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  1. Yeah - to late firmware updated already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Yes and thats freeken awesome bought the driver already. Wyze seems to have done something to block the custom firmware in their latest firmware they released. This most probably to keep their firmware relevant and their service running. Like most things I guess its a waiting game now until the custom firmware guys figure out how to get around it. Just a heads up with guys and gals that have the cameras, thinking of using this driver don’t do updates on the camera as suggested by wyze. Once you on the custom firmware then you all good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Just read on the github page that the auto update that is on the wyze camera breaks the custom firmware you need. This means Alan's driver wont work.
  4. That is awesome. I wonder if this will be extended to the devices they releasing now. They have contact sensors, motion sensors, bulbs etc and their sensors are cheap and tiny. The worring part is that they have a plug in hub at the back of a Wyze camera that becomes the hub for the devices just like the philips hue. In my opinion this is the worst design as it limits intergration
  5. I have had a Wyze camera (the long one with pan and tilt) since they came out. Recently they did some custom firmware for it to support RSTP which is great cause you can then integrate it into something like BlueIris and then into control4. Now I see they creating some really cool sensors too like door contacts, motion sensors etc - https://www.wyze.com/ @alanchow and others any plans for integration into control4 for these?
  6. @South Africa C4 user dammm thats lucky TVs are stupid expensive in ZA what size did you get?
  7. @South Africa C4 user which LG TV did you get
  8. As you said that I can now see it in the app after the update
  9. So when I go to the room Navigator in Composer I dont see the agent there.
  10. Thank you - I did set up the agent Wakeup/Goodnight but its not showing up on the T3's any advise?
  11. Hi all, I think I remember seeing somewhere that with C4 3.0 OS update they discontinued Wake Up and Good Night Agent. I use to use that a lot was there ever any replacement?
  12. I guess it depends which country you in. In my country Samsung doesnt support IP control due to some power regulations. The same for some EU countries the UsA seems fine with that.
  13. No way to turn it off its the indication of standby as you said so its a feature. Even in the service menu it does not have an option. some tape over it is your best bet
  14. Hi all, I bought some DACs for my Nvidia and Apple TV. works well with the video HDMI. I want to bind it in composer but since the Apple TV has a HDMI out I cant bind the DAC SPDIF to the matrix. Does one use a AV Switcher or somthing else to bind the DACs SPDIF (Coax) to the Matrix in SPDIF . Would appreciate the help!
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