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  1. Apple networking gear should be replaced. WiFi extenders are not a good practice in most cases. It's 10x more stable to wire and put in WiFi Access Points. Put in a recommended router. Put in a few access points in place of the extenders. Configure the DNS on Control4 products as mentioned above. I totally agree that all your issues sound like they're network caused. These steps should help all your network function better and your Control4 run a ton better.
  2. 2. works for me. I don't have those other features in my system currently.
  3. For just a zigbee mesh controller, a CA-1 does a great job. If you need the IO, move up to EA-1 or EA-3.
  4. It was mentioned in the dealer forums yesterday that the old IP driver was updated with an IR binding and IR control. It means that transitioning a project from the old IP control to IR control can be a bit easier because any custom programming and the AV connections won't be lost (as the same driver instance remains in the project).
  5. There's a known issue viewing cameras remotely with Android 10. App update is coming to fix it.
  6. no wouldn't replace an EA-5, at all. It's a processor. the point is that it would be extremely hard to kill. But it doesn't do anything like zigbee, ir, audio, or video.
  7. The 4Store Yale Real Living app is super old. Only worked on touch screens that are no longer supported in OS 3. In OS 3, you can manage your lock from a T3 touch screen or the app natively.
  8. This. You have poor Zigbee signal strength. You need a Zigbee mesh. Adding lights or keypads throughout the house would solidify your Zigbee network and give you some added functionality.
  9. Control4 added Wake/Sleep to mobile apps after OS 3. So, seems like this could be true.
  10. Oh, the motion sensor is giving issues, but it not what you're changing. You're changing a relay because the motion is malfunctioning. Yes, for just a relay, it's that simple and your previous example is correct.
  11. No. You don't want to be switching on and off the power supply (running it through the relay will make it switch on and off). Controller NO and COM will be a relay switch, used to control something. For a motion sensor you need the controller to sense what it is doing, so you wouldn't wire into the controller relay AT ALL. Wire it into the contact sensor. Power supply 12v and grd -> Motion 12v and grd Motion out +/- -> Controller contact SIG/GRD
  12. I've seen others reporting that the older IP driver is not working with TVOS 13 beta. That driver is based off an unofficial API. New driver should be 100% supported.
  13. Yep. Google has already said on Aug 31 that no NEW Works with Nest accounts can be created. Existing ones will still work.
  14. He thinks he's funny. OS 3 is a fabulous major release.
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