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  1. I have had a situation similar.. try factory restoring the soundbar and setup again... I had to RMA the soundbar and get another one
  2. Send me a paypal request.. allaboutav@gmail.com
  3. create media zones and then program logic off of active or not active
  4. have to tired setting up scenes in the Lutron app and then triggering those scenes? ie.1 scene bedroom on 50%, 2 scene bedroom off. those saved scenes in the Lutron app show up in the integrators report as button #
  5. I have a few (18) RRD-6NA Lutron ra select dimmers for sale. looks for $80 each plus shipping
  6. Im doing a job late this month and the customer requested the Yamaha ysp5600.. I have not personally heard this unit
  7. you need to change the camera nic card ip at the NVR display to the ip pool that you want to use, under network setting. this can only be done at the unit, not web browser UI
  8. bump, still have SMART retro fit kit for sale
  9. c4toys

    Power Outage

    I can certainly clean that up for you, I work most of the west coast of FL, message me to discuss further
  10. c4 knows of the issue and engineering is working on a fix.. Also when the session is grouped, you cant change to another source without turning off the whole session.. and then it is still a PITA to get it to change sources
  11. Im located in tampa, I do a good amount of work in port charlotte and Ft myers.. message me for contact info
  12. I'm a small dealer local to Tampa. Feel free to call tomorrow 8139183474. Name is Tony
  13. all certified tech were shown how to get streaming radio station from the code side of a web page.. I just went to the local cable news station and searched through the page code until I found the url for that page.. Pretty easy and I know very little about web development!
  14. yes 2-3 speaker systems group well, but large number groups seem to have issues
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