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  1. Thats strange mine is linked and no issue, hope i didn't jinx it now.
  2. My dad can beat up your dad ........ i think
  3. Wow, but how do you really feel about Ubiquiti 😂
  4. Tried getting pin again without success
  5. Same here ! Followed instruction to get pin tried inserting at app level ....no go
  6. 1)I am still on Ver. 11 how does one go about updating ? 2) also reading documentation of driver in project there is a mention regards driver and sensors. I have 2 sensors should I also have drivers for these? Thanks
  7. I had some wonky issues with my HC800 and both times it was the power supply.
  8. Used a universal power supply for many months before buying a replacement. The connection to the HC 800 was not as tight as the original but if left alone there was no problem.Then I used the connector of the old power supply to splice in to the output of a universal for the next failure.
  9. I love this driver and working well, will ride with it
  10. I have been using a USG with UAP-AC-Lite with band steering in a 2500sf 2 floor house. My iPhones, macs, echo and fire stick all latch on to the 5gh no matter what
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