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  1. @amr Great The Gosund switches would be done with which method? ???
  2. @Amr Can the flash work on light switches? How do I flash it or the sockets?
  3. I have a 300, and need to update to EA --- Want to use as well with Echo voice. Don't want to deal with my dealer. Was told I need this Controller and 2x 3.5mm to db9 adapters Anyone here that can handle this ?
  4. Ok. Thanks. Are there any dealers here. I don't have one anymore
  5. It is 3 way switch, that was not working so i did a reset 13-4-13 and maybe other combos.Now it is green/green whatever combo it do, it reverts to /green/green The other switch works fine. It is my wife's closet, so i need to get it fixed--- quickly. 😍
  6. that is it--- 2.53. So those Control4 support 1. Give wrong info 2. cut me off from using android app Did this, so I would need to buy new equipment ??
  7. C4 said......The problem is your Control4 controller is on the old OS that no longer communicates through our servers. You will need to contact your Dealer of record so they can update your system software.CAn anyone here do that ?I haveControl4 HC300 Master Controller- Control4 HC200 Communication Controller
  8. I have 2.5.3 HE, installed the patch, and still have the same issue
  9. Can I use a LOZ-5SI for an appliance (warming draw) The specs on the warmer draw is 120v .45 kw 60 hertz
  10. I used a NAS. Put the files on my MAC time capsule. BTW.... it worked for years off my win 7 pc. (i tried the usb in the contoller.... didnt see the usb on network)
  11. I have spent HOURS. I have 3 macs and 1 pc on my network. I can see the files on all from composer, but can not connect to any. I have tried using the IP address, computer name, taking down firewall on win10 PC, sharing all folders on all computers...Nothing helps. The only thing that is connectable is the HC-300 and a apple time capsule. I can not even connect to a USB drive on my Win10.
  12. I rebooted via Putty once. I also unplugged it to try a reboot. It all started to go bonkers when i could not connect to my media on any device. Now the only thing that shows is the blue power on .
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