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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/ifttt/comments/j050i1/thank_you_for_your_feedback_however_as_a_greedy/?ref=share&ref_source=link also (even though this YouTube rant is more about those that are using Hue, Belkin, etc independent of a Control4 solution--the basic concept and analogies still apply)
  2. Hard disagree--they should at the very least be grandfathering in existing users better than they are. I've spent many hours setting these applets up the past few years. Somehow, it says I have 73 that are not "free forever" even though most of these were created from templates I found on the site and from first reading of the vague differentiation they describe they should be "free forever". I guess only "published" applets created by developers are not considered custom, so that is basically nothing that is actually worth paying for anyway. I don't understand why it is fine to pull th
  3. They limit custom setup to like 3 different ones. Not enough for a family of 5 even for basics. That's why I'm asking here though, if I'm missing something, but I don't think I am. They already e-mailed and said I had more than 3 and would be deleting extra ones...
  4. And truly unfortunate there is still no integrated solution for geofencing. Now I have to buy IFTTT and the driver? I buy the driver to work around stuff C4 should be offering by now...
  5. "Name your price" lowest amount allowed is $1.99. If I only had a handful of things--but I'm way past MRC fatigue... Yes, the article claims you only get that price for a year, but I think that is wrong. It's an indefinite amount of time that's allowed. EDIT: the article was probably right when it was published, but backlash seems to be pressuring IFTTT into adjusting the deal with the devil.
  6. My initial impression is I pretty much have to do this for Chowmain's driver, thoughts? (That's ANOTHER recurring monthly cost) https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/10/21430265/ifttt-pro-subscriptions-free-controversy
  7. The fragmentation of streaming is a newer development that helps push distributed video...never know when Roku or Amazon or Apple are going to have exclusive content only available on their devices. Peacock and HBO Max only on Apple for example...
  8. Rebooting the controller got me to activation status of "License Activated". But I shouldn't have to do that--there should be a simpler way to "kick" it... Seems like it was treating me as expired under the "registering driver" status...not good.
  9. The last Pushover communication on my Chowmain IFTTT drivers shows August 13. I've verified my triggers in IFTTT are working and Pushover is working. The helpdesk at driverCentral.io is closed until Monday. My activation status for the driver shows: "Cloud driver found. Registering driver..." It shouldn't say that should it? I've tried tricks like forcing it to take the Pushover credentials again, and forcing it to take the driver key again...no change. Interestingly enough, the last check-in for the driverCentral Cloud driver is August 13...
  10. I have this in 3.1.3. Haven't investigated it fully yet, but one zone quit playing audio after an announcement. No changes that would have caused it otherwise than I know of other than a bug that has crept in.
  11. Good luck with that. I had to get a rescue dealer--the original guy never finished the basic stuff. There really isn't a reason you have to wait on him. You can temporarily have a remote dealer fix the most painful areas.
  12. moviesounds.org. I rotate about 8 different movie / TV lines for when people leave doors open.
  13. They had a new version for the Xbox One as well. The current models won't even work with it without an adapter that is almost impossible to find. So it hasn't been "dead" as long as all the way back to the Xbox 360 days. I keep my Xbox 360 in my Theater specifically to play those titles. I don't remember what the main reason for the demise of the tech was, but I think the core functionality you are seeking can be had through other means that are much more ubiquitous now than they were then. Mainly a cell phone or tablet.
  14. And...still no HBO Max on Amazon or Roku. And now add Peacock TV to the list of stuff that doesn't show up at launch on either of those. So with streaming, you still get the platform / provider wars where the users are pawns, and you can't even skip commercials. And in the Control4 ecosystem you give up a lot of control as you always have compared to, for example, DirecTV. Can we go back to linear TV and DVRs now?
  15. I don't think there is any way to access the data through C4 any more. Even with the API key, C4 doesn't support it on their side.
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