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  1. First time Apple watch user here. Just got the 6 and running watch os7 and os14 on my iphone. I do not have the ability to add the c4 app to the watch. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. C4 switch has been working for a year or so and just here recently would turn the fireplace on but will not shit it off. i have to manually shut the gas off. anyone had this issue? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone installed an Aprilaire humidifier with the C4-Therm stat? I have it all setup but do not want to have to manually set the RH % on the C4-therm and do not have a outdoor sensor connected to the C4-therm. One of the values on the outdoor sensor settings in main menu is "Use Control4 Value". I assume that it will then get the outdoor temp from the HC800 which pulls it off the Internet based on LAT/LONG? If this is the case, I can then set the humidifier setting to auto on the C4-therm and allow HC800 and C4-therm to adjust the humidity level based on what the stat gets from the
  4. Guys, looking for opinions here. I am a HUGE Plex user and use Roku as the streamer from a QNap server. Why would I pay $200 for the full Plex driver vs the Roku mini dirver? Looking for the reason to spend the $200 that I am already not thinking of. Seems as if both will cross launch the player and pick the channel. That is a draw. The full driver import all of the data to to the C4 app on my remote of choice but I usually always have a TV I am looking at and can use the Plex menu. The one advantage I see is something like a "virtual babysitter ;-) " where I could not be present in
  5. We manually replaced the driver today and rebooted the controller. Everything came back and the Roku player driver icon now shows up correctly on IPad/iPhone but the active source icon is still not correct. We are at a loss. He is gonna check with C4 but looks like an icon issue. Funny thing is all devices work fun except Apple devices. Seems like this icon stuff needs to be thought out better. We even tried to edit the driver and change the icons but that didn't work at all. ReallY frustrated this stuff was not found in beta. He stated that Apple app is really screed up now. Will wait
  6. Does the 800 have to be rebooted a second time? Also, this screenshot shows the both issues. First the Roku player icon issue and second either the channels or the mini-drivers experience the same thing. Both hang at that selection and You have to back out to main c4 screen to pick Roku player to get the control of the up/down ect. Driver is suppose to be the new Roku server driver from 1/24/16????
  7. Anyone else having issues with iOS Roku icon showing up as the "delete in composer icon". Only happening on iOS. Also, maybe more annoying than a bug, once you choose a Roku channel, you have to change to the Roku source to use up/down..can't there be a auto switch. Have this issue with Sr250/260 and iOS.
  8. One one hand you tell him not to open the ports for obvious security reasons and then tell him to open up a range of ports? That would just open 37750+ ports in addition to the 14 already open. Do it the right way and spend the money on a VPN or 4Site to make it a secure connection, not on a dealer to come rebuild your network/system after someone finds the holes and exploits them.....
  9. I have the command queuing issues as well but only seems to be on the SR250. I have a very large project per my installer. All of my touch screens read about 4 hours off on time and day is off as well. Other that that, pretty good for me. But the time/date really blows. I have a lot of scheduled tasks that are all off. I need this so called patch or the 2.4 upgrade.
  10. I work for a very, very large network hardware manufacturer and we have made a ton of bad licensing decisions....I will admit that...however, as any GOOD company will, we decided that pissing off our end clients was not a model we wanted to follow. Not to long after our exec management heard the street yelling about these new licensing models, we started to retract our release and "grandfather" in users who we already sold certain features to versus charging them again. Up to this point, I have been a part of the licensing fiasco at C4 before (see other posts on this topic) and I doubt they w
  11. I thought it was bad enough that I had just purchased three individual device licenses right before the site license was announced which cost more than the site license does. I then bought a site license because I thought that would lock me in for any future devices I wanted to add. Now, if I want to add another controller to my project, I have to pay more for the controller because "another site license" is thrown in?!?!?!? I will never use an intercom....I already have phones that have this feature. So, lets count up the costs of the licenses that I have purchased from C4. $199 x 3 = $5
  12. Let me ask this questions. I understand that the new pricing model includes the site license with a new controller. However, I currently own a HC800 and a site license. If I want to add another HC800 to my project, is there a SKU that does not include the site license?
  13. Does anyone have the C31/HR34 working with Control4? Also, are there any issues? I can get everything working but testing failure scenarios such as power to a C31, causes the C31 to not come back until you reboot both the DECA and the HR34. If you pull out a RG6 out of one C31, it fails all clients neededing a full reboot to fix. So far, even without C4, this system is very sub-par at this point.
  14. I am in the process of having DirecTV installed with the HR34 and a bunch of clients. We had everything working and changed the IP address from DHCP to static to utilize the IP driver. Once we did that, the the clients could no longer connect to the server. We changed from to so everything was in the same subnet. Installer had to replace the HR34 and reinstall all of the clients to get it back. This was without the DECA connected to the network. He is hesitant connecting it back to the network because he thinks that the network is causing the issues. An
  15. Just to clarify: I currently have two doors powered by 8850s. Will the CA garage door kit work or not? Anyone have any experience with automating the doors? Thanks in advance.
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