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  1. I really have no idea, I loaded the Sonos and Spotify skills and it just works! Spotify is a revelation. It's a sensation. I am sitting here listening now controlling all my connect zones via my app and I'm not even logged into wifi! Seamless. No idea (again) how it does this. Spoooky! It just does!
  2. Ubiquity is a continual ever moving feast. And a consequent nightmare. It is not the easy consumer friendly product it was first made out to be. IMO! Junkie.
  3. ^ Apple is buying Control4 (they wish)!
  4. I can say stuff like "Alexa play Radiohead King of Limbs from Spotify in Family Room" and bingo it plays that Album. (Family Room now being a Sonos morphed Spotify Connect endpoint). Or "Alexa play My Shazam playlist (this playlist is something I use to store shazam tracks I like). Of course it will also play an Artist's most popular tracks. "Alexa play Ed Sherin from Spotify in Kitchen" etc. Volume up and down now works "Alexa turn down Family Room" And I can now move rooms. "Alex play Spotify in Study" And it moves what is playing into Study (another Sonos Spotify connect endpoint).... that sort of thing. I am using the Spotify app less and less for this basic control. You can see the app moving and doing stuff realtime as Alexa controls it.. This is available right now... and is working... It's pretty cool..
  5. Yep sure. I get that they have to do the right thing with "proper consent" etc. Lawyers. Like they really know how to push the tech boundaries forward! Don't they? They are really productive and better mankind. Meanwhile as the whole world of control seems to be moving so fast to things like Alexa, Google and Apple etc - Control4 playing straight ball and all, seems to just get more and more left behind. I get that. It is what it is.
  6. Well that doesn't seem to have been a problem with the likes of Alexa?. Lots of new Spotify skills being added there. That integrate right into and within the Spotify app..... Anyway. It is what it is I guess.
  7. tdougray sorry about that - I incorrectly thought you were the original poster. Apols.
  8. Sure. Like I said - he has said he has other multichannel amps. So if it was me and all I wanted was music (like he said) I wouldn't bother with Control4. I don't use Control4 anymore for music. Since I did that I couldn't be happier. I mean he can setup something like Sonos (or Heos) or Bluesound or any other of a myriad of other sources himself. He can buy them on line. Even save buying second hand on ebay etc. There will be no ongoing programming costs or firmware upgrade dealer time costs, or dealer time to put in new gear etc. After all that which option will be "cheaper" in the long run? If all he wants is music? Just my opinion.
  9. Control4's platform is totally dependant on a dealer for installing the product, maintaining it, updating it, upgrading third party devices like TV's back into the system so they can continue to be controlled, even updating to new Control4 firmware. . Even if you get Composer pro some other way if you read around here, there can problems?. Sure there are dealers who will remote in, but being off site it's never the same as actually being there in person. IMO
  10. Dude read up around here then maybe decide control4 isn't for you? Realise it is very dealer focused. Just IMO. Junkie.
  11. Yep. If he doesn't care about anything other than audio, why use Control4 at all? Or maybe Just keep the C4 amp? Can this be made a dump autosensing RCA Amp? And plug the Sonos boxes into that? If it can't be used that way and all he wants is Audio, then why use C4 at all? Why not ditch the lot keep the speaker wires and just use Sonos end points at the main cluster where all the speaker wires originate. plug em into his other multichannel amps (he said he has those) and use Alexa and the Sonos app or Spotify app or whatever etc to control his music ..?
  12. Yep. That's why I have taken music out of C4. Control4 is lame for Spotify users. They have had years to get it implemented into their platform properly. Sure - they made Control4 hardware endpoints Spotify Connect endpoints (like Sonos did). This was a positive step. But they have done nothing to help Control4 users on the software and control side of things..(who are also Spotify lovers). It's a pity. But it doesn't matter anymore. With the likes of Alexa etc. IMO
  13. See the other recent threads on this. I have converted all my Sonos endpoints to Spotify Connect dumb players. But then I use the Spotify app and Alexa exclusively for control of Spotify music. And I just use Spotify. Music is now run completely separate from my Control4 platform.
  14. What's the latest on nVidia Shield Hardware? Any major updates coming? Thanks!
  15. edit/update.. heck there are quite a few additional Alexa Spotify skills. Are most of these 3rd party? Like unofficial? Which one is best? Particularly for Volume control? having a bit of a play right now with Speakerfy- "the Unofficial Spotify Connect Skill" "Unofficial" LOLZ
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