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  1. Try a reboot fo the controller, I had a similar issue with the ATV driver.
  2. Tried the sync and it didn't fix it, trying a reboot of the controller now
  3. So, I have a few ATVs in my system and sometimes the ATV will only respond to commands from the SR260, but won't respond from the NEO, TS, or APP. Anyone else have this issue? I can grab a SR260 switch rooms and control ATV no problem, but none of my other devices will work.
  4. No, I mean it doesn't require an internet connection. Thats not a deal breaker though. I mean, can I invoke it from a button press. Clearly it is a one way system, you tell it what you want it to do. I just wish someone would come up with a good voice pod replacement.
  5. I am looking to replace my voice pods, but what is keeping me with VP, is it offline and it will ask me question and I can answer and then it will react. Example, when I hit good morning button, if the temp is within a specific range, VP will announce the outside temp on my patio and ask if I want to open the back door, if I say "yes" it will open the back door. Or if I hit watch movie in my living room, VP will ask if I want to close shading...etc.
  6. I have one of those, which driver are you using?
  7. very nice! Is this an after market kit, or did you home grow it?
  8. Ok, worst case I update my controller. My goal here is to update my RV lighting with RGBW and some relays to control a few other things, it looks like Shelly is the way to go, since it runs on 12v. Ordered some RGBW2's and some relays 1ULs.
  9. Didn't know about the sleep setting. Will give that a shot.
  10. I can't seem to get the power on command to work. I hit watch appletv and it flashes the IR bug, but won't turn on the appletv. If I use the apple remote to turn it on, everything else works through C4. Anyone else have this issue?
  11. I am sending it to the PI running FPP. Yes, its in the help section in the FPP software.
  12. I currently run a RPI with FPP on it and some falcon boards and control it from control4 for my front, back, and inside pixels. I use http commands to start and stop playlists depending on time of year, special days, etc.
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