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  1. Thanks. Do you know why it breaks without the latest version? I’m not sure sure why the March version wouldn’t continue to work. Thamks again.
  2. So, before I incur a service charge from my installer, how do I figure how if I need an upgrade. It stopped working in mid-late March, after the installer did an upgrade it was good. So, it was upgraded on March 27th, how do I figure out if that it what I need again? I don't quite understand the frequency with which I have issues with this driver. I don't have it with any other driver with issues and I do have other 3rd party drivers. I'd happily upgrade it myself, but not being able to do that, it feels like constant a fishing exercise. I have resisted paying for annual service contract with my dealer, but this one driver may necessitate it. In the end it might be cheaper to upgrade my HC800 and avoid the need for the driver.
  3. I have gone into Composer HE and I can't find the version number for the driver. When do I find the version number? I signed up for the newsletter a month ago and have not gotten any news about a new release.
  4. @IntrinsicGroup My driver stopped working again, I've rebooted the controller and both of my Apple TV's. Any other suggestions?
  5. I've signed up as well. Thank you. I agree line 2 of the address should NOT be required.
  6. I'm checking in, any progress on this? Without knowing I would break my existing integration I upgraded my Apple TV to TvOS 13. Once I realized it was broken and I could not go back I reached out to my dealer for help. My dealer first suggested upgrading the controller, since I was out of IR ports on my C4 Controller. Instead I asked my dealer to look at your driver and I purchased it through him, I believe I am his only customer with it. So far, only once has it stopped working, i tried several times the basics of rebooting the Apple Tv's and controller, but nothing. So, i reached out and he figured out he needed to upgrade it. I has now worked flawlessly. I would rather stay ahead of it and not have my family complaining about it. Getting notified of updates so I can chase the dealer doesn't seem like a big ask especially since I paid for the driver. The dealer was a pass through.
  7. Got it, so the dealer gets the notification. Can I also get notified of updates?
  8. I've never gotten a "mailshot", how do i get on your distribution list?
  9. I tried rebooting the hc800, but it still didn't work. I lived with it for awhile and finally gave up and called my dealer.
  10. I bought my driver for two Apple TV's in January. My driver stopped working last month and I used the Apple TV remote again for awhile, but finally reached out to my dealer who updated the driver and now everything works fine. Without auto updating, I'm worried that I will need to constantly depend on my dealer to log in do updates, which will not be a great user experience.
  11. Anyone know if Control4 is planning any product announcements at CES 2020?
  12. Interesting, I don't but it would be easy to add one back. I just need to check the wiring. thank you.
  13. We have just installed a new door station 2 with Intercom Anywhere and a touchscreen. Everything works great, but at times we miss the traditional door bell, as the intercom app means carrying your phone with you at all times in the house. We would like to still hear a bell ring when we are home. Has anyone done anything creative to also ring a traditional sounding Bell when the door station is pushed? I'm thinking we have triad one amp and c4 amp that I could play a sound when the door station is pressed but I'm also open to a better idea. thanks in advance,
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