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  1. Is there a control4 driver for this?
  2. I’ve been looking for a video doorbell to use. I would prefer an Ethernet connection and live RTSP stream than can be recorded on my NVR, as well as be able to integrate with control4. Is anyone using the hikvision wifi doorbell (i understand it is wifi only) with the annex driver. Thoughts? Reviews? Thx
  3. I am looking to add some equipment. Pls message me if you are a dealer in the Greater Toronto Area. Thx
  4. Great suggestions. Thanks for the input everyone.
  5. Yes, running a RG6 cable from my rack out to the Triad by the pool would problematic. If the Sonos connect Digital out were to go to the Videostorm matrix first, then the digital out on the matrix to the EA-5 Digital In. -> would that be a problem. Is there a particular reason you should not connect an audio source to the EA-5?
  6. We do use shairbridge, but sometimes its just easier to hit a button on a keypad and have a Sonos favorites playlist start playing. What would the audio inputs on a EA-5 be used for?
  7. Thx. Not planning on adding any wireless sonos speakers. Would best practice be to connect both digital and analog outputs from the connect to the EA-5 or can I get away with only one digital connection? Does the EA-5 downconvert digital PCM to analog?
  8. What is the best way to add a sonos connect (for apple music service) to my C4 system. My EA-5 is connected to a Videostorm audio matrix via digital coax output & analog output. Also, I have a Triad One remotely placed to run the speakers by my pool. It is on wifi. There is no way to connect it to the Videostorm audio matrix. Should the sonos connect be connected to the Digital coax input on the EA-5? or should the sonos connect be connected to the videostorm audio matrix via dig coax & analog. I would think connecting it directly to the matrix would make more sense, but would the Triad One still be able to play music from the Sonos connect?
  9. I'm thinking about moving from 2.10.6 to OS3. I currently have an HC-800 as directory and 3 HC-250s. The HC-800 and a HC-250 is in my rack in the basement. The HC-800 is the director and is running the basement ZigBee mesh. The HC-250 is there for added I/Os. I have a HC-250 on my main floor running the ZigBee mesh on the main floor. I have a HC-250 on the 2nd floor running the ZigBee mesh on the 2nd floor. I have three separate ZigBee servers as my floors are concrete (radiant heating) and I was having ZigBee issues previously. What would I replace the HC-250s with … EA-1's or EA-3's? Can the EA-1's run a ZigBee server? Thx in advance.
  10. well that's unfortunate, as OS3 isn't possible for me due to the controllers and touchscreens I currently have.
  11. Here is a screen shot of driver properties and info [license key erased]. As I mentioned I'm on 2.9.1 and lost alexa control. Thx
  12. I'm on 2.9.1 with the 110 epic driver and mine stopped working. OS3 not an option for me as my controllers are hc800 & 250s.
  13. Would any of the C4 gurus weigh in on this. Just wanting to know if my system would need to be updated to 2.10 in order to use this streaming amp before I decide whether to replace my speakerpoint with it. Thx
  14. does the triad one streaming amp [TS-SAMP1-100] work in a 2.9.1 system? Thx
  15. I recently added the Video Storm CMX1616A2 audio matrix to my system. The issue I am having is with my cable box audio. It is connected to the audio matrix with digital optical as will as analog stereo. I have zones with 5.1 audio that work fine, however the TV's that only have 2 channel have no audio. It seems that the system is always selecting the highest quality audio source which is the optical input but the matrix is not downconverting it to 2 channel when trying to watch TV with only 2 channel stereo. Is there programming that can be done that will select the analog stereo in those zones? Thanks in advance.
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