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  1. Thank you. That sounds like a reasonable solution to me. I typically don't have to change the direction frequently and having an app to do it is preferable to needing a ladder. 🙂
  2. So 2 follow-on questions: 1)Are you suggesting that I get rid of the fan control keypads (I already have them installed) and replace them with some other keypads? 2)What will controlling the fan(s) look like or be characterized as in my Foresight interface on my mobile devices? If #1 is the case, it sounds like perhaps just looking for a fan that has a pull chain to change direction might be a more elegant solution. Depending on the answer to #2, this might also point to just getting a fan that shows up as a fan in the interface.
  3. So, to make sure that I'm clear: with Bond Bridge and the recommended driver, my dealer could program (for example) the top button on my C4 fan control switch to send the "reverse" command to my fan however the UI will not display that functionality. Is this correct? If so, that is a workable solution for me. The fan only has 3 speeds and the C4 switch/interface as 4 speed settings, so using one of those "speeds" to reverse the fan would work well for me.
  4. That's good news. Does it allow you to reverse your fans' direction via a C4 interface?
  5. Thanks....but the description says "Not compatible with DC motor fans or fans without a manual reverse switch".
  6. Thank you VERY, VERY much!! I'm thinking that it must be RF since the module resides inside the metal housing. That being said, I didn't see any mention about a reverse command in the link above. Do you have experience with these products (module+driver) that makes you confident that the reverse command hand be handled via C4? Thanks again!
  7. Sorry for the very naïve question. I have this fan: Vaxcel F0055 Barnes 54 inch Matte Black and Rustic Oak with Driftwood-Black Walnut Blades Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan (lightingnewyork.com) It comes with a remote. Optimally, what I'd like to do is to be able to control it (on/off and speed settings + light) via my control4 fan switch plus a light switch AND I'd like to have the ability to put the fan into reverse mode with/without the original remote. I THINK that what I've learned after viewing this thread is that if I want to control it with the C4 fan switch, I will have to remove the remote control module and turn it into a "dumb fan". However, if I do that, how will I ever be able to reverse it? As long as it works, I don't really care HOW it works. Therefore, if there is a solution that allows me to remove the remote control module, I'm happy to do that. Alternately (I couldn't understand it completely) it seems as though there is a way to send the signals from the remote via C4 so that it can be controlled via C4. If so, do the products that allow that to happen have drivers which make the reverse option available. My C4 fan switch has buttons for 4 speeds but the fan only has 3 speeds. Can that "extra" button be programmed to send the signal that causes the fan to reverse? As a last resort, if someone can recommend a fan that works well with C4 that provides the following features, I'm willing to do a reboot: 54" blades Can be used outdoors Wood/rustic finish Light kit Reversible (preferably somehow via C4, but can settle for an EXTERNAL switch/chain that doesn't require tools to access) Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide guidance.
  8. Thanks! I also have Infratech heaters and have some follow-on questions if someone might be able to help: If I have 3 dual-element Infratech heaters, in order to both control them independently AND to utilize both elements so that I can enjoy the full range of heat output, would I need a control unit with 3 relays or 6? If I utilize a separate 0-10v dimmer for each heater, are both elements "on" whenever the heater is on and the dimmer just increases the heat of both in parallel? (Sorry for the naive questions)
  9. In case anyone is interested.....(I am OP), I ultimately asked the dealer why he needed my password while he was here doing some programming tweaks to my system, and he said that because I'm on 2.5.3, he needs my sign-on information to operate remotely. He said that for NEWER versions that he does not need my password to access my system remotely. He suggested that since he was here, I could simply enter my login information into his system (a login screen for my system) once and it would be remembered on his system so that he can login remotely from then on. Seemed like I'd end up in the same place that I wanted to be in in the first place (dealer has access without knowing my password), so I agreed. Seem reasonable to you experienced folks?
  10. Thanks. I didn't think so. I'm now trying to figure out why they are insisting that they do.
  11. If I have selected a dealer via 4Sight and have also checked the permission box allowing the dealer to access my system remotely, does the dealer ALSO need my individual 4Sight user name and password in order to do remote programming? Alternately, can/should the dealer be set up as an additional user with all permissions granted and be able to remotely program that way?
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