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  1. There is a nice Blue Iris C4 driver that will do that and more, I think it was on Houselogix, so not sure if it is still being sold or supported. Here is a link: http://www.audioobsessions.com/blue-iris-nvr.html
  2. Anybody tried with the original Door Station? I wouldn't mind losing my touch screens if I went down this route, but don't want to lose by doorbell. Don't care if the intercom quits. Edit: whoops a couple others already asked. Well, bump then...
  3. So you guys load the update within days of it coming out and you don't expect this kind of stuff? A MAJOR release no less?
  4. Would be interesting to know if other VPN apps have the same issue on iOS. ProtonVPN is free. I don't have OS3 yet.
  5. Yes, I have this issue. Kind of gave up on it. Not every lock, and all are on same versions of hardware.
  6. While you are at it please consider some type of iOS Widget support...competitors have it, and it could be pretty useful. Unless this was added in 3.0, I won't be able to load it just yet.
  7. My SR-250s are still going strong after eight some years. Won't be "upgrading" I guess. Sad this is a widespread issue with no fix it seems.
  8. Not guessing you are going to be finding "not too expensive" touch screens now that so many are going to have to be replaced by so many. I never see any decent deals on Ebay for current gen touch screens, and that was before this announcement. I'm sure some will just abandon some or all of them, but mine are going on 8 years old, so I knew I would have to replace them eventually. I won't be replacing 100% of them though.
  9. Well, it's spring, sprinklers are running again, and again my Rachio integration with Control4 is not working. Anybody else with issues, maybe from a Rachio API change? I'm using the Blackwire driver, which hasn't had any recent updates.
  10. But without having multiple paths, you are taking a risk. Especially if there is malicious intent to remove your home from monitoring. I'd be fine with $10 a month, but the months I don't use it I don't want to have to pay. I haven't decided something I use once every few months is worth yet another recurring fee.
  11. Definitely the way to go, you want divergent paths. Problem is I haven't found a pay-as-you-go cellular option.
  12. I don't even know why they would want that much traffic hitting their servers -- must be pretty noisy...
  13. Pretty sure I couldn't program off of it, but like I said I don't remember. I talked to the dealer and he agreed the drivers were an issue.
  14. Sorry, I've been bad at keeping up here lately, did you find someone? There is a great dealer in Austin I could set you up with.
  15. Driver for these is in serious need of updating. I can't say I have dug into it too hard, and don't remember off the top of my head what all the issues were, but it left a lot to be desired. They look nice (I needed Black) but no way if I buy more I would never bother with humidity.
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