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  1. Does Alexa require 4 sight license to be integrated in c4 (ea3/HC800)/ Thank You
  2. Wondering which HD is recommended as a music source. I prefer my own music compared to streaming services. I currently have a Buffulo HD and needed to add another HD upstairs Have a EA3 /Hc800 downstairs and EA 1 in Media room Thank You
  3. Thank U for help decided just to go with Sommer/direct drive garage door opener thank u
  4. Thank U in Advance My question is i'm looking for quietest garage door motor 3/4hp belt drive Choices are very limited if MyQ/Liftmaster are eliminated . Previously MyQ had a subscription fee that now has been eliminated. Does/can c4 (HC800) be tied into garage door and MyQ technology with iphone app ? Thank U
  5. Hi Wondering if anyone has experience with 300mb or 1 Gb internet speed service from Att Uverse and C4 ? Specifically as long as their modem is in bridge mode should work fine with existing c4 system or do I have to have dealer in to reset all settings Thank u
  6. I m such a ding dong .... I have a Oppo bdp 83 which has a USB in front that can play mkv BUT not an MP4 so I converted to mkv and all works well Thank you all for input
  7. Hi all Wondering if there is a way to plug an USB flash drive into C4 system/ setup and play MP4 contents of flash? Thank u in advance
  8. Sorry i meant Amazon fire TV ...digital streamer? Can it be added to C4 systems ? I wanted to add fire TV to my C4 system and have it controlled by SR 250 remote. is that possible? Thank U in advance
  9. Hi All Wondering if Amazon Fire can be integrated into C4 systems? Thank U
  10. Thinking about Nest or Ecobee thermostat Any issues seen so far ?
  11. Hi All About year ago there was a topic that someone had posted regarding various C4 dealers. from what i remember the jest of story was that some of C4 customers were upset that their install person/dealer did NOT tell them about options to their system as far as what can be done. someone replyed with a very lengthy response which included how he had set up his system (meaning what he had connected eg lights, sprinkler etc etc) part of the post basically was negative with line drawn between dealers and customers. The dealer saying "i can do whatever u want" the customer NOT knowing "options" does NOT ask for specific setup options (eg in my media room the guy that installed system asked if i wanted for lights to come on for 2 minutes then power down entire system upon turning power off) I also remember some of dealers responses.....they were frustrated and irritated with customers that did NOT know what they wanted with systems does anyone remember such a post ? Thank You
  12. hey Guys it worked Formatted HD (external) and reformatted to Fat32 (used softonics software) and was able to reformat to fat32 with NO limitations to 32GB Thank U all for help
  13. man u guys are awesome ... i ll give it a shot
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