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  1. tried the forum states you cant receive messages
  2. Looking to buy some motion sensors anybody have any?
  3. I have 3 used V2 7" portable touchscreens with camera for sale. All touchscreens in working order running on 2.6 PM me your offers
  4. I have the portable touchscreens, in wall touchscreens, and also use the IOS devices. Personally I think you should have a good mix of them all. I use the portable's in the bedrooms and in walls in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, etc. The intercom is a huge feature we love. typically we go to a dedicated unit over the IOS due to convenience however the IOS device's work really well when you need to change something really quick and its already on you or while your away from the house.
  5. What kind did you go with. I just had a Trane XV95 and XL16i installed this week. Everything seems to be working with the C4 stat. The blower seems to stay at the same speed the entire time so I dont know if its acting the way it should or not
  6. Will this still work when IOS7 is released
  7. 1 connect spotify, sirius/xm, pandora, iHeart radio. Currently using extravegtables driver
  8. I have 2 used switches (C4-SW2-Z-WH) for sale. I replaced them with the new fan switch so I don't need these anymore. Email me your best offer.
  9. I'm looking for both the Doorbell button and also a motion sensor.
  10. Port forwarding should still work. Although it would be best to buy a VPN router and go that route if you did not want to buy a 4sight subscription. I personally have both so far the VPN route for me seems to work faster when it comes to viewing security cams
  11. My system just finished updating everything seems to be running good. The Tunein feature is pretty cool as well.
  12. I setup my mailbox with a contact sensor to indicate when the mail has arrived. I would like to add a pressure sensor for added accuracy. I also used the Snap A/V DVR to record the event as well as using it for notification of who is at the door when doorbell is rang. The image is than displayed for 90 seconds on all touch screens in the house as well as on any TV if the TV is on. Of course pausing what ever is playing so you don't miss anything. Those are just some of our favorites.
  13. Just being lazy tonight and ran across this its pretty cool thought you all would like it. http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/cellphone/e722/?cpg=froogle
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