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  1. Yes Zigbee and Wifi are known to cause interference. The main place you will notice this is if you are downloading "something" via the internet on a wireless laptop and you try to use a SR-250 remote. The remote will be almost non-responsive. C4 has a technical bulletin on this but the basic thing to do is seperate your zigbee and wifi spectrums. From me and other sites the best was Wifi on channel 1 and Zigbee on Channel 24. Alot of dealers are usign WiSpy devices onsite to analyze your spectrum and determine whats best for your house.
  2. You can use the USB Restore utility from C4 on a HC300 controller cant you? Or is it only HC300 V2
  3. Anyone have any results with this driver and the 1262? I have FibreOp install next wed and getting three 2262s. Any recommendations on Network setup with FibreOP TV/Internet that may help ahead of time?
  4. Dont have log data from when I had this problem now and cant recall off hand, sorry. I have learned not to trust anything C4 systems are telling me and use my own instinct and knowledge.
  5. Might be worth checking out this. http://www.c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?id=12186 Sounds alot like the issues I was having with an SR-250 recently
  6. Apologies.. I didnt noticed I typed 2.1.1... Habit . This install is 2.2.1
  7. I found the problem after some playing around. The HC-300 Zigbee server is supposed to go into "Allow Join" mode from either the Identify window or the Networking Tools UI where you review your Zigbee devices. For some reason my identify window isnt working. If I select the new device and then select the Join Using drop down and pick the controller I can identify and join no problem. Go to the Identify window and nothing will work. Strange indeed. This is the first device joined to this controler since going to 2.1.1. Previously no problems.
  8. Scenario: HC300 at 2.1.1 running Zigbee Mesh and the Identify window doesnt appear to keeping the mesh in Allow Join mode. I cannot identify devices ( currently trying two SR-250-z-b ). If I go to Network Tools open the Zigbee network, select the device and under the join drop down, select the master controller, THEN hit the 4 button four times it will join. From what I recall the Identify window is supposed to enable allow join mode automaticaly.. Anyone see this before? Reboot didnt resolve, Disable Controller, re-enable and power cycle didnt resolve it.
  9. I have seen a couple of articles put out now by C4 that indicated the users have programmed a "Clean" button that kicks off Roomba. Anyone know any more details on how they are initiating the cleaner to start its clean mode?
  10. I had a new SR-250 that i am trying to add to my existing system. Had the "waiting for network" msg and followed the "leave the mesh" and other troubleshooting steps. Last one I tried was the factory reset of battery out, hold 4 and 0 when putting battery in. Now this is stuck on screen of remote: TEST CH - FW00.00.08 P0000 L0000 BC 15 EUI 000rest of address No Network Suggestions?
  11. I believe there are still issues with it. I upgraded to 2.1.1 as the media list seems to die on 2.1.0. Every few days I am unable to listen to music. Media list displays on navigators and you can select, but the Now Playing never appears and it never plays. Reboot controller and it is ok. 2.1.1 didnt resolve it. Not your exact problem but indicates similar timeout or locking issues.
  12. Yes its on C4s list. I have one and its working great with a 24 port 3Com gigabit switch. Initially there were issues due to DHCP but once I switched everything over to static I have not had any real problems networking wise. Everything wrong is in the C4 realm due to flaky code.
  13. Is it just the auto scan or manual? Since 2.1 I cant play music, doing scan now hoping it would correct itself but seeing this now it may not...
  14. This issue has been thrown around a bit in these forums over the past year and my opinion is that its a bug. Some people thought it had to do with a spectrum conflict between Wifi and Zigbee but I personally tried almost all of the combinations to spread them apart an no go. My unique case is if the wife is downloading via torrents on her laptop via wireless the iPad and SR-250 become useless. Stop the download and they return. I am hoping the new Detection utility in OS2.1 may uncover some more about this.
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