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  1. Turns out my Unifi WAP (AC Lite ) crapped out on me .....so I thought. Unifi controller was setup for auto updates. Turns out the last update has errors for this unit. It created a VLAN 0 which is impossible. So the WAP kept sending error reports like a machine gun. In the process it interfered with zigby and the controller would not link. After disconnecting the WAP, bingo controller now links and works normally. My installer had to test with a previous firmware and this solved the problem. He installed the latest update and same issue. Deleted the faulty VLAN and network is back. This took quite a while to track down. So ne need for a controller replacement.
  2. WTB Well just had to install a backup HC 800 because the original died, now looking for a backup for the backup 🤪 HC800 - BL1 Thanks
  3. Tp Link .. is chowmain the only driver for these
  4. Nope. Projects in red and is dimmable. Can project to ceiling or opposite wall. If my wife can handle it trust me its not intrusive at all. Bonus can also get outside temp Amazon search = projection clock
  5. I have a clock projection on ceiling, no colours to remember
  6. I get pin went to ecobee my account MY Apps put in code validated. Composer .... "waiting for user user to authorize application " This isn a ridiculous loop. Ok got it done. Uninstalled left it alone for most of day. Successful late afternoon.
  7. K thanks will try that
  8. The problem is that I am showing linked in C4 but that is false. No control of ecobee from C4. Removed the My apps C4 on ecobee account now cant generate code. Love this thermostat but it does not work with C4, and when it does its only for a short time. Thanks
  9. Having same issues but no success in linking. Ecobee account shows linked on C4 app. The My Apps on Ecobee account states " view and change data settings on your ecobee thermostat" No idea of what that means, any ideas please Thanks
  10. Great insight Thank you Much appreciated.
  11. I need to leave enough behind in order to operate the lights, obviously. The AV system is another question. A separate switch on a vlan was required for separating TV / Internet from provider BELL, of course the BELL router will have to change. That will be a setup problem. Leaving the switch/router/wap is not a big deal, minimal cost there, all Unifi. Means leaving the controller HC800, I have a spare.
  12. Any advice for selling a home with control4. _ 90 % of lighting _ heat control ( Ecobee ) _ alarm DSC _ A/V for family room, sound in 3 rooms and outdoors _ Alexa incorporated - music bridge - Roku All dimmers are in closets or pantry and have 5, 6 buttons touch pads. HC800 controller on 3.2 No system or network issues.Seems my options are limited here. I cant exactly rip out the system but looking for advice from those who have done this. Thanks
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