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  1. You don't get it... don't use the isp router
  2. my system loads faster, I had a good size project, not large by no means... Im using a hc800 and have lots of programming
  3. Cleaning out old stock mostly new, used I will notate as such... You pay shipping, if you know the best way to ship, please advise.... please message with serious reasonable offers, I'm not looking for retail, if I cover my cost I'm good... moving soon and need less to move! Wifi Speaker Point- used (demo kit, so rarely used) offer (2) rs-485 keypad C4-KCB-WH 10" TS C4-WALL10-1-WH with SAMRT in-wall retro fit kit $1000 5"-7" TS wall box kit, new construction CA-1 C4-CA1 Aux Keypad C4-KA-WH KP 6 button blk C4-KP6-Z-N BLACK- used great condition KP table top kit blk C4-KPTK1-M-B KP table top kit wht C4-KPTK1-M-W card access ZigBee Pro Ext ZCA-WCS10-X-ZP KP 3 button wht C4-KP3-Z-WH-used great condition wirepath 4ch dvr-used demo wirepath 4ch dvr-used customer upgrade Question about any items please message me, I'm not on here everyday so please be patient
  4. I have cameras, locks, door/window contacts, garage door, Channels, TiVo, Roku channels, Stations, . Less need for watch and listen any more, also you still have that in the top left of the main room screen, if you need something you don't normally use.. so room screen needs to be favorite activities to get the most out of the new OS
  5. Now a controller/roku type devise, I could see great benefits to this!! Native video streaming??
  6. I use advanced announcements, I like the British female... feels like I'm in a James bond film
  7. Ok, so in your boardroom-room variables-power state make a conditional IF room power is on set -variable TEST to True, IF room power is Off set -variable TEST to False
  8. I personally never have used a toggle command.. I would use a variable to track last state of your 1st variable. then you know that the last variable was correct so trigger off of that! I do this to toggle camera source and main video source using a single * command on the remote
  9. with OS 3.0 not supporting v1 security proxy, what is my best way to upgrade my GE panel. I have mostly use GE panel for my jobs(just finished up another last week) with nx-584 keypad module... Is there a upgraded virtual keypad or another driver?? I would hate to have to swap security panels just to upgrade to os3
  10. you need to scan local uhf/vhf in the media tab, it will populate by zip code
  11. price doubles from 8x8 to the 24x24.. who in the hell needs 24 analog input these days!!
  12. price is steep for Triad 24x24 and I only need a 12x12 or 16x16.. any other brand options you have used??
  13. I have figured out the url for my local bay news 9, 5 day forecast pic off there website..I have that populate with as a camera snapshot.. I dig it and most customer do too... especially the customers on the beach... I used to get the highway cameras from a customer home to work route as well. Then the urls started changing, but the weather has always worked to this day
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