myself either. I have two of them in my house.
  5. seems like maybe a resolution/mismatch. is the ATV on Auto? What happens if you plug the ATV directly into the projector?
  6. i would opt for a VPN instead of Port Forwarding if you can. Anyone who wants to can have a go at that port and IP address.
  7. I bought two cams and a hikvision nvr, didn't even try integration with C4. I hate the NVR luckily it wasn't too expensive and I can reuse the drives. it seems to work fine, but i just don't like the interface. It is clunky and looks old and sad. I'm not going to do integration or more cams until I work through this. I'll be interested to hear where you land on this. That said I'm going to load up Blue Iris and try that next.. A lot of People really seem to like it. I'm gonna trying running it in a VM on my FreeNas or on my surface laptop for testing, but I'll probably find out I need a PC in the long run. We'll see. My Freenas is strong, but refurb small form factor Dell PCs are cheap.
  8. I'm using a DSC Neo system. It's a bit of a hybrid system in that it works with both wired and wireless sensors. I think the older DSC panels may do that as well, but I think the NEO is a new wireless tech of some sort. What you need is the communication module that will fit your needs. They come in many flavors, IP, LTE, GSM, or other Cellular, and Alarm.com modules. Many choices. I talked with the guys at Alarmsystemstore.com to dial in what I needed. As far as monitoring there are lots of options, Self Monitoring, Alarm.com, even Alarm System Store has some options. Most of them won't understand the role Control4 plays, but you just need IP comms for that, in addition to your other needs.
  9. I have an EA-1 set up in a room for local control and it seems to stop responding every few days. If I reboot it it will work again for another few days and then just randomly stop. I have been down in the rack messing with wires, due to a closet cleanup project. I had this once in the past and I re-terminated each end of the network cable attached to it. I can do that again I suppose but how can I tell from logs what is really happening. Its in that state right now and I'd love to find how whats going on. Thanks for your help. Chris.
  10. +1 for FreeNas. I also use Plex in a FreeNas Jail for all my owned movies. It supports DLNA and multiple share types. Pretty good support through their community forums as well. I opted for that over a synology or qnap because all my parts are replaceable and I can work on it. It is free and will run on most hardware, but that depends on what you intend to do. I bought all the parts and threw it together over a weekend. simple to use. If you want to test it out you can download virtualbox and install FreeNas on it and play around with it. I even ran plex on that for my test, but your mileage may vary on that front.
  11. i guess it works ok. I find it to be very slow to load on my phone in the ring app. I don't love it personally. This is outside of control4 integration but a big use case for me rarely works. When my 14 year old daughter is home and my wife and I are out for date night we will sometimes order her dinner to the house. When I see the notification come through I like to watch to make sure she is OK. but when i click on the notification the app will fire up and switch to the camera view, but the video never loads. if i wait a minute and go to the saved videos I can view it no problem, but by then it is usually too late. Its disappointing. When I look at my wifi stats, it is connected to the closest wap about 30 ft away and has a really strong signal. I'm honestly thinking of changing to another solution.
  12. Boy do I feel you on this. I've been through two new builds also and a basement finish project. It sucks when you feel like you have to watch them and tell them not to do dumb stuff. I could tell you some stories. The other issue is they will treat you like you don't know what you are talking about as an excuse to do a piss poor job. ok rant over. I've also been through 4 or 5 dealers in my area and it is not fun. Keep looking and changing dealers until you land on a good one. Also there are some good remote dealers that are very helpful, if you can manage the wiring and install from your end. @AK1 is who I use. as to the topic, my ATV has taken to randomly playing music and the screen saver has stopped working, so I'll be talking with my dealer about the drivers. Hopefully we can resolve it, because it is annoying. I like to fall asleep on the couch watching movies and lately i've been waking up in the middle of the night and there is the TV stuck on one screen. Frustrating.
  13. let me see.... I'd probably make a boolean variable SNOWING and set it to False. maybe something more generic like DS2 MOTION might work better if you want to use it in other situations Then make a custom button or use a keypad button and it would set the variable to true or false when you push it. You could even have the LED change color based on its state to remind you. When Control4 DS2 Door Station Events -> Motion detected IF SNOWING = True Do Nothing (you could use STOP, I think) ELSE Send Snapshot Email Send Push you could also move or copy the email one to the top if you thought you still needed that. Hopefully this helps.
  14. what happens when the motion triggers? it sends a push notification? Perhaps you could have some code and a custom button that disables action while snowing? so you aren't actually disabling the motion sensing you are just disabling what you've told it to do when it does sense motion? I hope that makes sense.
  15. I don't think anyone is saying that it doesn't have potential or that some of these features are not cool. I think most people think it is inconsistent. Mine has worked a little bit here and there but a lot of the time it doesn't. Won't load or crashes when you try to do something. I think if it worked consistently and Control4 spent time working out the bugs, I don't think you would be getting the same feedback from the group. Plus apple changes stuff and trying to keep up with that has to be a chore for Control4.
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