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  1. so maybe change the title of this tread, to [PAID] instead of [FREE]
  2. Ah, I see there is a fix for 3.0, is there some place I can download the new version?
  3. After updating to OS3, I no longer can control my domaudio lights, are there updated drivers?
  4. I have abandoned dumb RGB for pixels, from holidaycoro, great company!
  5. Anyone having issue with the Skydrop driver from Cinegration only registering single tap on the icon?
  6. the NX8-E doesn't need an external module and uses the new security proxy
  7. Yep happens to me all the time. Sometimes if I flip the device sideways and back again, it appears.
  8. I do, just PM me and I will ship it to you.
  9. Hey guys, I just had my matrix amp die on me but it wasn't the power supply. I know some have had a power supply die and I would hate to recycle something, if someone needs a part of it. Does anyone need the Power Supply for their unit? You can have it, if you need one.
  10. I run multiple VLANS with ubiquiti, what kind of risk is there?
  11. Does anyone know if I can use an ecobee 4 and a remote sensor as the only input for the ecobee? What I want to do is replace my existing C4 therms with ecobees. My current C4 therms are mounted in the laundry room with remote wired sensors as the only input to the C4 therm. I just don't know if that is possible with ecobee 4. I want to keep them all in the laundry room but mount remote wireless sensors so the laundry room temperature doesn't affect the ecobees. I hope I didn't confuse things with my way of thinking.
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