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  1. It just started happening and worked fine prior. Sources are Cable box and Apple TV, all IR controlled. Controller reboot did not help.
  2. It appears to be on all sources. It's not a hardware issue though because I experience the same thing if I map "Recall" to a custom button or if I try to use "Prev" on the app. The non-C4 remotes that came with the devices work fine. Also all other buttons work flawlessly/quickly as they should.
  3. I am having this same issue. It's not an SR260 issue because same thing happens via the app. Any ideas?
  4. Never mind, I figured out that you need to click the "queue" when playing to add/remove.
  5. I feel like this is a dumb question with an obvious answer, but how do I add and remove TuneIn favourites via the app or touchscreen? I can't seem to figure this out. Thanks!
  6. I'll try that and report back but my suspicion is that the presets on the C4 side would not be impacted by removing the Spotify connection with the app. So far when I add new playlists and give them the same name they just appear as duplicates (I was hoping that might solve the issue). Thanks!
  7. Yeah, it's weird. Tried rebooting and a few other things - the deleted presets continue to show under "Stations" (through Navigators and within Home Composer) but not within Spotify Connect.
  8. Yes thank you I have done that however when I go into Listen, Stations those presets still show up. So they are gone from Spotify Connect but remain listed in the Stations area.
  9. I have a few Spotify presets that have been removed as presets from my Spotify Connect but they still show up under Stations > Spotify Connect. Is there way to re-sync Stations so that it matches, or delete these presets from showing up under Stations? Thanks!
  10. Just wondering if anyone has had any issues connecting to Intercom Anywhere lately. After their upgrades last week, my iOS app takes 15-30 seconds to connect while on home wifi and it fails to connect on occasion while on LTE. Works fine on wifi outside of the home. Prior to the upgrades I had no issues. I am curious as to whether or not this might be an issue with my set-up or if it is more widespread. Thanks!
  11. Over the last couple of days some upgrades appear to have been made to the Intercom Anywhere server/service. Since then I find the app on my phone (iOS) to take a lot longer to load from the background (the consequence of which is a delay in the app triggering when my doorbell is rung). Does anyone know what these upgrades were aimed at and is anyone else experiencing this issue? EDIT: To add to this, I am getting an error (cannot connect to server) when trying to connect remotely to IA (i.e., off my home wifi).
  12. Did you guys or anyone else ever figure this out? I have not yet attempted to integrate my T&C fireplaces with C4 but the description of the issue is the same as I am experiencing with the T&C Bluetooth app on one of my fireplaces (even had the wall module replaced and same issue) - module beeps but vent and flame do not trigger. I have a second T&C fireplace which works via the app fine. I was hoping to get this issue sorted out before exploring integration with C4.
  13. I had this driver added but when I go to Settings either on the app or a touchscreen and press "LOG IN" nothing happens, i.e., I am not prompted to enter my credentials. What am I doing wrong?
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