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  1. I do indeed Just have to ask the obvious question though. I am so scared to touch this C4 Leaf incase it decides to break or I hurt its feelings and it stops working ( these things are just way to tempremental) using a splitter shouldnt cause any &;):&: right?
  2. Thank you for the time you tool to respond. So a few things / questions. Now using HDMI out this model LU624 has two zones which are HDMI out to the receiver works .... I get the audio no problem. The problem comes in here : lets use two rooms Main and Daughter. Lets say I want to watch cable in Main and daughter wants to watch YouTube off yhe Nvidia sheild (with Alans driver its really great) the receiver wont be able to do that its expecting a single input which would and would output accordingly. So whilst this setups works as you mentioned it. It only works for one selected source to one selected room. >> source - cable box >> output - HdbaseT >> output - Audio 1 (zone) What doesnt work: input to S1 C4 Leaf LU624 > Zone 1 has HDbaseT then just for my OCD on the audio matrix Audio 1 has the two (stereo out). That goes into Audio 1 zone 1 on my receiver- no sound. What I have tested and works: HDMI out from Zone 5 or 6 (which are HDMI ports) to receiver get perfect sound. SPDIF out from Source (cable box) to Matrix SPDIF in and then Audio out on that audio zone into receiver >>> get sound Then I thought let me see if the cable box is actually forcing out stereo as per the settings I set on the box. Plug HDMI from the cable box to the receiver and it instantly shows source at PCM so thats working. Ok so we know the source is sending PCM The HDMI Zone is working, The SPDIF is working. just not HDMI into source 1 and using Audio 1 so either its not stripping the sound or I am just stupid. For completeness I tried two other devices recalibrated etc both where confirmed to be playing stereo sound and nothing comes out. I wonder if anyone has physically themselves done this and the broacher ware is just BS?
  3. Yes sir, I get Main bedroom <Correct_EA5_Name> on the SR 260. Will try a re calibrate know I have done it before but will do it again to be complete.
  4. Thank you all so here ia what i have checked: The binding from the C4 Leaf Matrix Source 6 to the EA5 HDMI out. I have three EA5s and made tripple sure the right one is bound. In system manager stopped navigator and re enabled it. Today I plugged a old monitor with HdMI from the EA 5 to the monitor and used my SR 260 to select the C4 button. I get the on screen. For some reason its not coming theough the Leaf. Tried another aource on the matrix Source 6 and it does display that source ... i have recalibrated each time so I am completely lost here...
  5. you look at the receivers and they die
  6. Thank you sommuch I will test all this i have re calibrated and changed out HdMI and always calibrate when changing anything this C4 Leaf .... regretting buying it
  7. Just checked now - no programming under the Control4 button on the room programming.
  8. Thank you @mstafford388 Firmware is 2.25 - and it says up to date Driver version: 317 When I check for updates it does not show any newer updates. Not to sure if thats the latest and greatest.
  9. Thank you once again - just checked and its green and enabled as "navigator" - still no signal
  10. Thank you @mstafford388 appreciate the time The room audio endpoints I set the receivers Zone and output example: In my scenario we have: Source 1 Input to to Zone 1 via HDMI (made triple sure its PCM for audio) - Output for video is HdBaseT and Audio is Audio Matrix Output 2. The binding to the room video endpoint is the matrix Zone 1 output. The Audio room Endpoint is the Yamaha Audio 1 output (See below) The Audio output goes into a receiver (Yamaha RX-V2067) into Audio 1. That output goes into the ceiling speakers. This all works if I use zone 5 or 6 which are HDMI outputs from the Matrix to HDMI input on the Yamaha and then the Yamaha sends the audio out via the Audio Stereo to the in ceiling speakers. This only doesn't work as soon as I try use normal Audio Outputs via the outputs on the matrix into Stereo inputs on the receiver and out to the speakers. I have tested multiple devices on different Zones via HDMI and audio out via the Audio out it does not work. When I check the Audio settings on the matrix (System>Matrix> double click on the matrix) go to Audio options the audio output is not muted. In my research it said that if the matrix is sent multi channel signal it would mute the Audio as it cant downmix. I hope that makes sense.
  11. Thank you ! I think its the enabling on screen where in composer pro would I enable that? System> EA5 but i dont see the option so in System manger where is it under?
  12. Hi All, I am sure I am doing something dumb here.... Haven't used the onscreen for ages but wanted to get it back up and running (yes even though I have T3's). How I configured it: I set the HDMI from the EA5 to a source in my matrix. I then set the On Screen Device of my room to EA 5 > Onscreen Navigator. When I press the C4 button the SR260 changes to the EA5 but I am not getting anything on my screen (the matrix is working on other sources and it is switching to the right source where the HDMI is connected from the EA5). I have changed HDMI cables in case its the HDMI cable. Anything I have missed?
  13. So this is what I have tested: The source (HDMI) straight into the receiver (*after setting the source to PCM*) - the receiver says PCM on it so its getting a PCM signal...... and speakers get sound Then put the source (HDMI) into Zone 1, have analog 1 outputs in and into receiver Audio 1 analog in. Audio 1 output is the ceiling speakers in the main bedroom. No sound. Then I tested the following: Took a SPDIF out the source into SPDIF on the matrix, analog out the matrix into the receiver and there is sound so SPDIF is working from the source..... Also tried: Different sources, Raspberry PI on youtube with the audio out being stereo (double checked) - no sound. I just want to quadruple check with you Can the matrix drive speakers i.e. like an amplifier? example speakers straight to the matrix - I don't think so just to check. In your answer above am I understanding you correctly if you say the "regular" LUC624 should be able to take a HDMI source (that is stereo) play the video to the TV via HDbaseT and then *strip* audio out the HDMI source and output it to the Analog out's? (Ultimately that's what I am trying to do) Dam thing is racking my brain agrrrrrrrrrr
  14. Thank you Matt when you mean limit this mean I can basically have two Zones which will ve the two HDMI outputs I have on the matrix? So in this senario TV Ceiling speakers Both in room 1 , I would bind as follows: Zone One on Matrix to HDMI 1 on TV in room 1 and set that TV and Video 1 end point. Then Zone 5 ( which is the HDMI out on the matrix) bind to Yamaha HDMI input, and bind the AV1 on yamaha which is physically connected to the ceiling speakers, as the audio endpoint for room 1. Sorry for the long post just trying to logically build this out in my head.
  15. Correct on the outputs so If I understand you correctly I would have video going out on output HdbaseT and audio via HDMI out to the receiver? Would that then be two outputs then every time? Hdbaset and HDMI for audio?
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