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  1. I PM'ed you for more details about the driver. Interested in obtaining it (obviously).
  2. Do you plan to support the new commands that are going to be offered on the new remote that is going to be available soon? Since this device seems to be in a perpetual beta state, ongoing support would be important. I mean, no offense to Jim, but it is utterly ridiculous we had PiP/PoP in the previous product, and were promised it would be available in the Radiance Pro. That was SIX YEARS ago.
  3. I'm waiting on the specifics, but according to AVS Forum somebody is finally selling a 2-way driver for Lumagen Radiance Video Processors. Has anybody used it?
  4. Thinking about trying this driver, @readid you ever figure anything out here?
  5. The RoomMe sensors are on sale right now, but no sign yet of a smaller version. I'm still waiting, as the way these work, it seems like you don't get a room exit until another beacon picks you up, so it is probably going to be pretty hard to pick only certain rooms to have a beacon in.
  6. Normally numerous drivers are on sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I haven't seen any this year. Anybody seen anything?
  7. I've already got a CardAccess setup, so it isn't worth a hack. Thanks.
  8. MyQ is on sale right now on Amazon, which would be nice to have for Amazon Key and the like. But I assume at this point Control4 users should just steer clear, right?
  9. Conversely (there is no right answer), I prefer a catch-all room called "Whole House" where I put the things like door locks and garage doors that I want to be able to see at a glance all at once.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/ifttt/comments/j050i1/thank_you_for_your_feedback_however_as_a_greedy/?ref=share&ref_source=link also (even though this YouTube rant is more about those that are using Hue, Belkin, etc independent of a Control4 solution--the basic concept and analogies still apply)
  11. Hard disagree--they should at the very least be grandfathering in existing users better than they are. I've spent many hours setting these applets up the past few years. Somehow, it says I have 73 that are not "free forever" even though most of these were created from templates I found on the site and from first reading of the vague differentiation they describe they should be "free forever". I guess only "published" applets created by developers are not considered custom, so that is basically nothing that is actually worth paying for anyway. I don't understand why it is fine to pull th
  12. They limit custom setup to like 3 different ones. Not enough for a family of 5 even for basics. That's why I'm asking here though, if I'm missing something, but I don't think I am. They already e-mailed and said I had more than 3 and would be deleting extra ones...
  13. And truly unfortunate there is still no integrated solution for geofencing. Now I have to buy IFTTT and the driver? I buy the driver to work around stuff C4 should be offering by now...
  14. "Name your price" lowest amount allowed is $1.99. If I only had a handful of things--but I'm way past MRC fatigue... Yes, the article claims you only get that price for a year, but I think that is wrong. It's an indefinite amount of time that's allowed. EDIT: the article was probably right when it was published, but backlash seems to be pressuring IFTTT into adjusting the deal with the devil.
  15. My initial impression is I pretty much have to do this for Chowmain's driver, thoughts? (That's ANOTHER recurring monthly cost) https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/10/21430265/ifttt-pro-subscriptions-free-controversy
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