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  1. I have used Neal several times to help me remotely with my C4 system. He is fast, efficient and very knowledgeable. He is also a heck of a nice guy and great to work with. He always finds a faster, cheaper or better way to do what I want. I highly recommend him for remote support.
  2. Neil is amazing. Fast, diligent and affordable. He helped me update an old system that I purchased some new gear for. He not only had me reconfigured and working great in no time, he also took the time to review my project, update old drivers, tweak things that should have been addressed years ago and generally clean up my project. He also updated me to the latest version. He was incredibly responsive, in fact he did all this over the weekend. I really enjoyed working with Neil, he is a nice guy who really wants to get it right. He is also very competent, so the changes were fast and efficient. He also took the time to make sure I know how to use some to the updates and now my system is performing better than it ever has. I can't recommend Neil highly enough. If you need help with C4 programming, I strongly recommend you give Neil a shot. If my experience is typical, you will not be disappointed. Mark
  3. I just got it working with Calm Radio as well. (www.calmradio.com) dozens of channels of relaxing music. Both solo piano radio and calm radio recently started supported URL Escaping. Not sure if that or the 2.5.3 C4 update made this possible, or both, but it is great to no longer have to listen to commercials and nags on subscription web radio. Mark
  4. I love the Internet radio capability, but have only had success with open streams. I subscribe to a few channels that require payment to avoid commercials and interruptions, but C4 had always choked on entering the username and pw embedded in the link. I found a solution, at least for a solo piano channel I like www.solopianoradio.com. Most links with embedded credentials require an @ sign in the link. It appears C4 does not like @ in the link and rejects it. Solo Piano Radio offered a solution that does not contain an @ sign and C4 took it and it works. They essentially replace the @ sign with %40 in the link and C4 accepts it. More information here www.solopianoradio.com/purestream/purestream_help.htm and scroll down to custom MP3 stream URL. Not sure if other web radio stations can do this, but I am thrilled that I can now listen to nice solo piano in any room without commercials or interruptions. This is the first subscription web radio channel I was able to get to work in C4. If anyone has other successes or suggestions, please pass them on. Maybe I can get some other subscription channels working now. Mark
  5. I put in a new (gen 3) 6 button keypad dimmer and it worked fine for the first few months. The other day all 5 LEDs started blinking about twice a second, mostly green, but sometimes yellow and red. I think this means it is telling me the signal strength, but when I pull it up in network tools it shows 3 or 4 bars of signal strength. It is also only a few feet from a Card Access repeater and there are other older switches in that room, so the signal should not be an issue. I tried rebooting it (15 top button taps), factory reset (9-4-9), leave mesh (13-4-13). Nothing works, it always reverts to all the LEDs blinking constantly. All the button functions work, so it must be on the right channel, I just can't get the blinking to stop. Any suggestions?
  6. More info - The URL format with the embedded username and PW looks like this It has the expected IP address:port, but is followed by the credentials to authenticate. It does not work. I tried it with just the IP:port, hoping there would be a way to enter the username/pw separately, but that also does not work. No DRM and it is an MP3 stream, so the issue appears to be passing the authentication info. Anyone ever have any luck with commercial free subscription streams that require authentication?
  7. Does anyone know if Internet Radio streams that use an embedded password will work in C4? I have been using the free service from Calm Radio for a beautiful solo piano channel. If you pay them you get higher quality and no interruptions, but the paid stream uses a username and password embedded in the URL. The free one works fine, so I know it is MP3 with no DRM. I am not sure if C4 can take a url with stream authentication in it or if there is some other workaround. Anyone ever tried this?
  8. I have the same problem. the hard buttons just stop working, but everything else is still working fine. Restting the touch screen with a paperclip in the small hole in the back fixes it, but then they stop working again in a day or so.
  9. Sounds like the IP address or zigbee channel is out of sync with what is registered in Composer. I have a similar issue, not sure what the fix is yet.
  10. Anyone know of a basic driver that has screen on-screen controls for a stand alone radio tuner? I can learn the proper codes to make it work with the Auvio. The basic tuner driver only lets me program buttons on a remote, nothing shows up on the 3.5 and 7" displays. Just looking for basic IR controls and screen display for basic controls like seek, presets, etc.
  11. Is there an HD radio that is supported by C4? Their AM/FM/XM unit is great, and I have one, but it does not get HD radio. I would like to add HD to a C4 system with similar driver functionality. Anyone know if the C4 receiver will support HD radio in the future or what the best supported hardware is for HD radio? There are lots of free additional radio channels on HD, it is just hard to find a suported receiver.
  12. I added an Auvio (Radio Shack) HD radio tuner to my C4 system. I could not find a C4 driver for this device, so I created a custom driver by caputring codes in C4 from the Auvio remote. This works and provides basic functionality. Works fine for turning it on/off, changing chanels, preset up/down. I would like to label the presets, which probably needs to be done in the C4 Media section. Not sure if I can do that with a basic custom driver. The Auvio is a great dedicated HD radio tuner. I paid $99, but it is now selling for $49 at Radio Shack. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3899229 http://www.radioshack.com/graphics/uc/rsk/Support/ProductManuals/3100134_PM_EN.pdf Is there a driver for the Auvio HD tuner? Is there a way to add media channels to a basic tuner driver? Should I try using another HD tuner driver like the Integra HD reciver and then try to reporgram the buttons for my IR codes? Not sure if that will even give me access to Media channels. Thanks
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