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  1. I thought there was previous discussion about this and maybe even C4 reps chimed in with some explanation. If I find it I will post.
  2. Nope, already basically tried this. Did it again exactly as you describe. No bindings. When I mess with the API key the system entry disappears. But it still associates and populates. I can then do the deselect / reselect system as you describe and nothing changes. I can tell it is talking to the Rachio cloud because the API call number increases when I do these. EDIT: did all this again after a system reboot and I got bindings. Not convinced this is fixed though because I had already rebooted after I loaded the newest driver. I guess I will just have to wait this out to see if the bindings stay or not.
  3. Well, I spoke way too soon. The bindings are completely non-existent for me with the new driver. Anybody else try driver 211 yet? The good news is the Rachio doesn't de-associate every time my HC800 is rebooted, but the bad news is the driver is now completely broken for me--I could at least workaround the issue before.
  4. The driver has been updated, and seems to fix the major issue I was having.
  5. I have a problem with the current version of the driver where the connection is lost between the driver and Rachio every time the controller is restarted. Supposedly that is rare, but it would be something for your dealer to check.
  6. No reason to pick one or the other, as soon as you think you can get by without one of them, something happens like HBO Max that isn't on all the platforms. Or Vudu has a sale on 3D movies and all of sudden you realize that Apple TV supports Vudu 3D but Roku doesn't.
  7. What's weird about that? Why would he want to install random stuff that may or may not work from Ebay? But that's also how the dealer makes ends meet--the margin on the hardware. it isn't enough to just get the labor payments for the job...
  8. Just replaced some A19 100w and 60w equivalent bulbs that were originally expensive Philips bulbs bought most likely off of Amazon 5-7 years ago. Got some Feit from Ace and GE from Walmart. Both work fine, even on previous C4 dimmers. In fact, dim better than the Philips did, so I concur with what Ryan says above...I probably need to see if Philips will warranty them but I doubt it. EDIT: got a response from Philips, and the hoops you have to jump through on a warranty claim are insane. Take a picture of the light fixture?
  9. I definitely get better than that. The room is small (although it is close to 8' ceiling), so I'm probably not the best example. I know another dealer that posts frequently here said to avoid Nyce, but I'm not sure how many other good options there are for C4. Axxess seems hard to come by.
  10. If the dealer set you up with Composer Pro (not debating that here as doing that without also requiring training seems sketchy), I would not recommend going around him for stuff you still need him for. He can yank that access if you upset him...
  11. Exactly, security motion sensors will not do it, especially not ones powered by battery. However, battery powered sensors can work if they are ZigBee. The Nyce Ceiling Motion Sensor has been almost flawless for me for years.
  12. What about controlling through the DirecTV app? I have the same Genie you do, but I only have one mini for 4K. The others are standalone receivers (3 of them). I find that when I have issues using C4 control (I normally don't completely lose control, it just becomes flaky or slow), the app still works. That at least points to something besides a DirecTV issue I believe. Unfortunately with DirecTV being a legacy system I would expect things to continue to deteriorate...
  13. Since I've been keeping track, every time I restart the HC800 it loses the details. Wish I could find some other users this is happening to. I don't normally restart the HC800 that often but for various reasons it has been lately. Hopefully support comes up with something.
  14. I don't currently, but I was looking at doing more with announcements, so good to know.
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