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  1. Fixed. Uninstalled Air and the app. Reinstalled app and started fully expecting a request to install Air. Never happened. Had to complete the sign in and that's it.
  2. Just started have this issue after years OF NO ISSUES. Delete the folder all i get is black box, update flash, air and app. ......f...
  3. Fixed ( my issue anyway) was able to delete //'s in the device list and bingo.
  4. Spoke too soon. When trying to connect REMOTE I get the following. Also unable to remove devices on my account at "https://customer.control4.com/devices"
  5. Macbook Pro //'s 2.10.6 HE no issues
  6. I doubt it, what Ubiquiti equipment are we talking about ?
  7. Just not married long enough I guess. My Sunroom has just become the Dining Room ....... took 41 years😂🤔as long as the Dog house doesn't become ........
  8. Great Thanks Working many thanks Who says I can't learn something every day. The problem is I forget more every day.
  9. I don't know why it shows set, all I have used is the ON event. Use Alexa the coffee is ready
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