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  1. Have you looked at Flologic? They have a new module that makes it a hybrid cloud/on-prem device. At least I think that is how it works, I haven't added the module yet. Impressive it will work on a system I installed years ago.
  2. In case anybody reads this as you can only have one Alexa device per group, you actually can have multiple devices per group, you just can't have a device in more than one group. In my case, I did this because I have a large open area with two different Alexa devices. For voice purposes, I've combined what is three rooms in Control4 into one Alexa group. So no matter which device picks up my command, I don't end up with the incorrect loads turning on. I might have more loads than I want, but that is better than the wrong ones. YMMV.
  3. Should have known you would ask me that. I was doing a lot of stuff on C4 that day and it is a blur. I think when you do this you are going down the road of a conflict in whether you get the C4 room name or the Alexa room name if you try voice commands using the rooms. So you have Alexa group names that match C4 room names and have no issues?
  4. I think some of this functionality is fairly new, I don't remember being able to designate loads as switches or lights when I last played with this a few months ago. But I discovered this a couple of weeks ago. I also found that I have voice command conflicts if I don't add "Alexa" or "Amazon" (or whatever) to the group names. Something to differentiate it from the Control4 room name somehow. If I'm wrong about this and there is a better workaround, I would love to go back to naming the groups just the actual room name.
  5. Yeah, it has been long enough ago I don't remember why the dealer left it there. It's basically a spare right now as far as I can tell. I only needed one probe in that location, and that unused probe was in a better location to get a good picture...
  6. I ended up cutting off an old probe from a long discontinued Eaton home monitoring product, and it seemed to work fine during brief testing.
  7. Thanks Cyknight, that's the type of sensor I was finding in my search but it looks nothing like the ones being used around my house (see picture), so I wasn't sure how picky this particular component was, plus the one you linked to seems like overkill compared to the basic one I have. Like you say, it could just be a homemade pair of wires.
  8. Good luck with the zero latency on most TVs...the display device is the issue more than the cabling.
  9. It should be capable of video, I believe you get a ringtone at the TS but I can't remember how that was setup.
  10. Seems silly to revert back to an old OS version to workaround an issue that should be relatively painless to solve. There will be time involved with a rollback too. The dealer should have known about the incompatibility before upgrading also.
  11. This is for leak detection, which in turn triggers Flologic (programatically) to turn off the water. I thought they were called water probes, maybe that is not the proper term. These are 2-wire probes.
  12. I have a WCS10A that has two water probes hooked up to it and I believe the probe has gone bad. It was forcing the sensor status to open. I have no part numbers for the original probe. Suggestions?
  13. I purchased an Axxess Motion Sensor a while back, because I could get black, and because it had humidity. The driver was old and bad. Looks like they updated the driver about a year ago (you can only get it from Axxess, it isn't included in the C4 driver database). It was dependent on some other ancient drivers to display temperature and humidity. I don't think there was any way to display humidity in OS 3. https://www.axxind.com/knowledge/download-drivers/ Now you can view that information, so it is worth getting your dealer to update if you have these. Also, they must have made some hardware modifications about midway through 2019 since there is a new version of driver only for devices "purchased after August 14 [2019]". Anybody know what those changes were? I know Axxess is supposedly used more in hospitality than consumer...
  14. I've had my system for over 8 years and haven't done anything yet because I don't want to commit. I need to decide...
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