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  1. Totally agree with ability to lock the screen, the screen is so sensitive I have my front gate and garage door opening and closing buttons, on the front page they always opening by mistake 🙂
  2. Does C4 then pickup that you have activated that zone and display the song ?
  3. You right comfort has been there! Strike that one off.
  4. To add to software requests: Lock the screen Official cover for the remote?
  5. could be controller but with a EA5 highly doubt it cant handle the tidal interface. Internet maybe but I have a 1.5gbps line. I have table top T3s but interface is slow on Neo as well. Wireless is not an issue given the spread I have. You gonna make my OCD nuts now need to find out what it is
  6. Awesome - ill ping ya Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. For controlling TV and calling up apps?
  8. Hi all, The market is full of Hisense TV's great price and some awesome features. Good for outdoor TV or Bar TV. Are there any manufactures that make Hisense IP drivers?
  9. Any news on this driver eager to test / see.
  10. After having one pretty much since launch - DISCLAIMER *** my views based on how I use a remote. Pros: Quality is excellent Great out of the box experience (nice little thoughts like the cable management) you feel like its a $600 remote. Usage is actually pretty good, glad they updated it some nice new features like volume indicator, locks and sensors and security. Screen is very responsive and good quality Navigation through the system is actually pretty easy and cool Not really a PRO but rather feedback. Often I have guests asking what is that remote and super impressed with it due to the quality and intergration so some "outsiders" non C4 views and perspectives are very positive. Great base station, next time add a USB port to the bottom to charge other devices. Chances are if you chilling watching TV you have your phone with you and would be cool to plug in and charge There is enough space and I would suspect most of the base is for weight. Braided charging cable - nice touch. Cons: Would be flamed if I didn't have these four but TBH none of these items bother me whatsoever. No back-light - I have gotten use to it so the button position I know and don't need to look down. Also most of the navigation I use the touch screen. Lack of some of the system functions i.e. Comfort, Intercom (not to use voice but to see camera) Lack of camera integration. The Screen is big enough to pick up if someone is being seen on a camera. No voice commands - again doesn't bother me as the common ones like Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc are tuned for American accents and don't really work that well where I live. The bottom part of the remote has a lot of wasted space could have done with putting a little track pad there to leave the screen open for any other bits of info. Tidal integration lacks a lot however I suspect this is a core Tidal driver issue and not the NEO. Overall will I be buying some more - Absolutely I am going to open the bugger up (yes don't care if warentee / guarantee is voided...) want to see what processor, flash and GFX they use. This will give us a good indication if the remote is capable of displaying cameras - then really there should be no excuse for camera integration.
  11. Thought I would post my leanings after a few months of subscribing to both and testing it with C4. Disclaimer:***** These are my views from testing, maybe different to other installations or experiences. Off the bat - Integration into C4 - Tidal Note: it integrates but isn't that great. The interface is slow (well on T3 and Neo). Example when you pick up the T3 and if the screen is off the bottom bar where it shows you what A/C is on lags a bit to show it. Spotify - terrible, the reason its terrible there is no in navigators, navigation. You have to go to Listen> Spotify> then open Spotify and then connect to that device (which is your room). Choice of music - both really much of a muchness I did find though Tidal has a great selection of local artists (from where I live). Average for every 1 song I can't find on Tidal there are three or four I can't find on Spotify. Ecosystem out of the C4 environment: Spotify win's with more integration into other systems, TV's, Car's, Fridge etc etc. Also where there is Tidal and Spotify on a device the Spotify app wins. Example, Apple CarPlay Spotify client allows you to add songs to your Liked list straight from the interface Tidal doesn't. Quality of music: No doubt here if you a audiophile then: Tidal Price: Spotify is slightly cheaper but then again it doesn't have the music quality (khz) that Tidal has. My decision between the two for every day music consumption: I actually don't know the two are so similar but yet have specific features that I need and one has it the other doesn't. For now I just have both and use a sync service in the cloud to keep my playlists the same. Anyway I know I was struggling with this so thought I would post this after some testing I did.
  12. How does it pick up leaks? What does it use to do leak detection does it monitor the flow and if it drops use that?
  13. Hi all, Quick question, the backgrounds on the T3s etc have a specific resolution C4 required. Not an expert with images and usually my images are large and different resolutions. Question: what do you all use to resize an image to the right resolution. Hopefully without losing much quality
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