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  1. Thanks everyone for the great advice! I upgraded the system myself from 1.7 something to 1.8.2 years ago and it did take some time. I might scrap the touchscreen since I have my phone with me everywhere I go and being able to use Alexa as well. I stuck the HC300 in the wiring closet upstairs since it didn't have hdmi out and the video control wasn't all that great at the time. I have a theater upstairs so I might use a new controller for it. Off to contact the dealers!
  2. I've been trying to figure out what I should do with the system in my house for a while. It was put in back in 2009 when our house was being built. There weren't as many choices as there are today so I went with what I thought was the best at the time. There are 25 dimmers, 3 thermostats, 6 six button keypads, an in-wall touchscreen and an HC300 running everything on os 1.8.2. Nothing has been updated since then and we are only able to use it for lighting and nothing else. There are six pairs of ceiling speakers throughout the house that have been just sitting there for 8 years unused since we never got the amp to tie them into the system. I want to be able to control my lighting and music with my phone, play music throughout the house, use Alexa and/or Google Home to control things, and view ip cameras. I've looked into Smarthings, Vera and Wink but don't know if they could handle it or what I'd need to get everything working. Is there a better or most cost effective solution than Control4 that I can setup and mod myself or should I stick with it? I know the equipment is old but I was hoping to at least reuse the dimmers. From the quotes and people I've talked to I'd almost have to scrap everything.
  3. Looking to purchase an 8 zone amp to integrate with my HC-300. Please let me know. Thanks!
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