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  1. Here are the lights and decoders.the landscape lights are comlite which I purchased from alibaba. Answer to your second question is yes. Item Power Color Beam Angle Input Voltage Power Lumen A3BG0122 1X6W RGBW 4in1 A23/30° 24VDC 6.1w 213lm
  2. I have changed the decoder twice. They were both new decoders. I changed it twice just in case one of the new decoders may have been defective. I have also swapped decoders with a working decoader in my setup and ended with the same flicker. This is the most baffling problem I have ever encountered. I'm telling you it's irritating and almost comical at the same time.
  3. The light does not flicker at 255,255,255. I have them set to a warm setting. Changing to a solid color the flicker goes away. I have ordered a DMX terminator. Thanks
  4. Thank you I will try your suggestions. But I’m just about eliminated everything. I’m baffled by this. Any chance It could be a possible glitch in the driver. One thing I forgot to mention earlier in my first post is if I run a solid color as in blue red or green it does not fliker Thanks
  5. 30 led lights at 6 watts with a 350 watt power supply should be more than enough.
  6. Also here is a picture of my set up
  7. This light is number 21 out of 30. I don't know what a DMX terminator is or how to use it. But I will find out Thanks
  8. No they are all on individual channels.
  9. I have 30 rgbw led spotlights connected to control4 through a engineering solutions DMX controller. Also using the domaudo driver. The problem that I am having is with one light that it constantly pulsates. I have changed the controller, the light, the wire, the network cable and nothing seems to fix it the problem. Im going to attach a file to show my system and the light pulsating. If anyone has any idea as to what could be the problem your input wold be much appreciated. Thanks IMG_0008.mp4
  10. I have a license. Being on that website I cannot find where to download 2.10.6. Just keeps pushing 3.0
  11. Where can I download 2.10.6 HE. I've been all over the control for website and I can't find it.
  12. I like the idea of the balun. Also hope I can do IP control. I will contact Samsung to find out
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