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  1. I am looking to buy as a backup to my HC800 , as I can't see going to the EA5 anytime soon. In no rush. Thanks
  2. I use a similar unit from same manufacturer for last 7 years no issues. ???
  3. I would first look into getting a UPS for controller.I live in power failure country and wouldn't plug mine in without.
  4. So did I. The faulty power supply does not put out the required Amps or voltage and the unit acted exactly as you described.Once replaced worked like new. Worth a try, easy cheap fix
  5. I've had this issue in the past and it was the power supply. I plugged in a universal power supply with proper connector/ voltage and that solved it. Worth a try.
  6. Pretty much Very small boat mind you
  7. Thats what I asked her ..... hey its 25% off 😂
  8. Any chance these are still available ? Thanks
  9. The thing is, I don't have intercom and don't need it. Was using my screen purely for lights, sound and custom buttons. I have Alexa doing most of that anyway and was just trying to replace with as cheap a solution as possible seing its use in the system. Will look at the used screen. Thanks
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