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  1. Is there a dimmable LED light that has a soft off to on? The led lights that I have are not to smooth from off to on. They do however work very well from on to off.
  2. You know there was an update to my windows parallel. That must nave been it thank you
  3. OK I’m just cautious. Thank you
  4. I want to log into my HE but there's another problem as I posted in this forum about a( Security Alert Trust This Controller?)As soon as I solve this I will take your advice. Thank You
  5. This was the first thing I did before posting my problem.This worked on my keypad dimmer. Thank you for taking the time to help
  6. Yes it did click.Lights no longer flicker but still will not dim.
  7. It is the newer style. If I press the right side of the little plastic bar at the top it should shut the lights off ,It does not. In the first step are you referring to the dimmer LED’s or the actual lights
  8. When logging into my composer HE I received this message. Security alert trust this controller? The controller at 129.168.======= is identifying itself as Name==========. This appears to be a controller you have never connected to before. Do you want to continue and add this controller to the trusted controller list. Never have I received this message before. Any suggestions of what to do? Thanks.
  9. Thank you for your response they are dimmable
  10. How do you pulling the air gap.
  11. So I change some lights out today put in some LED GE reveal and now all the sudden I have a light flicker. After a while the lights are no longer dimmable they go from full on to full off. These lights are controlled by an adaptive phase dimmer. Open for suggestions on what's wrong. Thank you
  12. Well I didn't know there was a 2.10.5. And it worked thank you
  13. So I made some changes in the programming last night. Now today the actions column is grayed out and I can not make changes. I did see a read only under the script column. What did do wrong?
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