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  1. I'm pretty sure my outlet is a ZW1002. Must be a new model
  2. That's why I asked the question which Zwave in-wall outlets to use. I also have several in my system. I bought another outlet to have it integrated into my system and my installer says there is no driver. When he tried to connect it to my system that's what it told him. Is there a way to contact control4 and asked if they eliminated the driver.
  3. What Z wave outlet best integrates with control4.
  4. The TV does not have direct alexia control. I searched the tv menu and did an update on the tv. One problem solved the tv does not turn on anymore with the voice command The kitchen light still will not turn on with voice command. No I deleted it from my home edition. Yes I ran discovery after.
  5. So all of a sudden I ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen light. What happens the TV in the spare bedroom turns on and the kitchen light does not. This TV is not connected with my control4 system or my Alexa app. When I go into my home edition and press execute for the light it will work on and off. When I try to voice command it does not. This always worked before until the other day when I gave the command through Alexa to turn on kitchen light and heard voices coming from the spare bedroom. I deleted the voice command and reprogram the command but it made no difference. Any help would be appreciated thank you
  6. Can I remove a device completely from my system with home edition or does the dealer have to do that?
  7. My zappitti will not connect to my synology nas. The zappitti tells me to enter a user name and password but will not connect.The problem started when there was an update to the synology nas has anyone here had the same trouble and if so what did you do to correct it.
  8. I use an iPad which is hanging on the wall. I also use voice commands which Alexa could be misinterpreting what someone says. Second suggestion sounds interesting I'll check that out and also the third suggestion. Thanks for your reply appreciate your help.
  9. Something very strange is going on in my system. The TV has turned on by itself twice today. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. That's what I'm leaning towards it's trouble with the dish box. Sorry to repeat myself but I just don't understand why other video sources work, zappiti ,bluray player. I could eliminate the balun to the master by a long hdmi cable but unable to the eliminate the balun that connects the outdoor theater. Outdoor theater works fine which is primarily used for the movies. Really don't watch much TV outdoors. But on rare occasions in the fall I like to watch football out there. I will try your suggestion and thank you so much for your replies.
  11. The odd thing is the zappiti goes through balun to outdoor theater works fine for playing movies .The condition exists only when trying to play dish in both master bedroom and outdoor theater. There are two seperate balun one master bedroom and one for outdoor theater. It would be odd for both Balun to be defective when they let other video sources play. But thanks for your ideas. I’ll continue to troubleshoot but it’s getting irritating. Thanks for your help
  12. I forgot to mention that whenever watching dish in the main theater room it works fine. Usually when watching an app it’s through the Samsung TV.
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