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  1. Yes. You have the basics down. Aux keypad is the closest analogue to 3-way wiring and require physical wiring to the dimmer/switch. But you can remove aux keypads and instead put in configurable keypads for far more customization. They do not have to be hard wired to the dimmer/switch, just have to be powered up by the wiring in the wall. Configurable keypads + keypad dimmers in most locations will give you the highest level of control and customization.
  2. No. The SIG port is looking for +12V differential between the wire connected to ground. If not* you mean. This question only follows from your previous question above being wrong, but good news, it was wrong. Yes, you could Y that 12V after it is triggered into the device being controlled and the SIG port. The specs say it can handle 12V.
  3. Is it a Triad Audio Matrix Switch or an Amplifier? Those are different components and if you have 8 stereo RCA outputs, that's the Audio Matrix, not the amp. Phoenix connectors DON'T look like RCA jacks. They literally designed to straight up accept speaker wire. Phoenix connector = RCA jack =
  4. Sure. And they do hold workshops, but those cost money (your previous question was do low-volume dealerships cost money). Continually educating dealers who aren't selling anything is a quick way to lose money. You are right that money isn't a perfect indicator. That's why dealers also have to be trained and have certain numbers of trained techs on staff. And why Snap/C4 has regional managers in the area who can address quality issues that come up.
  5. If a dealer isn't actively working on systems, they aren't getting the exposure and experience necessary to stay current. Inexperienced dealers don't help grow the brand.
  6. If I had a nickel for every time a major player was going to take over the home automation industry... I'd have at least a few nickels. But Control4 is still the value leader in delivering a full automation experience.
  7. They don't have to have Pro to change one icon. Your dealer has to have Pro to load up several custom drivers into the system. Adding drivers into the system requires Composer Pro. Nope. Contact Us leads to an email submission form. This isn't Windows or Android. It's a whole operating system that keeps apps on multiple platforms in sync. Considering it's pushing out the information to interfaces on touch screens, remotes, apps, and TVs (all different systems with different resolutions and capabilities), it's nice that it has the ability to change an icon, at all, imo.
  8. Yeah, but if he's going to creating multiple drivers with multiple icons, those new drivers will have to be added to the project, which requires Pro.
  9. There are instructions for a dealer to create drivers with custom icons on the Knowledgebase. KB 3909
  10. Your volume should only be controlled by one piece of equipment, so what do you mean by "with my Sony TV, Sony receiver and Control4"? This is NOT related to Control4, it sounds like whoever set up your system has no clue what they're doing. Volume control is 100% solid in my project.
  11. I don't see a way to set the names of remote focused buttons programmatically, but you can use conditionals based off what room the remote is set to.
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