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  1. So no new controllers (at least not EA replacements), but there is starting to be a gap between what is supported on HC and EA (Apple Bridge, etc). If I've held onto my two HC800's this long, I'm not upgrading now with something that is 4 years old without a better indication of when the same thing will happen again (reduced functionality in legacy controllers)...
  2. Finally! Bluetooth beacon technology, and it's integrated with Control4. I'll be looking forward to hearing about how well this works for Control4 users, and all the cool integrations people come up with.
  3. I have no Control4 remotes remaining in my remote settings in my AppleTV upgraded to tvOS 13.0 (17J5557a). If I send a pairing command from Composer Pro nothing happens. Are any of you that have this working using a HC800 or are you all on EA series? EDIT: I can't even load the Gen4/4K driver on a HC800, and before tvOS 13 the old Gen3 driver worked, so I'm guessing I'm out of luck unless I want to keep Apple TV on an old version. Also guessing those in this thread that have this working all have EA...
  4. There are still lots of console exclusives, consoles are still simpler than other options, and many couch-coop and couch-multiplayer games still are being developed. And the biggest thing IMO, in a household with kids and adults that play, is if you buy a digital copy of a game on Xbox One, you basically get two copies of the game. Each person can get their own achievements, you don't have to even log in as the adult that bought it to play if you designate the "kid" Xbox as the home console. That can't be said for any other platform that I know of.
  5. I've just subscribed to both Apple Music and Napster. Besides the obvious integration advantages for Napster, it has some unique features Spotify, Apple Music, etc. don't have. I just wish family plan pricing model was competitive. Don't like sharing playlists with the whole family. Watch for sales on iTunes cards, you can usually get 20% off and stock up a couple hundred dollars worth at a time, and then you can pay the monthly recurring with those. That helps some.
  6. So buying Wyze cameras right now would be incompatible with Alan's driver and no current way around that?
  7. Yes, you may need a 3rd party driver like the IFTTT Maker driver from Chowmain though.
  8. It is needed, otherwise your irrigation can trigger false leak detection. Unless you exclude irrigation from where your monitoring is, but then you won't find out about leaks.
  9. Right, that's already been covered here, another one I found not mentioned was it doesn't seem to clear out the media playing if you stop it, but I was surprised anything from 4Store still worked at all.
  10. I got upgraded to 3.0, I did not even have to manually connect to Director on the Infinity Edge units, they re-connected automatically. There is no driver currently loaded for them in Composer, but all the wired ones show up in System Manager. Strangely, even though the one wireless unit I had does not show up, it is also connected. So I get to use some apps like Eragy, Yale, and Remote Finder a little while longer... Upgraded to a DS2 so didn't fight that battle with the original DS...
  11. Only thing I wish I could do is turn back on the water after it shuts off. This has to be done at the FloLogic panel, unless they've changed the hardware. None of the systems with only sensors are going to catch a leak in an irrigation system.
  12. Nobody responds at Audio Obsessions to e-mail, ticket automated response says I should hear back in 24 hours is a week and a half old. Forget I mentioned it. Did I mention how much I hate support portals that are ignored?
  13. Well my experience with Control4 is once an official driver appears the unofficial ones go to pot. I've done without the unofficial one this long, I'll wait.
  14. It works with 5 people at my house, I have some pretty involved programming to determine when nobody is home and I can't say it is 100% correct yet.
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