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  1. Hi all, I have one of my zones on my Triad 8 zone LED red and not blue like all the other zones. Now as per the manual this indicates over current protection. My question: Is there a way to reset the over current protection? I have swapped speakers out in that zone and still get the pop, pop pop when playing music. I recall on my Yamaha amp you could reset over current protection.
  2. I can also recommend David's drivers and his brilliant support. I can also confirm he is working on adding the bridges and many other devices.
  3. I would read the thread above and response from @RyanEwho works at C4. This issue was also posted on the dealer forums, but thanks for taking the time to provide your detailed response.
  4. So ended up following the hard reset sequence on the 2N site. It came back and used the default 2n user and password to do a auto configuration- username: admin password: 2n. Driver could communicate with it and I can access the camera but not sip. I am really hoping this updated driver is going to help @RyanE
  5. The big question now is I did a reset in the webui including network settings. Now the device comes online can see it on but has no ports open, can't get to the webui nothing. Will it address that too? Or if I take it out and hard reset it will the new driver be able to reconfigure it?
  6. So if I delete the driver and readd it to the project it works for a day or so then stops working. When I enable debug I see the error above.
  7. Thank you once again. I haven't hard reset it but thinking of doing it now tbh
  8. Thank you @Cyknight, So what I did was take the password in the properties for root and then set it as Account 1 password. The weird part is how it works if you delete the driver and readd it then stops working. Don't know if that makes sense.
  9. Hi all, Running 3.2.0 Running the latest driver and firmware for the DS2. I keep getting the following issue: helios_ip_handle_phone_status: Registered = false Event: RegistrationStateChanged Params: state: registering, sipAccount: 1 Event: RegistrationStateChanged: SIP ID: 1147, Registration State: registering Event: RegistrationStateChanged Params: state: unregistered, sipAccount: 1, reason: 403 Forbidden ---> C4:SendToProxy(5003, "CURRENT_STATE_CHANGED", {CURRENT_STATE = "0"}) NOTIFY.Current_State_Changed: Command = CURRENT_STATE_CHANGED; CURRENT_STATE = 0 Event: Registrati
  10. I was getting the same thing, only thing that worked for me was to delete the communication agent reboot, readd it, reboot, delete the driver, readd driver, Auto config. Then it all worked.
  11. Have the exact same issue restarted the ds2 three times didnt help
  12. I get that but doesnt work with the programming above is what i am asking
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