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  1. Thanks AK1! I had 2.5.3 and the latest Yale driver and 35 seconds delay then I reinstalled the driver and the problem was gone, but it's back again! My logs before reinstall when delay is huge: May 2 21:19:44:473986 home-controller-300-000FFF120622 CRIT [5110]: Getting data to save for driver Garage Door Lock(842) May 2 21:20:10:226827 home-controller-300-000FFF120622 CRIT [5110]: Getting data to save for driver Door Lock(852) .... May 2 21:20:11:643127 home-controller-300-000FFF120622 INFO [5110]: Project saved successfully May 2 21:20:11:650144 home-controller-300-000FFF120622 DEBUG [5
  2. Just found out that this is Yale driver that locks my system for 30-40 seconds while OS saves the project. Was anybody able to resolve the problem? thanks!
  3. > I gained a fairly high comfort level that I wouldn't have any problem having my system serviced in Texas, but Estonia may be a different ballgame altogether- I don't have a clue. I've contacted Control4 EMEA headoffice in UK, they assured me that they are expanding rapidly, they train 20-30 dealers from different european countries each week. When I complained about high european prices on C4 hardware they told me they pass my concern to US head office Now I must install C4 Actually I'm going to install C4, currently calculating what features do I need and how many devices do I need....
  4. Thanks smccray, that's what I wanted to hear. I think I'm leaning toward C4 because I need ligting control. Without C4 I'm stuck with basic or obsolete Lutron system, I live in Estonia and Lutron does not sell for example RadioRA2 in Europe. Our URC prices are about the same as US prices, while C4 prices are 1.5-2 times higher than in US. Here is the info about URC devices if anybody interested, don't believe ILoveC4 never heard of them http://www.universalremote.com/pro/products.php
  5. Hi, I'm about to decide C4 or not C4. This may sound weird but the only thing that still confuses me is the C4 remote. I've been using URC remotes for a few years (currently MX-950) and really really like the ergonomics, button layout, charger base. Unfortunatelly I cannot compare URC and SR-250 since I'm not in US and the only local dealer does not have them at all now. I hope somebody who used/uses MX-900/950/980 and C4 remote can tell me that he likes SR-250 better. Looking at the SR-250 picture I don't like the layout around "cursor" buttons, "play", "pause" group layout, basically all th
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