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  1. Hi, Just wondering if any of you have recommendations for an outdoor IP camera. Would like PTZ, 720p or higher, and a price (hopefully) under $300. Christmas is getting close and it's time to write my letter to Santa... I've looked at the Foscam FI9828W and the Hootoo HT-IP006N, which is a little cheaper. It looks like drivers are available for the Foscam -- any one know if drivers are available for the Hootoo? Any others I should look at? Thanks, -Marc
  2. I opened up my HC300 -- looking at the power supply, I see that there was resistance at one of the connections (see the burn spots in the photos). The new p.s. is on order.
  3. Sorry -- I posted a little too quickly. I quick search gave me the answer I was looking for (screws under the feet). Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I did see a link for a power supply in another post. Is there a trick to getting these things open? I tried removing the screws on the back, but it didn't seem to be enough. Are there some hidden screws under the feet or front panel? Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Last Thursday, my HC300 went offline. The first thing I noticed was that the GE security monitor started beeping, as it has an interface to the HC300. Then I noticed none of the keypads would work. I rebooted the HC300, and initially, no response (I may have just been impatient). I was able to connect to it using ComposerHE, then everything seemed to work. Two days later, it happens again. This time I try to connect before rebooting. ComposerHE can't find it, and I can't ping it. I then reboot, and I can ping it again. It takes a good five minutes before ComposerHE can find it to connect (maybe this is normal...). I can ssh into the HC300 and look at the logs, but don't see anything obvious. I don't know exactly what to look for -- could use pointers. I'm wondering if the HC300 is about to go belly up. It's almost 5 years old, and I've never seen it do this before. Update -- as I'm typing this, the HC300 went dead again (about an hour after the second occurance). Is this likely a memory issue? Thanks in advance.
  6. Finally got it working. My dealer did work with C4 technical support. After trying a few other things, the trick that worked was to do a fresh OS install from a USB stick.
  7. I tried power cycling the controller -- even tried rebooting the modem and router, but no luck. Same results when trying to check in or re-register. Another message I've seen in the Account Services window is "No response to check-in request. VPN connection may be invalid". I've seen some posts about a patch, but I had the impression that was for older OS's? Thanks, -Marc
  8. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered... My 4sight subscription came due not too long ago, so I contacted my dealer to renew the subscription. I also asked him to update the OS as I was on 1.8.3 and wanted to use some of the newer features. My dealer first updated my subscription, and I was able to confirm that it was working again (after it had expired). He then updated the OS to 2.3 (remotely) and now I cannot connect remotely. And the system does not check in. I've tried using the 'check in' button from the account services area of Composer HE (after upgrading HE to the new version). I receive the message 'Status: Check in unsuccessful". And I've tried to re-register my controller -- I receive the message "Status: Error saving certificate from web services". There were no changes in my network from before the OS upgrade. I'm wondering if the new OS is using a new port or service that the old OS didn't use? I have an HC300 controller and am using a DSL modem, Buffalo router and Dell switch. My dealer is stumped. Any ideas? Thanks, -Marc
  9. Hi getafix, Just wondering if you found a solution to the disconnects. I was just seeing the same thing and decided to search and came across your post. I'm using Composer HE -- when on the properties tab of the Network File Storage device (within the 'Monitoring' section), I would click on the 'Connect' button and the status would change to 'online', as expected. But within 30 seconds or so, the status would change back to 'offline'. This happened at least a half dozen times. Then I tried disconnecting manually (by clicking on the 'Disconnect' button before it had a chance to disconnect on its own. I then clicked on 'Connect' again. This time, it stayed connected. Nothing else changed (that I know of)...
  10. It appears that it may already be backwards. The hot water seems to reach the far end of the house before it gets to the taps that are much closer to the water heater...
  11. Hi Sparks67, I think the model I have (CR240A) is a little older than the models shown in the link you provided and doesn't have some of the features you mentioned. I have one unit, and it has one wired remote -- no way for it to know which location is using the water. An interface to C4 could fix all that... When the schedule has the recirc. pump running, the hot water arrival time at all locations is great -- within a few seconds. But when the pump hasn't run for a while (don't want it running all the time -- wastes heat), it can take several minutes for the hot water to reach certain locations. I've come to the conclusion that my plumber hooked up the loop to go to the far side of the house first, before arriving at the kitchen, which is much closer to the water heater. I may see if it's possible to reverse the loop.
  12. Ideally, I would like to have all the functions available through C4 (pump on/off, set temp, set pump schedule, heater power on/off). But just having the ability to turn on the pump from a C4 switch is the biggest desire. I meant to look into this over the holiday break, but didn't get to it. Possibly this weekend...
  13. I did call the Navien tech support number to see if there was some method for turning on the recirc. pump separate from the programmed time on the remote. They said the only way to recirculate the water separate from the timer would be to put on an external recirc. pump. I later thought about putting a relay on the switched wire for the pump. The relay would switch the pump wire from the current wire to a (12v?) supply when on. This should allow a programmable contact to switch the pump to 'on' at any time; otherwise it would operate as normal. I suspect this might void the warranty...
  14. Dan, you have a good point. Not being able to see the station would be disappointing. But I'm afraid I can't justify the cost right now for the C4 tuner (unless I come across a really good deal). So I'll have to either do without for a while, or maybe hook up an old tuner and live with basic, one way, interface until I can come up with a good enough excuse to spend the extra $$. Thanks.
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