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  1. I've been running the Beta for a few weeks and haven't noticed ant issues.
  2. Are either of you running Homebridge by any chance? There was also a TVOS update around the same time.
  3. The panel is showing SYSTEM OK, my alarm company said all was fine with the system and that it looked like control4 was sending a signal to the panel. Definitely not a ground fault issue.
  4. I have had it set up for over a year with no issues. I also have Alarm.com. How is the superbus connected to your controller? Mine is using a Global Cache iTach IP2SL.
  5. I am having the same issue. Started a couple of days after the latest upgrade. I disconnected the power to the superbus and removed it from the alarm system and the beeping has stopped.
  6. This driver is awesome, thank you to Brian for making it happen.
  7. I'm also having an issue using the search function. I use the remote to select letters.
  8. I am also having the exact same issue. I'm using the native driver.
  9. Does anyone have a spare battery for sale? My dealer is no longer in business. C4-BAT71-D
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