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  1. Oh, the motion sensor is giving issues, but it not what you're changing. You're changing a relay because the motion is malfunctioning. Yes, for just a relay, it's that simple and your previous example is correct.
  2. No. You don't want to be switching on and off the power supply (running it through the relay will make it switch on and off). Controller NO and COM will be a relay switch, used to control something. For a motion sensor you need the controller to sense what it is doing, so you wouldn't wire into the controller relay AT ALL. Wire it into the contact sensor. Power supply 12v and grd -> Motion 12v and grd Motion out +/- -> Controller contact SIG/GRD
  3. I've seen others reporting that the older IP driver is not working with TVOS 13 beta. That driver is based off an unofficial API. New driver should be 100% supported.
  4. Yep. Google has already said on Aug 31 that no NEW Works with Nest accounts can be created. Existing ones will still work.
  5. He thinks he's funny. OS 3 is a fabulous major release.
  6. 4 LSZ switches controlling 4 circuits? in that case, probably all 4 have failed. this is why it isn't supported.
  7. LSZ-101/102 switches? That generation does not support fluorescent loads. The in-rush current will weld the relay shut leaving the light on all the time. Need to replace the switch.
  8. The Triad power amp driver will give you a relay connection.
  9. Because Control4 didn't design it that way. I couldn't give you an official reason why. My thoughts are that a 1080p stream is at least twice the data of a 720p stream. The camera is also inlaid (not really full screen) in the UI and also encoded in the controller for mobile viewing. Considering you're not going to get the full 1080p resolution anyways (because it's inlaid), processing the extra data takes away processing from the rest of the system (and also the extra overhead for mobile viewing).
  10. Incorrect. It only accepts an incoming IP cam feed of 720P because it inlays it into a 1080p interface. It 100% outputs 1080p.
  11. That product does not take a USB restore. It doesn't even have a USB port. Use the Device Image Updater found on the dealer site.
  12. There's an ecobee tstat with Alexa built-in. i've never used it, but sounds like you could check it out.
  13. I don't know if I ever saw an official announcement, but just think about it. The new driver is the new supported method from Apple. It requires the customer's iOS device to link to the iOS account. If you don't think Apple has a stranglehold over what can and can't support that... you're not paying attention. Apple likes their walls around their garden. For better and for worse. Good security, frustrating third-party integration.
  14. Or a Roku. The Roku integration is fantastic.
  15. This kind of forced obsolescence should result in you leaving Apple, not Control4, because this is entirely Apple's fault.
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