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  1. Have been using Ecobee in both my residences and work and perform well. Really don't know what he means by quality issues. Of course its not an American product 😇
  2. Mine has a delay of 15 seconds. The limiting factor was the number of battery backup outlets. The Cyber Power is 300w rated. Have router and AP and switch. Tripp Lite is 1500W and handles HC800, service provider fibre optic modem and TV box and other small draw equipment.
  3. I have had a Generator for last 10 years and using Tripp Lite and Cyber Power. Added the last one to off load the Tripp Lite in order to support whole rack. Needed more outlets. Both prove to be trouble free, Cyber Power was cheaper at the time of purchase.
  4. I don't have to wait. APP is running all the time and is as quick as my old C4 screen.JUst checked installed 24/09/2019. No battery issues.!
  5. Having my screen on 100% seems to do the job, with battery low power charging there has been no battery issue so far and at $60 a pop sure is cheaper.
  6. Used one for 2 years now. Fast. Have app to keep screen on at all times.
  7. Loss of power is a big one. No lights, no AV, no using thousands of $ of automation, no sump pump , 12V alarm battery dies... it's a question of priorities. Went the generator route.
  8. I use "Sedna by Sinope" is cheaper than Moen and does the job.
  9. Yea and we all live in Igloos, equipped with C4 of course.
  10. I still pull up my own zipper ...... just saying 😳
  11. We are on a lake also. They feed on whatever lawn we have. The sprinkler system sounded good till I read that eventually they just don't care. Coyote decoy is my next experiment.Where are the real ones when you need them !
  12. While on the subject any ideas (tried many ) to get rid of geese other than a 12 gauge . I spend 2 hours picking up crap at cottage before the grand kids show up. Thanks
  13. Anytime I have had issues with my HC 800 the power supply has been the culprit. First and Third time no power to unit. But the second time unit was powered and cycling through reboots but had a mind of its own. Not saying this is your fix, but sharing my experience with stubborn controller.
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