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  1. should be able to make a power off macro and fire it from room off button press... I do this for lighting on sr260 using page up/down, room does not need to be "on".
  2. Control4 has no "control" over your alarm system, it simply communicates to the alarm via a virtual keypad.. this can do nothing more then what your alarm panel itself is programmed to do.. now it could be possible that the driver you are using has a bug.. I;m not of anymore use on this matter as I use a GE NX alarm panel, which is different from your concord panel. I can cross post to another forum and let you know the results
  3. And since you don't know why, then I can assume we will never know either! LOL
  4. I just tested this a bit.. c4 does see the input change to mini-apps... I connected the youtube app to the sony ip driver and when I change input manually, c4 see that the tv changed to mini-app1. I did get to much further as I don't see an option to program a IF statement against the mini-app selection..
  5. What is your location? Hard to find a onsite tech without this... I would hold off on remote programming.. ie., I'm not overly excited to come hang a tv for you. Now with that said, you also want some C4 programming, troubleshoot issues.. I would be happier to roll a truck for a couple hrs worth of work... Yes anyone can hang a TV, question is how many hands do you want in your system
  6. you can program against a button ie. eject, but only at the room level. so you could use a variable to say When eject is pressed- IF (current room) current selected device is TiVo- then execute Set All Hue Lights to Random. or IF (current room) current selected device is TiVo- then emit ir code (send code from device itself in the right window, scroll down to ir command).
  7. I ordered engraving like 3 weeks ago, turn around was about 5 days
  8. I have been having announcement issues as well, since 3.0 update.. I use the chowmain, advanced announcement driver. I started seeing this odd stuff about 3-4 months ago
  9. I have a brand new Neeo remote, Black on black NIB $500 shipped.. venmo or zelle for payment
  10. Still have SMART inwall retro fit kit. $160
  11. in os3 I have xm stations on fav. page and they are always there... I don't remember how I was able to get them on the fav. page, but they are there and works.. I was able to get pandora station on fav. page as well
  12. you can fav. pandora, xm, iheart station direct to fav. page.. I don't seem to be able to fav, amazon stations! I have main doors on fav. to see open/closed status, security, door lock, ceiling fans, roku cjannels, cameras and all custom buttons for House modes, sound modes, video adjustments..
  13. I have all different oem hik cameras and nvrs'. I currently use a northern video nvr(OEM HIK) and view it thru the hikconnect app.. my nvr is configed as the northern video p2p, but work just fine in the hik app
  14. you are not able to login into the web gui thru a web browser? I do this with all oem hik systems. open internet explorer- type nvr ip address into the address bar ie
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