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  1. Ok, worst case I update my controller. My goal here is to update my RV lighting with RGBW and some relays to control a few other things, it looks like Shelly is the way to go, since it runs on 12v. Ordered some RGBW2's and some relays 1ULs.
  2. Didn't know about the sleep setting. Will give that a shot.
  3. I can't seem to get the power on command to work. I hit watch appletv and it flashes the IR bug, but won't turn on the appletv. If I use the apple remote to turn it on, everything else works through C4. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. I am sending it to the PI running FPP. Yes, its in the help section in the FPP software.
  5. I currently run a RPI with FPP on it and some falcon boards and control it from control4 for my front, back, and inside pixels. I use http commands to start and stop playlists depending on time of year, special days, etc.
  6. And if you turn it off via OVRC and it doesn't turn back on, or god forbid it trips for some reason, to the client it looks like it is still on. Horrible one way driver.
  7. But its not two way. Log into OVRC and turn off an outlet and tell me if you see its off in C4.
  8. Yep, did that and this is the result. Driver is a POS for sure.
  9. I used the original driver, dated 2016 and even though it says "valid ip address" it is actually connected. I added relay drivers and bound them and all is working, but it still says "valid ip address" when it should say "got status ok", threw me off for 2 days. I also have the "no content headers" in the LUA, but it still works correctly. This is only working one way tho
  10. perfect!! Thats what I wanted to hear, I will look into it.
  11. Do you know if this unit is any better on VPN than the other units by Ubiquiti? I have run into speed issues with VPN on the Ubiquiti products. I switch my router to mikrotik because of this, but all other network is unifi.
  12. Thank you for introducing me to infuse, I love it and it it works perfect!! Plays 3D and all my 4K flawless! Saw some pretty bad review of Zappiti on playback. I have dune and the playback need some work as well, has pause issues when the disc is playlist garbaled. Infuse just works, no pausing issues, minimal cost and I actually like the interface, love how it groups like titles, don't need C4 integration as I have good luck with the Appltv IP driver. The only thing I don't like is I have to switch the AppleTv to 1080P before I play 3D movies.
  13. This has been solved in 3.1.1. I had the same issue, when I updated to 3.1.1, all is working as expected.
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