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  1. You are not meeting the minimum load rating for the dimmer. I believe those are 25W. Under that rating and the lights will light up. Plus, those LEDs may not be forward-phase dimming compatible. Better check the dimming compatibility of the rope lights (or you could burn up the lights, or the dimmer, or both).
  2. said the person who already employed a personal attack. (against the person who tried to help).
  3. You made it clear a dealer did the upgrade, LONG LONG after you were inconsiderate to the first person who responded to give you an answer. No points awarded for fully answering the question after you're rude. I didn't cast aspersions until after YOU were inconsiderate (to the person who helped you). What does that say about YOUR reputation? I go out of my way, for no benefit, to help people DESPITE THEIR ATTITUDES. It's NOT in C4's interest to let any DIY person do anything they want. This is the standard DIY argument made here 2098098x a year. See, you're proving my point about how your behavior SUGGESTS that you're not a legit user. You may be. But your behavior and attitude imply otherwise. (my attitude says I'm a grumpy old man who tried to answer your question). The question was "Can you downgrade 3.0 to 2.10?". MY ANSWER was, "yes" and THEN I FURTHER POINTED OUT WHERE TO GET THE INFORMATION. /sigh
  4. No. My logic is that someone running a cracked Composer takes away from dealers and legitimate homeowners alike. He was asking quite technical questions and procedures that require dealer intervention. WHy does he need to confirm the procedure to reflash a controller? It's covered extensively on the KB and any dealer worth their salt knows it back and forwards. And then the dismissive attitude towards someone who referred him to the KB suggests an animosity towards the dealer model. DIYers are frequently displaying that attitude on these boards.
  5. because I enjoy helping, usually, and I'm a forum junkie. have been for decades. but when people are dismissive of the help I and others give, and their behavior/attitude is suspiciously like the DIY-wannabe who hurts basically all of us, I don't stay silent.
  6. I dunno. Are you? An example doesn't take away from something usually being true.
  7. saying they don't have access to the KB usually implies they're trying to DIY a solution and taking away from those who work for a living at this, and come here on their own accord to help out. All he/she has to say at that point, (since I was the one who first offered help), is 'thanks, I'll point that out to my dealer.'
  8. If you want to look back, the OP 'thanked' me for the value I added, when I was the first one to point him to where the answer to the question was found. It seemed pretty apparent they're working with cracked Composer or something, but they had the temerity to throw shade at me for suggesting they use dealer resources to solve a dealer issue. But, again, thanks for your opinion of your partial perception of the events unfolding, that's productive. I at least responded, several times, on topic.
  9. If you have the allow remote access option un-checked in your customer.control4.com account, they cannot access through Control4.
  10. Yet you replied. And yes, if you're not a dealer, and using Composer without proper authorization, you're taking livelihood away from dealers.
  11. If you read the release materials, it tells you exactly what you're seeing. FAVORITES. (it's even there in the sentence). It's also in just about every other thread in this board and others.
  12. You're apparently not a dealer, because you don't have access to the proper materials, taking away from the livelihood of half the people on this board. Thanks for the value that you add to the community.
  13. If they released with full parity with 2.10, it would be 2.10. Things change.
  14. Yes. There's an article in the KB for it.
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