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  1. Curious as to what bindings you made? Are you using his latest thermostat driver or the original one?
  2. They are engravable. Just order them with what you want on them. I ordered a demo kit to show our customers and the finish options are amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Crestron Panels have voice recognition built into them, which i believe is using android in the back end. Also their touch screen remote is wifi AND zigbee based. Almost all UI commands are sent over Zigbee and stuff like intercom, cameras and weather use Ip
  4. The VPN is very easy to set up on the ERlite3. There is a youtube video that walks you through the command line steps. It also can be done in the GUI using the config tree. I set up VPN on all ER's i set up.
  5. i believe there is a network setting on the hikvision NVR that allows you to access the cameras even when plugged into the internal switch on the NVR
  6. Got it figured out... Thanks Cyknight for the quick replies.
  7. In system manager the HC300 doesn't have audioclient listed in there. Is there a command in putty to get it started? I used to work for a C4 dealer and my composer pro still works.. i just dont have access to call tech support or use the knowledgebase.
  8. Is this new with the EA and 2.8.2? I've used this scenario plenty with HC800's and 250's.
  9. I have an EA3 setup with a HC300 to get extra audio streams and i get no audio output from them. Just trying to use TuneIn and the data light doesn't turn on on the HC300. Is there soime kind of incompatibility because of the hi res audio capability of the EA3? They all go into a V3 audio matrix. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. i have an outlet switch i could sell you. In its box. I think i have 2 outlet switches and 1 dimmer. PM me with an offer
  11. Can the new doorstations be recorded from a NVR?
  12. looks really good. cant wait to see it all when its dry-walled.
  13. A couple times in the last few months Control4 just stops controlling radiora2 loads...the lutron app on my iphone works fine... only way i can get control4 and radiora talking again seems to be a reboot of the main repeater, or re identifying the main repeater in composer.
  14. Has anyone used the DimmerV2 DMX drivers that work with the Enttec artnet node? I cannot get them to do anything..... The regular dimmer drivers work fine, but the V2 do nothing. I would love to have advanced lighting scene control over these loads
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