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  1. Never mind I found my mistake.
  2. Can someone tell me the steps to get a macro to work with alexa.
  3. I have some questions about the zeppiti player I'm having some problems. Is this ip controllable? If the player is off will it still stay connected to the network? Also I can't get the player to play the movie from the coverart on the iPad .
  4. Thanks to everyone for all the input especially Alan. So through all this information I think I’m going to go with the Zappiti.
  5. Does Plex with Roku handle all formats? Also can zappiti be used with the nas?
  6. That's what I have been using. It seems cover art has all disappeared in composer. When was the latest update
  7. I currently have a dune media server with a synalogy Nas. I would like to use a Plex app but not sure that Dune supports this. Those of you that have a dune media server how do you have it set up. I would like to use chowmein driver but again I'm not sure dune support this.
  8. I have had instances that whenever the cover art disappeared in composer it disappeared on my panels. If for some reason if the power went out in the house or I had to refresh navigators or do a reboot on my controller I will no longer have the artwork. This has happened before but I was able to run a scan get my artwork back and also get the artwork back on my panels. Not using my phone
  9. Can someone tell me where the best website is to download cover art Thanks.
  10. Still can't figure out why my cover our disappeared from my composure home edition after updating. If anybody has any ideas please respond. The cover art remains on the iPad and the T3 wall touchscreen. I can't even get it to scan to retrieve the art
  11. So I updated my composer today and I lost all my cover art . Any suggestions on how to get it back
  12. The power went out in my home and when the power resumed the T3 touchscreen would not reconnect to my system.It says the device cannot be identified no connection to the Director. How do I reconnect the touchscreen ?
  13. The Zwave control 4 module and the drivers are added to my system. With an aeotec range extender 6 . My problem is some of the zwave recepticals are inconsistent at times because of the distance. I need to add another extender aeotec 7. It has been a while but I do believe that I added the extender 6 myself but I cannot find any instruction on how to do this. I was hoping someone on this forum and was able to help. Thanks
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