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  1. I know you did but I should at least put the model number on there
  2. the model of the touch screen C4-TSWMC7-EG
  3. Free to whoever wants them just send me money for shipping thanks
  4. Would someone please tell me how to pull the wire out of this relay. Im afraid if I pull to hard Im going to damage the connector.
  5. Can this valve be wired directly into my controller
  6. Can you give me an example of a relay that I need Thank you
  7. Can these valves be controlled by Control4
  8. Im not looking at leak detection just looking for a simple valve on a single line to turn the water on for a period of time and then off. Like a sprinkler system but one valve.
  9. Is there a water valve that can be installed on a single water line to automatic turn the water on and off by control4.
  10. OK problem solved. Pulled the plug on the controller. After that it was able to scan
  11. Thats correct, movie is in the NAS hit scan and nothing. Shows no info nothing untitled. When it worked before the Director status in the lower left-hand corner would always have the titles show as it scans. Now all it shows is getting items for a few seconds and then returns to idle
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