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  1. Anytime I have had issues with my HC 800 the power supply has been the culprit. First and Third time no power to unit. But the second time unit was powered and cycling through reboots but had a mind of its own. Not saying this is your fix, but sharing my experience with stubborn controller.
  2. https://www.sinopetech.com/en/sedna/flow-sensor/ https://www.sinopetech.com/en/sedna/ I have been using this Canadian product. Works well and is more affordable for us living up north. There are 2 valve models one that integrates into C4 with their driver.
  3. Just an update, the same Kindle is operating just fine. Has been plugged in since install. I keep screen on 24/7. As stated earlier I don't use intercom or any of the $1500 screen features, just as an access point to my C4 system.
  4. I receive notification of backup done early this morning and was able to download. Not about to try and install mind you.
  5. Have no idea what they are worth .....what would you accept ?
  6. Never used it but just checked. The agent is there and able to get query history. HC800 on 3.1.3
  7. Wife's and generators. Mine bothered me for years about the cost of the generator that was hardly ever used. Till an ice storm knocked the power out for 11 days. Every day ( outage )I would ask if she wanted me to get rid of it as I could get a lot of $ for it right now. In a new home now with fully integrated backup generator at a much greater cost than previous home. Not a peep
  8. I have 2 / 12V inputs to controller . One is on generator circuit other is from utilities only. Network and controller on UPS for transition time and programmed to let me know when there is a power failure and when gen online. Get push notification and email.
  9. Any switch for workshop light Thanks
  10. Have a Cyberpower not sure what model right now ... and a Tripplite UPS . Generac generator, and both have handled many and some long power failures for the last 8 years with no issues.
  11. Is it possible for me via" epic driver " to program system to play a specific station from Amazon Prime. Cant see where you would get access to source for programming. Thanks
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