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  1. Yes, I'm set up with the driver. It just doesn't do searches, per C4's notes. Just wondering if there's a 3rd party I can mount in the NAS and point to Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Is there a recommended DLNA for Synology devices? The OEM one can't be searched Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Dont have a power on field. The only field I have shows "Home". It doesnt go there though. It now stays on the last screen or screensave
  4. I can see all my cameras on my PC, but one doesnt show on my app since I updated to 2.10.6
  5. Since upgrading to 2.10.4 or 5, I find that my ATV set up has changed. It used to be when I changed sources or turned the room off that the ATV would start on the home screen the next time I selected it. Now, it starts with a screensaver; or if a youtube channel was playing, it's still playing. I havent changed anything with the ATV. Sleep is on never. Another thing that I found with the same update is that the volume now stays at the same level when I change sources. For the 8 years previously, it reset to the default level when a source was changed. My dealer says nothing has changed. Any ideas?
  6. I have HC1000 sitting around. Pulled from my system a while ago. Give me an offer. Located in BC Canada Toke
  7. Thanks. I’ve got this running on my tv. What does the interface look like with C4 versus mapping my NAS and create the metadata in C4? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have a Synology NAS that my dealer mapped to, and I run scans periodically to update MyMusic, and I then correct any cover art if necessary. If I understand, the DLNA, would pull straight from my NAS, such as my iTunes library, and I would see the same as I see in iTunes? Can someone point me to a page with more info on the feature?
  9. I had the same issue last week with my digital services: Napster, TuneIn, MyMusic, etc. Would show as working but no audio. If I switched to my tuner via my C4 amp or streamed to one of the Speakerpoints I got audio. My dealer updated me from. 2.10.4 to 2.10.5 and all worked again. Hopefully for the longterm. I'm running an 800 with matrix amp Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. i agree. I'm running HC800 as my primary with a 250 and EA1 on the latest OS.
  11. Whenever I select a digital audio source, the room is turning off. I've tried this in several rooms with the same result. I've tried Napster, My Music and TuneIn. It works when I select the tuner I have a hc 800 and 8 zone amp Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Now that Amazon Unlimited is available in Canada, has anyone being able to get it to work without a workaround?
  13. Network Control IP Control Configuration: 1. Connect your TV to a wired or wireless network. 2. Network Control, Password Generation & SDDP a. With cursor focus on Settings->Network i. Enter: 82888 to enter ‘IP Control Setup’ menu 1. After entering the ‘IP Control Setup’ menu a. Set the ‘Network IP Control’ submenu to ‘On’. b. Turn on Control4 SDDP c. Generate Password and then enter new password in the driver’s Password property WOL(Wake On Lan) Configuration for Power On: 1. Set the ‘Mobile TV On’ submenu(Setting > General >Mobile TV On) a. Set ‘Turn on via Wifi’ to ‘On’. i. NOTE: this must be set even when controlling via a wired Lan. ii. NOTE: To control via Wi-Fi: 1. The router needs to support Wireles Multimedia Extensions (WME or WMM). 2. When using the automatic method (default), Ethernet needs to be disconnected for Wake from Wi-Fi to work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I have the 65 C8. Added it to the project the other week using the C4 driver. My dealer set it up remotely the day before and I just followed the C4 instructions for the TV set up. Had no issues Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'm getting the same error message when I right click on info. Is there another way to check that it was updated?
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