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  1. price doubles from 8x8 to the 24x24.. who in the hell needs 24 analog input these days!!
  2. price is steep for Triad 24x24 and I only need a 12x12 or 16x16.. any other brand options you have used??
  3. I have figured out the url for my local bay news 9, 5 day forecast pic off there website..I have that populate with as a camera snapshot.. I dig it and most customer do too... especially the customers on the beach... I used to get the highway cameras from a customer home to work route as well. Then the urls started changing, but the weather has always worked to this day
  4. go into the events on the nvr, turn off audible alarm for video loss, hdd full, temper... do one at a time til you find the one that stops it.... I would narrow down to the fault and fix why it is going into alarm state!
  5. yes someone makes a driver to add dvr control. its expensive, I have not used it.. all hik cameras give the video stream, but the video stream has to be 1080 and nothing higher
  6. 300 and 500 series switcher are not 4K. I would stay with the same model series
  7. do you need a keypad, why not just a button?
  8. I bought a set of these and they where DOA from amazon
  9. a old work around I have used is to add a 2nd cablebox in the room and make connection to a input... edit the receiver driver HDMI2 input code, back to the original IR code (HDMI 1)or macro if needed to switch back to HDMI1.. receiver can be set to HDMI passthrough so it can be on and muted or off completely
  10. Depends on who he has installing for him now! Ive seen fair work. I have a few take overs. Can't say plus or minus.
  11. Is the Binary B-300 still for sale?

  12. I'm using the xbr65x900c cert. driver. I only get 3 mini-apps but they work, I just tried them, I never use them..
  13. I have a 2016 model and turns on and off as normal. if you don't have a video end point to the display in that room, you will not get a watch icon for that room.. audio endpoint is the amp/switcher for the room
  14. F/S lightly used wirepath 4 channel dvr, this unit was used in the showroom about 3 months.. it has been sitting in the box on a shelf since $150
  15. Snap Av- Binary B-300 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher with power supply, remote and rack ears.. $500 OBO HDMI and Cat5 outputs, no balums included unit was upgraded to 8x8, pulled in working condition
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