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  1. I have it setup for a customer, where he says "alexa play relax playlist on the sound system". it turns on the kitchen speakers and plays his relax playlist from his amazon unlimited account. just one command, now I need to test grouping rooms together with voice controls.. next truck roll
  2. You can't do that with overlapping names. seems you should be able to make a alexa routine to do this, I would name each light with room name - pendant. then make a routine for each room/light.. I could be wrong
  3. Hik nvr use hyperlink for the camera connection.. use the hik camera driver and use the ip address of the nvr with the port starting at 65001=camera 1, 65002=camera 2, etc..
  4. I believe that's the rectifier and you would also use the dmx engine(red box solution) and driver both from Blackwire
  5. I assume it is meaning using lumilums controller vs. a dmx engine.. I had 1-100 sliders for RGB and a separate slider 1-100 for the strip brightness.. For a single strip only 1 rectifier was installed and no setup involved, plug and play
  6. yes you can dim all colors.. 4 individual sliders for color thru normal navigator menus or use the color wheel
  7. I have a project with lumilum and dmx driver.. I extended the runs in between ceiling trays with electrical OS cable 18/4.. total 155-160ft..
  8. is this old style tv static(black and white) or a bluish color static.. bluish static is caused by HDMI handshake issues, cable box are the worst for handshake issues
  9. Its just a controller, use 3rd party strips and power supply. Learns into a hue hub, then use the hue lamp drivers to control in C4
  10. how would you wire the power into the 2nd strip? Do you just add 12v/24v on the black wire without ground??
  11. I'm not 100% about this but I think this is the scenario for the room control driver.. So your issue would be that each streaming service driver works a little different then the next.. So with Pandora Yes, you can specify in programming to play in 1 room or all rooms.. With Amazon I would so no.. With Heos speakers I learned that you can start audio in a zone and program setting the all the other room audio end point that the first zones end point.. issue I found was that I could not program an unjoint from first end point
  12. sounds like the t3 is looking at the wrong stream (resolution) check the documentation for specific res. for t3 and set the camera appropriately.. I don't have a t3, so I;m not sure of its resolutions
  13. Why would you, once you select a source the transport for the source ie. DTV will have guide and DVR in that driver..
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