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  1. I also am stuck - when I do step 2 in the setup instructions the IP address and MAC are blank or show as unknown, but it shows as enabled. I have tried to reboot the STB and have repeated the process multiple times. I have tried to search my connected devices on my Netgear router and another LAN scanner I have - No comcast box. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I guess I did not understand the response. Does the above driver make the announcement via C4 or does the announcement actually come directly from the alexa unit? I want it to directly come from the alexa dot which is in my office and not from a C4 connected in ceiling speaker.
  3. Thanks for response all - Could this be done with Google assistant instead?
  4. All, Does anyone know a way I can get C4 to tell Alexa my garage door (or front gate) is opening and give me an announcement? I have some Alexa commands currently and the C4 skill is active. Thanks up front!
  5. What is the benefit of partnering with Sony if they cant create a more custom GUI? It should be more like Napster integration not just random button programming... In any event, any suggestions on programming tips? What are the custom buttons you have setup and/or automatic commands which have been useful? THX!!
  6. I would like the GUI to be more complete. I do not want to have to depend on custom buttons. for example - If I hit Watch cable I want to be able to change calibrated presets with dedicated buttons.
  7. I see. The problem is that we are limited with custom buttons. It seems odd that C4 and Sony don not have a more robust driver that just integrates when watching a source...
  8. Thanks for the reply! I see the IP driver works, but it is basic. I was hoping for more robust ip options such as changing the calibrated presets etc..
  9. All, I need an IP driver for Sony VPL-VW285ES Projector. The manual describes this as "network monitoring and controlling with control protocol (SDAP,SDCP,DDDP,Crestron Room View, Control4). My dealer searched the certified driver list, but none available. Anyone know an alternative to use this with IP control? Thx. PS Projector is awesome...
  10. I have a wirepath DVR. I tried to see if I could get blue iris to add its IP address as a camera feed but was unsuccessful.
  11. I currently have a number of Wirepath cameras of a few different generations of models as I have added them over time. I have noticed that the domes fog up and become almost useless at night. We have tried to clean them and use antifog solutions on a few to test, no big help. The bullet cameras I have are fine, with the newer generations better. Overall I am not impressed with the detail of either in general. The wirepath iOS app is useless for searching. I can search using local computer but that is not great. I was considering converting over to IP cameras: This would render my current analog DVR useless I assume.? I am considering Blue Iris and use of a NAS, but it seems like a waste to loose the DVR. I currently have analog/BNC wires on the roof, is there any way to convert them to digital with some sort of "Balun"? Otherwise I have to rerun Cat5. Has anyone used indoor Foscam cameras in a covered out door setting? My C4 dealer has suggested the Lilin cameras - thoughs?
  12. What was the size of each sticker? .5x.5 or 1x1? Please post icons!
  13. All, Anyone tried to tie in Belkin Wemo with C4? Is it possible? I like the humidifier and coffeemaker. The power switches are much more aesthetically pleasing that the C4 ones! The Wemo maker: "An ideal tool for hobbyists who have wiring knowledge and enjoy taking electronics apart, the WeMo Maker can connect to nearly any device controlled with a DC switch (24v DC at 1 amp or 12v AC at 2 amp). Once connected, the WeMo Maker allows you to monitor a variety of 5v digital sensors" Someone should be able to get this to integrate.
  14. I have the serial adapter, this has limited functionality with my jandy firmware. I would be very interested.
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