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  1. I'm not saying I have all the answers, but there's black and white differences on paper. You are ignoring all the black and white differences, and saying your 'experience' means there's no difference, and you actually have no hands-on experience with it.... all the while decrying subjective experience (but giving yours). You're actually claiming to have all the answers--at least all the ones that matter at least--without even looking at the specs, for example. Meanwhile, I'm saying go actually get some RELEVANT experience with the product we're talking about before you claim your experience (with totally different product) overrides anything else.
  2. Also, go do an ABX test with Triad and the old C4 matrix. NO ONE is fearing that. I _dare_ you to go ABX test them. Until you do, YOU ARE NOT SHARING REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE. You are quoting hypotheticals and theory without any substance. You are doing exactly what you decry.
  3. There are substantial, measurable changes between them. It IS black and white. You are just going off on the standard anti-audiophile tirade. You're not even on topic. Thanks for the contribution.
  4. No. You aren't. You have NO real-world advice about the Triad audio matrix, you've never heard or used one. You're giving an unrelated experience about gear that isn't even close to the same. /smh
  5. yes, you're correct that it has 2 independent inputs if you count analog and digital, but it still avoids the matrix > matrix issue. A device with 2 inputs to 1 output avoids the matrix > matrix issue (and even further, each input is a distinctive type and can't be confused).
  6. He's talking about connecting a matrix switch to a matrix switch, which is not a good idea. The whole point and limitation you're seeing is that the Triad One is NOT a switching device, it only has 1 input. This solution would be as good as the zone 2 control on the AVR is (which can be spotty, but works great with some drivers).
  7. Have your dealer apply the newest patch for remote controls. kb 908
  8. Have your dealer apply the newest patch for remote controls. kb 908
  9. You should ask on the driverworks section of the dealer forums. More visibility from the guys who know there.
  10. Not entirely true. Higher tiers of dealerships require more certifications and more trained techs on staff. Furthermore, deadbeats who don't support their existing customers will lose their status. So, yes, it's not a foolproof method of judging a dealership, but it is USEFUL information.
  11. Yes, your dealer can adjust the dimming properties of the dimmer.
  12. https://dealer.control4.com/knowledgebase/article/1451
  13. The screensaver from the ATV is buggy. End of discussion.
  14. They don't 'operate in LUA'. LUA is a language used for the project and drivers several layers above the OS. Just because they interact with a project the same way doesn't mean they're the same platforms.
  15. I bet this is very much the case. They are not the same controllers, lots of changes between them.
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