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  1. I am running 3.2.1. For the last couple of months, media artwork and wav files dont show in HE. I have being using this for 10 years with no problem. Is it an issue with C4, a change with how it interacts with firewalls or network? My LAN is set to private. I dont think that's changed.
  2. Thanks. Worked. Just need to figure out why it happened.
  3. I just went to change a light bulb. As I touched the fixture to remove the cover, the lights went out, and the switch is flashing red. I can’t turn the lights on. What gives?
  4. 11 years with C4 in my house. Never felt ripped off. Had some frustrations initially. Found a dealer on this forum. Happy since. The dealer is key to a positive experience.
  5. Thanks. Unfortunately it’s an iPhone
  6. I’m having issues with push notifications. I get some but haphazard. Others I don’t get at all. I can push manually from HE and Notifications from website. Checked all settings on website. Have current 4Sight. Have rebooted controller. Any other ideas?
  7. Thanks. That makes sense. yes I have HE. I”ll take some screenshots later
  8. Whenever my project reboots, such as after a power outage, my schedule goes out of whack: evening scheduled events occur during the day, such as lights turning on when motion sensed. When I check the project, it shows the correct time. It seems to correct itself in 24 hours. Any idea what I can do to prevent this ?
  9. Mark, I’m in Surrey. I’ve had my system for 10 years. I’ve never paid any yearly fees other than for 4Sight, and that’s by choice. An OS update is also by choice, and was at most an hours labour. I don’t know what issues you’re having. I had issues initially until I got a dealer who knew what he was doing. I’ve added on and upgraded several times since.
  10. sold I have updated my system over the years, and I have a number of older Control4 pieces sitting in a closet. I have: - HC1000 - Rack bracket for a HC250 - C4 Tun2 EB - HC250 BL - Two Ethernet Speakerpoints, model AVE-RAA1-B - Two Control4 WiFi Speakerpoints, model AVE-RAA1-B (Never used in WiFi. I never used one, as I was unable to update it to the software version I was using) If you're interested, PM me I am located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  11. Thanks. I’m looking for one white at this time. I’ll buy the two though. PM on how much you want for them and shipping to BC Canada. Toke
  12. I'm looking for a White colour change kit for a C4 DIM1 I'm located in Vancouver, Canada
  13. For the last 10 years, I could just browse in HE to the file location, and it worked no problem. WIth the updates, that changed. I couldnt browse, and my images for My Movies didnt show in HE, yet they did on the OSD. I had to log into my HC800 in my network settings, and then it worked like a charm. Not sure if that's the same issue others are having. Not sure why it just started being an issue for me
  14. Ive being doing it this way since 2010 with no issues. I do have Plex, but not on the server the majority of movies are stored on
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