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  1. Everyone, I am really sorry about my perceived lack of responses. I had been out of action taking care of some medical issues and now I see that as I get a message from someone, hitting "reply" in my email app does not send the person a message back. If there is any interest in the hardware that remains please include an alternate email so I can send you a response. Sorry I do not completely understand the whole forum thing as good as I should. My email is Bhart@com-sec.net just in case you need to get me directly. Thanks again for your consideration
  2. Thermostats have been sold as of 20 Jan 15.
  3. Everyone, I am very sorry that I have not responded sooner, I hurt my back and have been out of pocket for few days in the hospital and not mobile while at home. I will try to answer everyone today as some of you have been patiently waiting for invoicing.
  4. I have a number of system parts that were all set up in our demo room that I am wanting to part with: Dealer demo parts for sale: These are all like new and were all working with Composer 2.5.2 CONTROLLERS 1 each - HC 500 - 200.00 1 each - HC 200 - 50.00 REMOTES 1 each - SR250-Z-B - remote - 70.00 each (new still with plastic over display) BLURAY/DVD PLAYER 1 each Sony BDP-CX7000ES 400 Blu-ray Disc Mega Changer (Black) 1,200.00 (Cheapest on Amazon is 1,878.00) Excellent condition with original remote, power cord, cables and user's manual MISC CONTROL 4 ITEMS 1 each - WLANTUBG wireless module - 20.00 1 each - C4-TSM7-EG-B - Wireless Touch Screen - 100.00 (battery only holds a charge for about an hour when off cradle) 2 each - CCZ-T1-W Wireless thermostat - 85.00 each (MSRP is 249.00) SWITCHES 5 each – Wireless Dimmer – C4-LDZ-102-W - 50.00 each (MSRP is 129.00 3 each – Wireless Dimmer – C4-LSZ-102-W - 50.00 each (MSRP is 129.00 1 each - Wireless 6 Button Keypad KPZ-6B1-White - 60.00 (MSRP is 179.00) 2 each – Wireless Switch – C4-SW1-Z-W 50.00 each (MSRP is 129.00) 1 each - Wireless 2 Button Keypad, Model LSZ3W1W - 40.00 All are guaranteed 100% functional and in very good if not new condition. Prices reflect cost without shipping
  5. New, never opened PoE - Mini Touch Screen, white. 125.00 Bhart@com-sec.net 760-535-0108
  6. Thank you for the intel. I am off to GE to find the software.
  7. What alarm panel out of the ones that there are drivers for is the easiest to configure to work with the Control 4 product? Any help would be appreciated. I bought a GE panel (NX-8E) and it is way difficult to not only figure out that panels programming but also getting it to interface with my HC 500 seems to be a pain. Thanks again.
  8. not sure if you still have a need for one of these. TSE-3.8 C2-W PoE MIni Touch Screen White I have one, new in box with version 1.8 Never used or opened.
  9. You know JP, I read and re-read your intial post and then I read my first response to see where we disconnected. Then just to see if I was in the wrong I asked my wife to read things and give me her opinion. As one reads words from another there is inevitably different takes on how it was meant to be read and certainly no one is able to determine a persons tonality in how it was meant to come off. You posted an ad. My response to you was just a question. It wasn't meant to sound or be offensive. I didn't judge or assume anything, I just asked a person I didn't know, or that didn't know me, a simple question about an ad for some parts. Again, I read your ad to see where you stipulated new or used items in your wish list. But I can't find anything. So instead of seeing my email for what it was meant to be, a simple question, your reaction was to take offense to it and then kick off the battle of witts by insulting me first. "I'm switching to "Bhart" for he has enlightened me", and the ever so popular " But what does he know. I've got "Bhart" now". I don't feel my question deserved that because not everyone (and this may not apply to you) thinks about buying things new from a dealer but only how much money they might save getting things online. As I truly believed your shopping list was refering to "new" stuff it was just a harmless question. I did not offer to sell anything or say you were in the wrong for trying to save but just maybe help someone see the value of the dealer beacuse many people may not have been thinking of it that way. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong but not everyone may look at it from that perspective I was simply pointing that perspective out. Now I am pretty good at reading into snide remarks and also great at returning them ten fold. But I never started with something that was meant to be taken as an insult. So on I went. I won't apologize for the initial "question" that I asked because it was totally taken out of context. It would be easy to keep going with this after reading your reply as you continue to try to prove a point that doesn't need to be made. I was not berating you or anyone else for wanting a good deal. I honestly thought what you were asking for princing on was "new parts". I of course then made some unnecessary comments in retaliation to your attack of my initial question. I will apologize for some of my responses in my reply as I could have been the bigger man and left it alone in the first place and by the way I do get the point you are trying to make. I also get the next slap you felt you had to get in by starting off your last reply. Truely I wish you all the best and luck in finding what you are looking for and know that if I had any of your wish list items I would give them to you as a jesture to show I am not the kind of person that is out trying to insult folks. Homer out!
  10. Are you looking for new or used and any particular release? liek 1.74, 2.06 or something in between?
  11. Great question, I am not too sure to be honest. I just powered it up again and connected it to my system and it works just like my other units. I wish I could tell you a bit more but if someone is really serious I will call C4 and ask them to pull my order (again I am a dealer) and ask them to verify that if that is completely necessary. I just looked ont he bottom and it is the C4-HC-200-E-B-NR Thanks for the question
  12. Hello Bret, Great name. Are you looking for new or used? As a dealer I can most certainly help you out with the new items. Bret Hart Bhart@com-sec.net
  13. It is new in the sense that I bought it about 7 months ago, never opened it until about two weeks ago and then updated it to the newest version. I had 2 each and am using one of them in my kids TV room but the other is no longer needed. I hope this answers your question.
  14. Good afternoon, Com-Sec Incoporated in a Southern California dealer with two locations - Riverside County and San Diego County. We would be happy to be a resource for you and can be reached anytime at my cell phone Bret Hart - 760-535-0108 or office 888-795-0686
  15. Good afternoon, Com-Sec Incoporated in a Southern California dealer with two locations - Riverside County and San Diego County. We would be happy to be a resource for you and can be reached anytime at my cell phone Bret Hart - 760-535-0108 or office 888-795-0686
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