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  1. Ok cool will try that out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Thank you. What its doing now is its giving a zip file in the zip file is the driver.xml, lua file, www folder with the images. No driver file. For the application id I am specifying the “com.” that Display Apps action button gives me. That correct ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Just a few questions on the link. You create the mini driver and download. It downloads a few files. Do I need to open it in DriverWorks and compile it to a .c4 driver file before I can use it?
  4. That link is super cool! Will those mini drivers work with the annex webOs LG driver?
  5. I would pay for that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Hi all, So I got a 86" LG TV - Great TV. The default C4 Driver seems to work well. I have a question on the "mini drivers" for the applications you can install. I installed and connected all the ones I found in the 2186 drivers in composer. The question is around what about the other apps on the LG TV that there is no mini driver for in composer. Is there a way to link them as there are many Mini App connections available but don't know how to connect the other apps to it. Any suggestions?
  7. That worked thank you. Funny that as I had made changes and did a refresh navigators many times since the update.....
  8. Hi all, Just wanted to check since the 3.1.2 update all my cameras do not show up on just the IOs app. Works on T3 on my On screen Navigators just not on the IOs app. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi All, The NEO remote updated yesterday (for me), anyone know what is different? Doesnt seem to be much on the UI front.
  10. Thanks Matt I checked there all I see there are all the T3s which are correctly named. Somewhere something is called C4 Call Group and its being used as the display name for when someone rings the door bell. I just cant seem to find it anywhere
  11. Hi all, A quick config question, when I press the call button (long button under the camera), it calls the right call group. The name that pops up is "C4 Call Group", where do I change that name to something more descriptive? Thank you
  12. I have the same setup and same issue. Reality though is that all other video services work perfectly with my unifi network and i have a very big unifi network. Did support say anything about how to deal with it happy to also provide logs. I doubt its unifi as everything else works all other video streaming works ...
  13. The question is why though, I thought about doing it but the controller is pretty rock solid - if you dont @:$;)/& with it
  14. I think its opensource so getting the stats you can use many linux commands then just use the framework he has to pump out the data.
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