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  1. I was getting the same thing, only thing that worked for me was to delete the communication agent reboot, readd it, reboot, delete the driver, readd driver, Auto config. Then it all worked.
  2. Have the exact same issue restarted the ds2 three times didnt help
  3. I get that but doesnt work with the programming above is what i am asking
  4. Nope not possible and wouldnt want to the quality is terrible.
  5. Hi all, Trying to program the following and would like some advise. I have the following setup: Front Gate that is connected to EA5 Relay 1. This is for open and close. Front Gate also has a contact switch to EA5 Contact 1. This is so that I can see if the gate is open or closed. DS2 with touch screen at the front gate. What am I trying to do: I added three users with access codes and day / time restrictions - in order: My Gardener My House Minder My Handy Man I want to open the front gate if any of the individual
  6. Well I have some far out areas in the house an alarm can be done via the roof speakers ... thats one. Other for me is I have a 6m by 6m marine fish tank with a crap load of equipment under it would want one under there as soon as there is smoke turn off all equipment.
  7. So which smoke detectors ya’ll use (of course intergrated into c4)
  8. More map than road Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. In 2016 .... man must be one hella system if they still building it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Thats awesome! However i would prefer a button that can select from the steering wheel buttons. If that makes sense?
  11. Just thinking about it - how about a car play C4 app to access gates, garage doors, alarm etc. Think that would be great
  12. If you wouldnt mind the screenshots I would appreciate it
  13. Wait wait whaaaaaaaaat ? Havent heard of this driver when you say from carplay and chance you can post a screen shot? edit: found the link - http://varietassoftware.com/control4/ The fact they have a raspberry pi image is very nice! The only thing though is they dont show the examples of using it (kinda like how chowmain does with their drivers) hence the request for the screenshot just want to see how you have implemented it. Have August locks which also integrate via homebridge
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