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  1. Hi all, I have the WebOS ANNEX4 driver for my LG TV's - really an excellent driver. The question though is can the driver show the power state of the TV if it wasnt turned on or off by Control4. I have a little one which I am transitioning into using the C4 interface but for now she keeps using the remote control for the TV, I can't really tell if the TV is on or off remotely. Does anyone know if it provides this functionality?
  2. From a user's experience that the experience I have had. I am not sure why it's constantly forced to over ride setting you set in the web interface example adding pics to users. I really think the limited approach of the driver needs to be addressed
  3. Best hardware they ever released as 2n is the Royals Royce , worst C4 implementation of any device its ever graced our installations with. If you login to the web interface and look at what it's capable of you will see they using 2% of it through the driver and the 2% is implemented shocking. I also doubt they going to evolve or maintain the driver as they now have the new devices and opened it up to other door bells. Such a pity
  4. I got this right once but I could see there was some issues since it sent those Zigbee packets. So the question remains what would be the best way then to give me a friendly nudge that the garage door is open. The whole reason that I wanted to do this was for some reason I think either the wife of 5 year keeps pressing it by mistake. I want to find a way to tell me if the garage door is open during a time of day mostly worried late at night.
  5. Wouldn't mind getting that driver but do I have to replace my actual keypad driver I have now and all the programming on it with this driver>?
  6. Hi all, I know this is something simple but @#@)(*$&#(*&@#$# I am confusing myself here. I want to flash the LEDs on all my keypad buttons when my garage is open. I want it to go in a loop till the garage door is closed then the colors on the keypad keys must go back to normal. The question is how do you keep looping them I have: Garage Door Opened Set Key 1 > Led Color Red etc etc etc = but I want them to constantly flash
  7. As much as I love the idea of a dedicated tablet after my T3 experiences and I have 6 I will never buy another Txx
  8. Which variable stores the name of the user that typed the code in?
  9. Yup let's say you wanted to give some one access to the house with a code you could use "LastValidCode" and check the code against that if valid do something. This was an actual tech article on the dealer site to enable this. That variable is on the doorstatiom itself?
  10. Hmm looked at the lock device variables and the one I was looking for that use to be in the Doorstation Device variables "LastValidCode" doesn't exist anymore. What I was trying to do is follow a tech article that would use Valid Code Entered on the Doorstation then checking the "LastValidCode" entered if it was the right code then open the gate. This was on one of the tech notes on the dealer site but now that I can't find that variable not to sure how to get that working?
  11. Thank you will go check it out. Thanks for the headsup
  12. Anyone have any ideas on this, its driving me nuts
  13. I like that, there is alot of activity during the day so wouldn't want to check during the day
  14. Hi all, Seems like I have a trigger happy user in the house or constant mistake having my garage door being opened by being pressed. While I am not worried about this during the day have found the door open during the night sometimes. Trying to find a way that I can check if the garage door is open during a period of time say between 7pm to 8am if it is fire an event. Does anyone have a nice way of doing this?
  15. Hi all Just want to check something. Doing some programming on the doorstations device variables. There use to be varibles there like Last Known User Code ID. I am running on the latest firmware and C4 OS (as of today) and went in to do some programming in the actions section of programming, when I expand Device Variables there are no more device variables. Did this change?
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