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  1. Would any of the C4 gurus weigh in on this. Just wanting to know if my system would need to be updated to 2.10 in order to use this streaming amp before I decide whether to replace my speakerpoint with it. Thx
  2. does the triad one streaming amp [TS-SAMP1-100] work in a 2.9.1 system? Thx
  3. I recently added the Video Storm CMX1616A2 audio matrix to my system. The issue I am having is with my cable box audio. It is connected to the audio matrix with digital optical as will as analog stereo. I have zones with 5.1 audio that work fine, however the TV's that only have 2 channel have no audio. It seems that the system is always selecting the highest quality audio source which is the optical input but the matrix is not downconverting it to 2 channel when trying to watch TV with only 2 channel stereo. Is there programming that can be done that will select the analog stereo in those zones? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thx for the responses. I guess my concern is how long the HC-800 will hold up. I've heard some are failing? <- any experts like to weigh in on this? Anyone know how long until newer gear may arrive?
  5. Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading from 2.9.1 to 2.10. I will be replacing my HC800 with an EA-5. I currently have 6 Infinity Edge TS and would prefer to only replace two of them with the WALL7s (as only two routinely used). Can the other Infinity Edge TS be left in the project/updated to 2.10? Will they run on 2.10? I don't use the intercom agent and don't plan to. If they can be upgraded, is there any functionality that would be lost (apart from the intercom agent)? Thx
  6. Got it to work. Restarted composer and the Apple TV, then it paired as expected
  7. I have the Apple TV IR driver version 110, with apple tv 4 on static ip address. Have followed the instructions in the documentation. When I press the action "send pairing command" in Composer, nothing happens on the apple tv. Am I missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  8. Anyone? Any setting I may have wrong in Blue Iris? Not sure why everything is fine on the contro4 touchscreens but only a static image showing on the Control4 iOS app. Thx
  9. I am on 2.9.1 with an HC-800 using the blue iris software for my NVR. when I view my cameras on the control4 touchscreens everything is fine, however, when I view them on the contro4 app on my iPhone the cameras only show a static image. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  10. It's a DVR & it doesn't seem to have a MJPEG substream - hikvision 7316HUI-K4 so besides the T3, will H.264 stream work on an HC-800 on 2.9.1 or do I also need to upgrade to an EA series controller on 2.10....?
  11. I'm currently on 2.9.1 with an HC-800, HC-250x3, HC-200x2 & InfinityEdge 7" touchscreensx5 my existing DVR was updated to a Hikvision DVR but it only outputs H.264 & H.265 streams (no MJPG). What do I need to update to be able to view the H.264 stream on touchscreens. I can see them on the apple ios control4 app. I only need to be able to view them on two touchscreens. Thx in advance.
  12. so typical ….. Apple Music on Echo in Canada? Not So Fast… While users in the United States are getting this Apple Music feature, Canadians won’t be seeing it anytime soon. bummer
  13. Does anyone have a control4 driver for a Hikvision tribrid DVR (my model is DS-7316 HUI-K4). The hikvision NVR IP driver will not work with this model. I’m looking for any driver to control it (IP/RS-232/IR). Thx
  14. Excellent. Finally! This looks like it might be worth a look as well since I find the sound quality from the echo dot’s analogue output is somewhat lacking. The Echo Link -- while not an amplifier -- is made to connect to an existing high-end stereo system via the amplifier or power speakers and deliver quality audio. It'll ship later this year for $199. This option lets you keep your glowing tubes or 1970's solid state amp while still being able to jam to the library of music available to Amazon Prime members ..... (& soon Apple Music). There is also an Echo Link Amp for $299. These both have both Digital Coax and Toslink outputs.
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