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  1. Hi all, I am on the latest OS I have two EA5s once a week randomly the director becomes unresponsive, composer cant connect neither does any of the devices respond. I have to do a hard reboot. Anything I can check any log files i can enable or read?
  2. @South Africa C4 user do you have your Samsungs working with IP control in South Africa?
  3. Here is my view after testing quite a few different manufactures: Figure out what technology you going to support: 4k / 8k, QLED, LED ettc Manufactures on the actual panel technology are pretty similar the difference comes with integration functionality It does depend on actual region ( physical location US, EU, Asia) Point three is important. Good example: Samsungs are great TV's but unless you are in the USA and very few regions around the world you are limited to IR control and cant use the IP control. The IP control on Samsungs mostly works on firmware for the USA. Most EU and rest of the world this functionality is turned off and you stuck with simple IR control. For me the best out of Samsung, LG, Hisense, Sony that I have tested is the LG with the Annex driver. Why: The driver just works and with IP The mini apps drivers are awesome (to call up apps installed on the TV) and you can create your own on their website - so greater flexibility The LG panels are (again depending on which review you read) the best The additional functionality of the toast notifications with the Annex drive is really neat feature. LG are constantly updating their OS software compared to my Samsung's in the house. They add features with the updates the Samsung updates when they do come seem to be more just stability updates. Having said all of the above, all the TV's work in my house hold and I have LG, Samsung, Hisense and Sony. My best experience that I have is the LG.
  4. Looks nice! Anything is better than the DS2
  5. I think I read that the new Nvidia shield doesn't work well with IRUSB. I may be wrong but before I buy a few more of the new models, does IRUSB still work with chowmain driver as it did with the previous model?
  6. Hi all, I have some TV's around the house and have these small Android TV Boxes that run Android 7.1 and above on these TV's. Now on my main TV's I have Nvidia Shields and it works perfectly with the IRUSB and the chowmain driver. The question is there any drivers to interact / control these cheap Android TV boxes? They all run Android TV.
  7. Thats so cool thank you Is there a driver to add ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Hi all There a bunch of appliances (washing machines, tumble dryer etc) that all connect to the home network. They connect using home-connect - https://www.home-connect.com/global , is there a driver anyone knows to integrate with this?
  9. Hi all, I have a light that is plugged into a Tp-link wall switch using Alan's Tp-link driver. I can see the switch in the navigators but it doesn't come up as a light (of course). How does one bind the relay of the switch to a light which driver can I use for that? The outcome is I want the light to show as a light and not a switch. Thank you
  10. Maybe an app bug or update bug: 1. Open app on ios (its up to date) 2. Go to cameras 3. It is very snappy 4. Open a camera (all this works) 5. Press arrow top left to go back to all the other cameras App exits. Rebooted devices tried again same issue. Drivers for cameras: X6 Cameras via BlueIris commercial driver X5 Cameras Chowmains Wyze Camera driver
  11. Nope talking about if my front gate opens take three different angles. I have three diff cameras pointing there.
  12. Got some Zigbee MQTT devices if you want me to test ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. I have to give huge props to David been running his drivers for MQTT since early days and even since then been using it on some pretty sensitive equipment i.e. my solar farm running my house that publishes to MQTT. His support willing to add features and help directly has been nothing short of phenomenal so thank you David! The MQTT driver just opens up the world of C4 to so much more Regards Carlos
  14. While we at it :-) #featurerequest would be nice to allow more than one snapshot picture in a notification.
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