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  1. Just a quick question if ine buys the dial pad addon for the ds2 does it come with the ribbon cable to connect to the main ds2 board?
  2. Just as a #SameIssue I have the EXACT same issue as you with almost the exact same config. I see you using a samsung TV me to. Same components: Use a C4 Matrix Use a similar samsung TV (going by the connection box you have) Use the same LUE1 for my C4 Matrix C4 programming done for the OSD Using a EA5 The only thing I haven't done is put a receiver in between. Doesnt seem to make a difference if I read your posts correctly. My Config EA5 - HDMI out - C4 Leaf Source 1 in - HDBaseT out -> HDBaseT LUE1 -> HDMI OUT -> Samsung control box (tried HDMI 1 - 4 read on one forum on the newer TV's HDMI 3 & 4 are more forgiving (Assume is the EDID issue).
  3. I broke my connector from the dial pad to the main board. I have gone to hell and back trying to figure it out and almost have it ready and working. All I need is if someone can send me a picture of the bus cable from the board to the dial pad. Just need to figure out the pin outs for a replacement cable I am making. This could help us all in the future as these connectors and cables are so finiky. Would REALLY appreciate anyone's time to just take the dial pad out and take a picture for me : Cable into main board Cable into dial pad full length of the cable (trying to see if the cable is a straight through or if they have swapped any of the pins) Once I have this and confirmed its fixed will post all the info here for dealers or diy'ers to fix this issue. Thank you
  4. I have the exact same problem need to strip HDMI audio pref to SPDIF. Would like to keep the digital signal though on the HDMI so that if I still want to push this through a HDBaseT connection the endpoint can still get the 5.1 or 7.1 etc Apple TV and Nvidia shield dont have optical or SPDIF out which makes things difficult Very interested in this thread.
  5. Good question! Here is the thing, your LAN *should* be your secure zone. Tuning down the security for the LAN *shouldn’t* be an issue. Doing it externally is a different situation. Now when you say you have port 81 exposed is that internal (LAN) or external (WLAN) as well? My setup is all cameras into BI then connect to C4 and any access from external is via C4 interface. This way you hide BI behind C4 and don't need to expose BI to the internet. C4 talks to BI on the LAN and you view the cameras remotely via C4 app.
  6. Google Adobe Air and install that guve that a try. Also if its a corporate machine make sure they not blocking adobe flash installs.
  7. Watching this one as I have the exact same issue. Either SSH or add an action button in composer to reboot.
  8. Hi all, i currently have SIP telephones around the house. I see the SIP settings in C4. The question is does C4 allow you to make outbound calls to telephone bumbers ising the dial pad on the T3?
  9. Thanks for the response. Anyone else willing to go through the logic to help out.
  10. Hi all I wanted to understand the two Audio (well video as well) endpoints in each room. What are they for (*I know by default you map your audio and video sources there*) the main question is why two. The reason I am asking is wondering if it can help with this scenario: I have in ceiling speakers these are now working with sources I have that have Coax out into a receiver and the binding works well. However I have some sources (Apple TV 4K, Nvidia Shield etc) that only have HDMI out. On all the sources I have them mapped into a C4 Leaf Matrix which handles only the video part of the matrix due to limitations in the LU642> So the current setup is: 1. Where I have a device that has a Coax output I mute the TV (Video endpoint) and use my receiver to power on my ceiling speakers and plays through there - all is great. This is bound to the Audio Endpoint 1 2. What I haven't tried yet and thought I would ask here is where I don't have Coax out like the Apple TV 4K for example can I use the Audio Endpoint 2 to insure the receiver is off and then control volume using the TV speakers which are fed via the HDBaseT HDMI output in a HDMI input on the TV? Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place as I have different type of sources that behave differently with Audio only. Would appreciate the advise.
  11. Thank you @Singularity that explains it!
  12. So as one can tell by the number of C4 leaf posts I am “loving” my Leaf matrix ... A simple question - Say I want to play the same source in two seperate zones that *should* be possible right? Or am I understanding this whole thing wrong? I have a cable box connected to Source 1 and I want to watch it in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 that should be humanly possible with the C4 Leaf Matrix right? The cable box is Running HCDP dont know if that makes a difference just putting it out there. Right now if I have Source 1 in Zone 1 then Zone 2 when set to source 1 just displays no signal. The Balun is working I have hidden it so no one looks at it and it decided to break on its own.
  13. Hi all, Just trying to check my understanding of the EA5 audio Zones as well as a possible configuration. So basically it has Coax Input and Stereo Inputs and their respective outputs. DIGITAL AUDIO—Two digital coax audio input and two output ports. Allows audio to be shared (IN 1 or 2) over the local network to other Control4 devices. Outputs audio (OUT 1 or 2) shared from other Control4 devices or from digital audio sources (local media or digital streaming services such as TuneIn.) ANALOG AUDIO—Two stereo audio input and two output ports. Allows audio to be shared (IN 1 or 2) over the local network to other Control4 devices. Outputs audio (OUT 1 or 2) shared from other Control4 devices or from digital audio sources (local media or digital streaming services such as TuneIn.) So the normal services TunedIn, Spotify, Amazon Music etc - Question: Would I add the driver for these and bind them to the relevant outputs on the EA5? 1. I assume the outputs have no power and you would still have to send the outputs to some sort of receiver or Multi Room to be able to play on say in wall or ceiling speakers? 2. My experiance with Spotify on C4 has been terrible. My understanding is that you choose Spotify from your navigator based on the room you in you would have bound that to an output on the EA5 as well as the receiver (if needed) and then the streaming would commence to that zone? The last time I usd Spotify on the navigators it was a clunky navigation experience. Have they fixed it to bw able to see your songs playlist and search? on TunedIn can I save specific stations and have something similar to the channels list you have for DishNetwork. So when I go to the stations it shows say One Two and Three which are the three stations I saved or fav’ed and if I select those based on the room I am in and the bindings it will play over the connected sepakers? thank you as usual for the time taken to help me understand this.
  14. Thank you for your response! Thats why I bought it however there are the cameras I want on the navigator then there is the bI interface that has much more and sometimes I want to see that screen
  15. Hi all wanted to get some advice on the following: I am running blueiris (camera software) on a Windows PC (intel Nuc i7 16gig mem). I have a mini display out to HDMI. the HDMI is going into one of my sources on my C4 Leaf Matrix. What driver would be best suited to bind or create a “Cameras” button on the navigators and that I could bind to the Matrix source where the HDMI is plugged in. Also any gottchas on resolution or something with windows pcs to the C4 Leaf Matrix?
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