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    Annual Fees

    We charge $150 for a renewal of 4sight and here is why. The 4sight License has an MSRP from Control4 of $99. Which means if you called Control4 and told them that you had no dealer nor wanted a dealer, there might just be a chance they would charge you $99. and apply a new License Code to your account. However - thats NOT what we are doing. We are selling a renewal for $150. which includes the 4sight License as well as an upgrade of your OS to the latest version. For us, we have enforced this so in most cases of the customers who have not subscribed to a maintenance plan, they might be running 2-3 OS versions behind - but not typically a big deal. The 4sight Renewal gets them updated to the lasted OS Ops. Now maybe you dont care if you are running the latest opps and maybe the features or functions of the newer version doesn't provide you with any new value - it doesn't mater to us. WHEN you do have a problem with your system you are going to go out and search for someone to connect and help you out - maybe your issue can be fixed remotely - maybe it cant and you need a site visit - regardless, the first thing most companies would do is to update your OPs and OS because the root of your issue could be a bug in the Operating System that was fixed a couple Ops Prior. So Im billing an extra $50 for my time for the following: 1) I have to Connect to your system. 2) I have to document and save your current program. 3) I than push the updated OS to your system (assuming i didnt find anything not compatible). 4) I have to wait for the update to be applied to your main controller, than wait for each of the Zigbee Devices to Receive their Updates as the Controller would push the new version to all the Zigbee Devices. 5) I have to log back into your newly updated controller and verify that all hardware is back online and devices are running the latest version. 6) Update my records and docs that your system has been brought up to date and is running well. Assuming there are no issues (ha, imagine that) than if im a fairly good multitasker I probably invested 30-40mins doing this. So for all that I get $50. There is NO profit in doing this. However keeping out clients systems running as smoothly as possible has its positive side effects. For the record, Control4 isnt giving these licenses away for Free to their Dealers. This isnt APLLE or SAMSUNG and you dont get Automatic Updates to all your devices for free on the fly as there is just too much that could go wrong if updated unsupervised. We believe that a $150 charge is a gift for assuming ownership of whats done above.
  2. Where are Platinum C4 Dealers looking for a Full Time System Integrator to join or team and work High-End Residential Applications which demand creativity. True integration done every day involving Audio, Video, Lighting, HVAC, Access Control, Security Monitoring and Content Management. Must be a self starter, a very snappy dresser (company branded attire provided) and simple be a likable person with a good work ethic. Shot and email to brian@ctcable.com and help us continue to grow.
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