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  1. So I have recently upgrade to OS 3.1 and my GE NX8 Alarm system will no longer integrate with OS3. Any suggestions on what to change it out to that will support OS3? All my zones are hard wired to all the doors, etc. I assume I have to swap out my panel and all. Is there not a connector? Thanks
  2. Looking for some guidance on "How To" best way to do this. Kids are constantly leaving on lights so I wanted to set a timer for each light that it is on for more then 2 hours (example) it will automatically turn off. I would like to run this timer every time the light is turned on. Thanks
  3. I am looking to do the same, I just started investigating. If I find anything will post
  4. So as of about a month ago I have had several issues adding scenes to Alexa/Control4. See attached. I add the Voice Scene in C4 and can program everything just fine, When I go to do a discover it shows up offline. Any suggestions. Anything new I add it does this existing one work just fine.
  5. Can anyone tell me what BUG fixes are in 2.10.5? Thanks
  6. I figured this out. When you are adding a scene to voice scene in C4 you need to make sure you don’t have any action. Once I removed all the actions I was able to discover it then I configured all the actions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So my Alexa has been working great with my C4 but today I wanted to add a voice scene. It adds fine to C4 but when I go to discover devices on Alexa it will not find it, nor does it find it online. Any suggestions or anyone encounter this? I have disabled the C4 automation and re-enabled the skill but no luck. Looks like it will not discover anything new that I add.
  8. There are soooo many options here, all comes down to Budget. My setup is Amcrest Camera's, 8 to be exact and then I have a DROBO for my NAS and I run Blue Iris. All integrates with C4 and is a cheap option for me. Depending on your budget, it will depend on what route you take. If you go Blue Iris, I am happy to share my setup and configs.
  9. Yep, Wiped our the OS and reloaded the entire project was working for about a week then same issue again. Just curios if anyone is expierencing this. The HC800 was rock solid up until this cert update issue
  10. I have a strange issue going on. My HC800 runs as my director and I cannot get any IR/ data (Napster,Spotify) to work correctly. So here is what I have noticed. 1. If I reboot the HC-800 I get NO link light on REBOOT 2. If I run the command killall -9 ioserver the LINK lights comes on immedietly and everythiung will work, except DATA portion such as napster, tunein, spotify, etc. 3. If I run inspector from putty I see this [ FAILED ] verify the MD5 checksums for files owned by package ioserver :: test_package_checksum_ioserver() DNS,IP, HE connections are all working fine so network is good Has anyone else scene or expierenced this type of issue?
  11. I am having same issue and I am on All opinions aside, @RyanE Post said they should have something on Thursday/Friday, pending no issues. Has there been any update since?
  12. I am having same issue and I am on
  13. Is there anyway to get the press and hold to work on C4 remote for apple tv4?
  14. C4-TSMC7-EN-BL 4 Sale with Dock asking $175/OBO. Perfect condition and I will ship for free. /Users/mcannella/Downloads/IMG_4536.JPG /Users/mcannella/Downloads/IMG_5042.JPG
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