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  1. I am looking to buy a monoprice blackbird 4k 4x4x driver. Please PM if you can assist me. Thank you
  2. hello, what brand is the matrix?
  3. Hello, I used to have and old monoprice matrix 4x4 and it was not perfect ,but it did the job. a couple of months a storm pass through the neighborhood and it got fried. I bought a blackbird 4x4 from monoprice.I need an integrator to create the driver and install it remotely .
  4. hello , I am looking for a programmer. I used to have and old monoprice matrix 4x4 and it was not perfect,but it did the job. A couple of weeks ago a storm came to neighborhood and fried it. I bought a blackbird 4x4 from monoprice. i need an integrator to create the driver and install it remotely. is that something you can do ? and how much will it cost ?
  5. Hello guys , I been thinking about water leaks and would like to do a hard wire to my rack that is close to the sum pumps/water heaters. I have a couple of questions... is it possible to do a hard wire? what kind of water sensors do I need to wired to the controller and how exactly do you do it thank you
  6. hello, I have regular Pandora Plus and Napster. I am thinking on cancelling Napster and just pay for Pandora's Premium. Will the driver for Pandora's plus will work with Pandora premium? thank you
  7. hi guys, I am looking for a HC-800 power cable. Bought a HC -800 on ebay like 4 months ago and started to install when noticed that guy send me the wrong power cable. thanks R
  8. Hello , I am trying to eliminate 2 htc that i have on my project and bought a new 250 .These is my dilemma. I have the garage door wired directly to the htc. I have an extra hc 200 . my question is , is there anyway that i can use the hc200 for the garage door? thanks ds b
  9. Hello , if I have wiring from the garage door opener to the receiver , How do I conect the magnetic contact sensor? and to what? thanks Ricky
  10. Ricky B

    alarm Installer

    Hi, I have a Ge concord 4 that I bought to adt with 2 years of monitoring . About a year ago I move to Indiana and because i Paid extra money for that alarm and the automation module , I unhook the alarm and took it with me to new house. I end up paying for a hole year of monitoring and the alarm was in a box in my basement. Now I want hook the alarm and not pay adt for the service. my problem is that i don't know anything about alarms and cant find somebody to install it, everybody wants to sell you the monitoring. Any Ideas? Thanks for the help R
  11. I am loking for a couple of 2 button key switches and dimer. version 1.74 . just begining and try to start puting my system to work.
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