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  1. @South Africa C4 user just checked my music services (tidal spotify) working perfectly on 3.1
  2. So far so good on my side had to do a few reboots (c4 leaf matrix, triads etc but all good) HC 800 seems stable as well, but don’t have any IO on the HC800 all of them are on my EA5’s.
  3. If you actually read it I was explaining why I think the intercom changes are good in 3.1.
  4. Looking forward to the update and agree with @Dunamivora if it has any of the "under the hood" improvements like what they did for the updated C4 app speed then I would be all in. For me not to interested in the new controllers the EA5's are doing a great job in my house. More interested in the integration of other devices into the system, the power of the system is with this not with propitiatory kit that everyone loves to hate. Maybe the CA-10's are aimed at the commercial installs. Given that the 2n Verso IP (aka, C4 Door station) is such a complicated bit of kit and horrendously expensive (see my comments below) I am wondering with the intercom opening up to "normal" door stations, starts to show a move away from the 2n devices. I would of loved to see remotes tbh. As much as I love my T3's (well love is a strong word as they frustrate the @#@ out of me some times), I want something nice I can just pick up and use. The SR260 has been that for years but it almost feels like I am using a IBM Mainframe with xTerm each time to use a state of the art system ..... *Door station rant - is relevant to this post since they opening up intercom to other door stations* The C4 door station is an incredible bit of kit it really is, the actual features that it provides even if they not integrated into C4 is insane. The modules you get to add on to it are endless and frankly just sooooooooooo cool, I just bought the RFID tag and the touchscreen for it. Here is where my hate comes in for it: 1. Support is sh1tty typical talk to your dealer (from 2n). You talk to a dealer its all software layer even if you know you have a hardware issue (in my case I was stupid and snapped off the connector that connects the keypad to the main board). The solution for the hardware issue is send it back to us and after 1 million weeks you will get it back. Mean while you install a $15 door bell and get use to it. 2. The main components (yes I did open it all up) are really top notch what you would expect from a $1700 bit of kit, and then they go use like 0.1c connectors they really crappy I am not saying that because I snapped it, I am saying that cause I love building my own electronics and know you can buy the 0.1c connector or the $10 connector or the $5000 connector. In this case even the $10 connector I would of rather paid for. I have eventually got mine back up and running on my own accord (yes I know warentee is gone etc but tbh warentee is sh1t starting off). I learnt every little bit of this thing what each track on the board does, what each capacitor, diode, resistor etc does. Was a great learning and now I can fix them In relation to the intercom app being updated Great move by C4 to open it up to other door bells I think 90% of the user base would use and be more than happy from normal doorbells i.e. ring type functionality. It also opens up a great niche for driver developers to integrate these doorbells into the system. Would I still buy a DS2 - yes simply because I like gadgets
  5. Thank you - EA5's with C4 3.0 and yes have about 8 T3's. Thank you for the direction of the navigation agent. Will try that tonight.
  6. Hi all, Been digging around with the programming a bit and found a clunky way to do this but was wondering what all you experts do for this. When someone rings my door bell wanted to open the navigator (OSD) with the camera. Lets leave out that I have a DS2 for now....
  7. I actually didnt think of that im a dumb a$$ thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Hi all, Trying to figure out of there is a way one can sort the cameras on the navigators. Reason added cameras and been testing but as I get the camera feeds as close to possible the way they show in the navigators is all wrong i.e. cam1 and cam2 cover left and right of a area but the one is first and the other is last on the navigators which means I have to scroll would like to bring cam1 and cam2 on the same line i.e. First and second.
  9. @dcovach My opinion is BI is used by million of users. I think if C4 is up to it we should work with them to improve the lacking ( don’t want to use poor as I want to be positive here), implementation of cameras in the navigators. I feel that we have done every bit of testing possible on the client. It would really need C4 to step in now and help us. I know for one I would be up to supplying tech support with whatever logs etc they need. @LollerAgent indeed BI can expose any resolution that the camera can support and that the client (your interface) can view. My cameras I can use VLC or a browser to view full 2868 x 1xxx ( cant remember the second number). The image is crystal clear and the streaming it perfect from BI. @dirtyceo I honestly do not think this is a BI issue as all other interfaces work. Chasing other interfaces will yield the same result.
  10. Ok so done extensive testing. BlueIris: Works on all interfaces with all links that are applicable i.e. Snapshot, MJPEG, H264 and cameras that support H265 i.e. VLC i.e. Link in any browser ispy (like Blue Iris) Works perfectly on all the interfaces as above (BI) Doesn't work at all generic driver Doesn't work of course in BI driver. Control4: The Generic driver - doesn't work. However I think its an issue of how the driver builds the URL The BlueIris driver - Works as we have been describing. My View: It is a driver issue Why It is either mincing up the URL or using the wrong URL Due to updates to Bl If all other interfaces work this points to BI. Unless we get a new driver that is well built and we can specify the URL we want to use and all it does is: Uses the interface to specify the ip, port username and password. Then allows us to specify which link for which type of view Then doesnt mash up the URL Shows us the URL it is creating (not like the BI driver - have NO idea why they encrypted the URL, this would of helped us trouble shoot better) Any dealer know the driver manufacture maybe he can update and unlock those fields Supports all the protocols - Snapshot url (then you could use these as well in the notification driver, the BI driver does not expose this) MJPEG H264 H265 (for cameras or BI) that supports this. For reference there is the URL's that I managed to get that the blueiris driver uses:
  11. The question is for the 240v guys do they have a version for that to
  12. Maybe a simple question but is there a variable that one can use to get specific times? What I am trying to do is run a specific announcement based on a door opening (contact) but only between specific times?
  13. I have the "Attach Snapshot from a camera enabled" and it works well but there two questions In iOS the notification does pop up in the notification menu, if you select it, it opens up C4 iOS app but doesn't show anything.... was wondering if it was suppose to. I wanted to check what the camera requires to popup in the notification menu for snapshot URL. I have four out of 12 cameras that have this option so I was wondering what the differentiation was The cameras that do is Wyze with @alanchow The cameras with the BlueIris driver, these don't show up for a snapshot URL in the notfications selection The snapshot url in the test works. Not sure if there was suppose to be a variable exposed so the notfications could use it or not.
  14. I went back to announcement and tried again and then it worked .... When I see the behavior above is if I try "execute" the announcement to many times after another. I don't just do this for fun I do it as I am adjusting sound etc and testing.
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