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  1. I have a zappiti pro 4k player with the chowmain driver. I am running out of space on my Nas. If I use a hard drive in the player in combination with the Nas does the chowmain driver switch between the synology Nas and the hard drives in the player or is that something you have to do manually ?
  2. One problem is not related to the extender. One is and the model zigen HVX-70R. The non related to the extender just goes from the video source through receiver{passthrough)to projector.
  3. No video matrix.Two cat6 extenders
  4. Is there anything that I can purchase that can help solve the problem of the HDMI handshake other than cables. Sometimes when switching to different video sources I get the blue screen.
  5. Problem is not only is it doing it when watching dish also does it when watching movies through zappiti. Could something in the Control4 programing be causing this.
  6. I've been troubleshooting this today. Yes the receiver is set to passthrough. I did change the input on the marantz receiver which did change the blue screen to obtain a picture. The other thing I found curious if I used the remotes to turn on projector, receiver, and dish, and then changed the channel there was no problem. Then I used the iPad pressed the dish hopper icon and the blue screen appeared.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The projector is a JVC RS 2000. Running from the reciever as passthrough. I was hoping someone experienced the same problem. I am currently trying to pinpoint the problem but running out of ideas. I'll tell you one thing it's annoying as hell. Thanks
  8. I have a problem that whenever I give a command by voice via Alexa to turn on tv everything works properly. Projector turns on sound turns on and I have a picture on the screen. Then if I press any button on the iPad for example, change the channel, the picture goes blue. Then I have to change the input to 1 than back to 2 on my jvc projector to get the picture back. First I thought it would be HDMI handshake. But why under a voice command I would get a picture but then when I select a channel change the picture would go blue. Same scenario happens when I use the iPad to turn on the projecto
  9. Never mind I found my mistake.
  10. Can someone tell me the steps to get a macro to work with alexa.
  11. I have some questions about the zeppiti player I'm having some problems. Is this ip controllable? If the player is off will it still stay connected to the network? Also I can't get the player to play the movie from the coverart on the iPad .
  12. Thanks to everyone for all the input especially Alan. So through all this information I think I’m going to go with the Zappiti.
  13. Does Plex with Roku handle all formats? Also can zappiti be used with the nas?
  14. That's what I have been using. It seems cover art has all disappeared in composer. When was the latest update
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