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  1. There's a ton more if you include ones with NO integration at all...which mentioning them isn't all bad because it might be ones to avoid. In my case, the advantages of Apple Music for family use outweigh the lack of integration for me, and besides that I like my Sonos Connect just fine for whole house use of Apple Music. Speaking of that, I guess it was ok for Apple to add Apple TV+ to Roku, etc when that came out, but they haven't given the same wide support for Apple Music to third parties...I know its somewhat apples to oranges but still irritating...
  2. I had missed the whole discussion about CallKit until today, that is some good stuff, I hope the dealers that have installed Intercom Anywhere are aware of this... There are too many times where you just CAN"T have a phone going off and I never understood why this was the way it is...now I understand.
  3. I'm talking about the Favorites menu inside of the SiriusXM app on the T3 touchscreens, not the ability to add certain stations as a Favorite on the main touchscreen menus. Not sure which one you mean...
  4. Napster doesn't get much love it seems, but I keep it for some unique features (they have a nice playlist creation tool based on existing playlists for one), but it baffles me that they don't have a better family plan option. I haven't really tried the others on the list posted here (except Pandora) in C4 but integration is flawless. SiriusXM missed making this list. The biggest issue I have with it (I thought) was the Favorites would drop off. But there is an easy workaround to go the stations menu and go back to the Favorites. I think it is missing some integration of some of the internet-only channels as well. And it should be able to play the on-demand content, not sure why as late to the game that C4 was to adding the integration that they left that part out.
  5. Verified this is a workaround. If they aren't going to fix the bug, you should be able to force a scheduled update, which might be a good idea anyway. I don't know how often it updates, and the channel list is dynamic enough at SiriusXM that it would be a worthwhile improvement if the list doesn't update automatically on a frequent basis. Some of the pop-up channels (like the Coronavirus station or holiday stations) are ones that might make it to a favorites list...
  6. Good to know they still respond even though they don't seem to be actively pushing the driver anymore. My HC-800 isn't going to last forever and I want to be able to get a new license when I need it for a new Director. I am going to dig into the programming again but don't want to go to all the trouble if it is going to be short-lived. My old BI server crashed and I'm just re-doing from scratch instead of trying to find a config backup. I just had basic stuff like showing if a door was locked or the alarm was on in an overlay. EDIT: almost forgot I used the AO web support portal to open a ticket 9 MONTHS ago, I asked for status numerous times, and they never responded at all. So yeah, don't waste any time with that, just call. How quaint.
  7. Old thread, but I get that same "URL obscured" message and that doesn't prevent the AO driver from working for me for BI4 or BI5. I think you might have a setting issue somewhere. Setup has gotten a little more involved with the randomization of the password forced by the CA law change.
  8. What's the latest consensus on BI5 vs BI4 and the Audio Obsessions driver? @eggzlot did you get your profile changes issue sorted? My BI server crashed quite a while ago and I just got it back up, everything basic is working with BI5 and AO, but I haven't even gotten into advanced programming yet.
  9. I didn't try that. I will give that a shot. Even if this works, it's still a bug I think...
  10. Is anyone else seeing the SIriusXM favorites constantly disappearing and requiring a manual refresh at least every few days? I can understand having to refresh if the favorites change and it loses sync, but it should keep the list and not just lose it. A workaround could be to schedule a sync, but I don't know how to do that or if it is possible.
  11. Update: Control4 did an RMA and both new touchscreens are flawless and have never locked up. Bizarre. I would have suspected defective equipment from the start except both units had the same issues and if I had seen anyone with similar problems on here.
  12. I don't think Fing cares about the lease time...
  13. turls


    Since nobody responded, did you search on Geofencing throughout the forum? Unfortunately I have tried many solutions and nothing is solid. There are still a couple of things that others have suggested that I haven't tried, but I'm getting tired of throwing money and time and something that should be a core feature of a HA system and still not getting good results.
  14. I haven't had good luck with IFTTT by itself, or with Fing combined with IFTTT. I think the problem is IFTTT is not designed for multiple users. Maybe I'm missing something.
  15. Another developer with a geofencing solution gone? And still nothing that works reliably that I've found. I thought I could use Fing and IFTTT, but for now I'm getting false results at random times.
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