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  1. Sorry let me try and be clear - HC800 [displayed on TV] - Weather and News apps do not work. - Pandora & Napster does not work. 7" Touch Screen - Weather and News apps does work. - Pandora & Napster does not work. iOS iPhone - external network, can not connect with isights, Control4 app - internal network, can connect with Control4 app. Everything internal on C4 works - TV, lights, thermostats. Seems like the HC800 can not see the external network, not sure why. Every other device on my network can see the internet. Rebooted - router, switch, HC800, modem many times :-(
  2. Anyone seen when the apps work on the touchscreen, but not on the HC800 [say connected to the TV] ? Very weird, guess the touch screens can get to the internet and the HC800 can not ? notice it has a strange ip under director ??
  3. I'm having issues as well, says network errors. Can not log into napster, tune in - though can through the web browser. My home network is up and internet works fine, complete reboots done.... weather, c4store, news apps work, but Napster, TuneIn, iOS myhome external connection do not ... any ideas ? Bit frustrating.
  4. Thanks, Does anyone know how to get sounds - Do you need to setup in the INTERCOM interface ??
  5. Hello, I notice C4 had some upgrades with regards to being able to see and here an IP camera if I understand correctly. I would like to use this feature to see our young children in there rooms, currently have Panasonic cameras setup just for video, but now would like to upgrade to audio. Does anyone have a recommendation on which camera's can use this function ?
  6. Just updated to 2.6, and both my Panasonic IP Camera's via converter BB-HCS301 have stopped working. I can see them direct via IP address in a browser via the native panasonic interface - they work perfectly. Via the C4 interface just shows a blank screen. The other panasonic cameras I have with no converter work perfectly - confusing .. Any ideas ???
  7. Wondering how people get sound from the Roku3 ?? There seems to be only a headphone socket on the controller - or do you use the HDMI ???
  8. Can some one guide me how to display the weather app in the morning between 8am - 9am ??? Then return to the home \ default screen ??
  9. It's driving me nuts, and I have not found the route cause of the problem. I upgraded my HC300 to a HC800 unit, and installed and new 7" touch screen. Without knowing how to explain it but the 7" starts to having strange issues - - Not updating the volume on screen but will increase the volume at the speakers, like an update error. - Randomly reloads the project. - randomly does not show the volume bar at the bottom, like it's not reciving update info. - call me crazy but I have seen the keypad graphics change on the number 3 key (have a picture) What could be causing these isssues ? ? I have checked the network switch and there are no packet errors ?
  10. Which might or might not be true but I`m getting 10M half duplex, thats pretty poo !!
  11. The cable is a Cat 5E, standard Ethernet cable.
  12. Tried moving it onto a gigi port, but no change the hc800 is at half duplex. Also tried to for the signal from the switch side, nothing. Just tried a new cable but got the same issue, so not really sure what is the issue. All my other devices are full duplex 100M..... Guess I need to figure out how to contact C4 and see if there is a bug on the HC800.....
  13. Its plugged into a NETGEAR FS726TP switch, which does 100M full duplex. See the attached for what is shown, I have highlighted the C4 port
  14. I noticed yesterday my HC800 has connected at 10M-Half Duplex ???? I thought this is a bit slow, was expecting at least 100M-Full Duplex. Any ideas ??
  15. Yep have seen that too. Sometimes its quick, then its starts to sloooowwww.
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