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  1. The touch screen will sync time with the controller and the controller gets it from the internet. If your network is not reliable, this process will have issues. This can also have issues when each device is not on the same software version. But this should have been a pretty easy thing for your dealer to troubleshoot. And if they couldn't resolve it, they should have contacted tech support.
  2. Not in Lights (because if you notice, selecting Lights doesn't really bring up a 'submenu', more of a big device control page). But yes for most menus. Comfort, Security, Watch, Listen.
  3. Is the amp turning on for those 2-3 minutes? You say there's a delay of like 12 seconds when using the app until the amp comes on.
  4. No. Go to the room actions. Send the Control4 command. That's it.
  5. If you have the wiring there to run an aux keypad or a normal 3-way switch, you can power a wireless keypad.
  6. The help files and tech training define all these concepts.
  7. It has to have a controller to update it pre-1.3.2 (so that's only an HTC or Media Controller). After 1.3.2, you can use the USB restore.
  8. It'll do 'in context' commands. Once a device is selected through the skill, for a while afterward "Alexa, turn the channel up" turns it up on the source you previously selected. Is this what you mean by full name in every command? But obviously, your skill will have some cool, additional things, like PIP.
  9. nope. the skill supports video devices natively.
  10. The Control4 Alexa skill does this, too, for any integrated video source.
  11. 1. never used it. 2. yeah, I've seen mention of some sort of issue with them. Unplugging them and the issue going away seems like that's the case. I would try firmware updates on them if possible. 3. I doubt it's the SDDP causing the issue, if the Wattboxes are indeed causing the issue. More likely it's UPnP traffic. There have been other issues with bad UPnP traffic causing issues with Control4.
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