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  1. i have 1-3 button for sure white.. I have a 6 button black
  2. I have not seen this, just tried on my sytem with no issues. is your roku driver up to date?
  3. super glue should work well, glue it to the table! Or break some fingers.. JK
  4. wiring you want to connect the 2 wires that are connected to the old switch together in 2 of the location. the location at the end is most likely where the dimmer will be installed.
  5. avpro HDMI switcher - HDMI over single cat5/POE.. I personally have not used larger then a 8x8 but sure they have one. IF all TV's are 4k, you can use a non scaling version (less expensive). IF tv's are mixed then you will want a scaling version to down convert 4k sources.. Roku is one of your best sources for streaming 4K solution
  6. someone just posted a couple weeks ago about a driver to control a media center pc and mimic key strokes.. I don't remember which forum/ fb group it was!
  7. I personally do see the point of running 1-2 z-wave devices when I already have 10-20 ZigBee devices! yes c4 lock are more $$, I have never had a lock stop.. I have had my locks for close to 10yrs!
  8. I think @Cyknight recommends not using zwave locks, but I may have read that wrong!
  9. I was told a while back that sonance has a device that has a and b type switching for speaker level.. Old school elan VTHO or niles tv50?
  10. most streaming service have the transport controls built into the app themselves. so using the navigation arrows ( up, down, left, right) oh and select (ok, enter, etc) to select the transport controls in the apps is the idea.. On the neeo standard templates are used for devices and from what I understand you cant add button or it is above my experience to do so edit: I do see roku has full navigation on the neeo.. IMO by far the easiest streaming device to use with c4... I was blown away when I added a new channel to my device and the mini app auto populated on the neeo
  11. Totally dig the volume popup disabled for non-discreat volumes! I have issues with sliders as well.. the sliders are finicky, not smooth, does always slide on 1st drag
  12. should be able to make a power off macro and fire it from room off button press... I do this for lighting on sr260 using page up/down, room does not need to be "on".
  13. Control4 has no "control" over your alarm system, it simply communicates to the alarm via a virtual keypad.. this can do nothing more then what your alarm panel itself is programmed to do.. now it could be possible that the driver you are using has a bug.. I;m not of anymore use on this matter as I use a GE NX alarm panel, which is different from your concord panel. I can cross post to another forum and let you know the results
  14. And since you don't know why, then I can assume we will never know either! LOL
  15. I just tested this a bit.. c4 does see the input change to mini-apps... I connected the youtube app to the sony ip driver and when I change input manually, c4 see that the tv changed to mini-app1. I did get to much further as I don't see an option to program a IF statement against the mini-app selection..
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