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  1. I have an older dimmer (was running 1.8 or 2.0, not sure which anymore) that when powered up, even with no load present, just sits and blinks a rapid red, white, blue, then about a 2 second pause, and flashes again, and continues this vicious cycle. I had removed it from the system, and now it won't re-identify (either in Zigbee or Embernet modes), and the only button press sequence that seems to do anything is holding the bottom button for 4-5 seconds, which causes a very rapid purple-ish flashing for about a half a minute, and then goes back to the red, white, blue flashing... I'm assuming it's just DOA, but looking for any suggestions....?
  2. Apparently, although i am smart enough to set up a remote car starter with control4, I can't seem to figure out how to post photos to this site... :-( Essentially however, I modified the Viper remote by soldering leads to each of the button contacts on the board (12 wires total, including power leads), installed it into a project box, with a 12 position barrier strip, and connnected to the relays on an I/O extender. I included a 120v ac to 3v dc power adapter to replace the remote's battery as well... the individual "button" leads are connected to the normally open, and common relay pins of the I/O extender relays, and programmed for a momentary 1 second pulse when activated.... activation is typically initiated through custom buttons on a few select infinity edge touchscreens in the house... obviously, the vehicle needs to be in range of the rf remote in order for the system to work, but with approximately a 1/2 mile range, this should not be an issue at the house. If someone could explain to me the seemingly easy task of posting photos, I would be happy to do so...
  3. No problem. next time I'm at the home, I'll get a video....
  4. Just an update, the new interface is in and working fine. The homeowner can now start and stop the car (and unlock) from the touchscreens in the house, as well as from any remote, in the way of custom buttons. One thing to keep in mind, as I modified the Viper remote, the interface will only operate the vehicle while it is within range of the remote (approximately 1/2 mile), but very handy for starting the car when getting ready for work in the morning, etc...
  5. @wappinghigh - true enough, easier to tie the event into the door itself opening, but how much cooler would it be if when you get home from work, and you walk into the house, and ESPN is already on, and whatever lighting scene is executed, but if say, the wife gets home first, she has a completely different scene, and maybe the cooking channel on.... it could be specific to each vehicle/card access piece... As for the doors locking, I cant speak for everyone, but if my car is safe in the garage, I don't necessarily want it to lock. only if it is left in the driveway.... also, if it is in the garage, and I remote start it, the system can automatically open the door to vent out the exhaust fumes..... And any PROPERLY installed remote starter will not start the car if left in gear (or left in neutral without the handbrake engaged...) I guess the point is customization - thinking outside the box - pushing the envelope, alas, maybe there isn't really a market for this type of thinking...hmmm :-(
  6. Should be a piece of cake with a screw-type linear actuator, and a timed output from a relay (I/O Extender or HC300)
  7. Actually, building the interface, and programming it should be easy enough, I was just wondering if it had already been done. I've already modified the remote for the car starter, just waiting for the power supply to get here, then time to connect it to an I/O extender, and program it... (I am an ex- custom car installer as well) If anyone is interested, I can send photos, etc... The thought of tying a car into a C4 system is intriguing to me - imagine your car automatically locking itself if left in the driveway overnight, but not if it is in the garage, or owner-specific lighting and media scenes executing as you pull into the driveway as well as your entry door unlocking when you pull in, without you actually having to "do" anything... What do you folks on here think?
  8. Crazy question for you all - have any of you tied Control4 into a remote car starter, allowing you to say, start a car or open the trunk, from a Touchscreen in the kitchen (or where ever) as you are getting ready for work? Or, how about installing a card access contact sensor in the car (in conjunction with the remote starter) for two-way confirmation that the car is started in case you can't see it from the house? I think this could lead to interesting possibilities for "complete automation"......
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