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  1. so, this is fixed, in case anyone was having anxiety about it. 😁 it turned out to be the power supply for the rx balun behind my tv. I had swapped the baluns but kept using the same power supply. I should have known to try a new one since it was a separate component on the balun. This one made me feel like an idiot.
  2. that makes sense, was hoping you might know a way to force this on my matrix. I didn't see anything in the manual.
  3. Will try some new HDMI cables at the TV and AVR. Only one HDMI out on my Denon, is is a 3310 so it is 9 years old. So, i'm going to swap in a different AVR. I have a NAD on a turntable in my office I can try out. Just to
  4. the saga continues...I spent this morning doing more and repeating some of my testing. i've done my best to isolate each of these test. What i know: known working cat6 cables do not work on the Family room. Known working Rx baluns do not work on this Family room. Know working Tx baluns do not work on the Family room I re-wired the thearter to use my denon, and that works. So known working AVR doesn't work on the Family room. The family Room uses output 1 on my matrix. I set up the theater to use output 1 and that works, HDbaseT and HDMI. If i put devices on the tv directly they work What am I missing here?
  5. the only thing I can get to work is if I plug stuff straight into the TV. I'm gonna retest a few of these things, but at this point I'm out of ideas. Today my IR bud is just flashing. and now I"m not getting a consistent link light on the baluns. I tried a third different cat 6 between the baluns. Every other room continues to work, with every source.
  6. No worries, reading is hard for me too. 😂 I just appreciate the help and suggestions.
  7. I changed the cable boxes, from the old comcast platform to the x1 platform. The issues didn't start immediately though. It is a denon, in the room that isn't working. My theater room is a very similar set up except the AVR is in Integra in that room. My only point was that the wiring schematic is the same and that setup works, it probably doesn't matter. Forget the integra 😁 the output goes from source to matrix then to avr then to baluns. it isn't setup how you stated. I should be able to elimnate binding issues by manually switching the Matrix. I'll test that and report back.
  8. ok I ran a temp cable from the matrix to the rx balun and same behavior. That would eliminate the denon, as well as the cable in the wall in my mind. I've also bypassed the denon by putting the original cable staight to the matrix. a new observation: i'm getting no sound on my deck, but i get a picture, but only if i've selected the new cable boxes. If i select the appletv i get sound. This is starting to seem more and more like an EDID issue?
  9. Hi All I"m having a situation and I wanted to run past you all for some advice. This has been working for 5 years and my Theater room is set up almost exactly the same with the exception of the AVR (Integra) and the display uses a newer TV with IP control. I'm using a binary 8x8 hdbaset matrix and I have one room (Family Room) that has stopped working. Here is the setup for that room. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 5.1 Speakers HD Matrix ---hdmi---> Denon 3310 AVR ---hdmi---> B 520 TX ---cat6\ir---> B 500 RX ---hdmi\ir---> Samsung TV HC800 -------------------------------------ir----------------------------------->| I"m not getting picture or sound in the family room. Here are a few things I've done to start troubleshooting. swapped the b520 tx from the theater and I get the same behavior in both rooms, theater continues to work and family room doesn't, should eliminate the transmitter re terminated both ends of the cat6, plugged this cat6 into a switch and plugged my laptop in, ran speed test and cable seems good, should eliminate the cat6 swapped in a new b 500 rx, same behavior, but haven't tried ether of the b500rx new or old in any other location, nor have I updated firmware. Some observations so far: I am not getting the same link light behavior on the b520 tx, when i compare the rooms. On the working room, the lights are solid. On the non working room it blinks green, or sometimes not at all. when i switch cables the behavior moves. Incidentally this has remained pretty much the same since before and after I re-terminated the cat6. If i have the family room on, i get no sound and no picture, if i cut power to the b 500 rx, the sound starts up on the 5.1, but obviously no picture. The ir flasher turns the tv on. Today the plan is to inspect the Denon AVR settings. Try to use a different input or output on the denon if I can. Then try to isolate the Denon by using the integra in that room. However I don't think any of these things explain the link lights. At this point I'm running out of ideas, it worked one day and not the next. The setup has remained pretty static for quire some time. with the exception of changing our cable boxes to the Xfinity X1 from their old platform. I was thinking maybe something with EDID, but all the other rooms work, all the TVs are samsung, all the RX are the same kind of unit, also the family room has worked since the cable was upgraded. I could really use some advice on this one.
  10. I was wondering the same thing
  11. I do one instance for each user. Then each user always uses their own instance wherever they go. Just show them how to save their playlists in Control4 if they care
  12. In the properties of my AppleTV drivers I can select a Room to Auto Power on, I wonder if that setting is set in your driver
  13. I haven't run into that myself either. I have two of them in my house.
  14. seems like maybe a resolution/mismatch. is the ATV on Auto? What happens if you plug the ATV directly into the projector?
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