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  1. I asked my installer to install the Ecobee driver in my project in the next couple of days. He says that it will require between 30 minutes to an hour of programming and I need to give him my Ecobee logins and account etc. Is this something I can do myself and only need the driver in the project. I have had many drivers installed by this company and none required an hour of programming. At $100/hr Your insight on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Probably should go on the dealer forum 😊
  3. prabeau


    I made sure that it was recording when alarm system off, all ok there. I have cleared the memory and recorded for about 10 days and still nothing. Then I added a light to the selection and set..... now working including the lights and media previously selected, that seems to have done the trick. Thanks
  4. prabeau


    I have it to play once the alarm system is armed. Its shows play. Check with app, and cameras throughout evening and no lights are one ( the ones selected to record) Since I haven lived in the dark this past week, I should see some lights coming on. It use to work other than upgrade to recent OS nothing has changed Guess its back to programming lights for away .......... Thanks
  5. prabeau


    My Mockupency driver does not appear to be working anymore. The version I have is ver.17 On OS 3.1 It shows recording and playing but no execution of commands. Any ideas or I have missed something Thanks
  6. I am showing duplicate files on my DLNA and My Music. There are no duplicates of songs in the music folder on my NAS. Any ideas ? Thanks Found the issue. When installing Catalina it seems the iTunes directory buried itself into the sam directory creating doubles
  7. No I haven't tried and probably won't . I am very satisfied with my current setup as it works just as well as my original screen did. Having looked deeper into the android world I actually make more use of this setup than before. Some very neat features. Yes yes I know MS nothing neat about a kindle.
  8. I am on 3.1 with 1.8 All good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Same here on updated iPhone X , on 3.1. No issues with Android
  10. Thanks Thats exactly how I see it plus I spend the winter in warmer climate, no need for a screen when absent. Cheers
  11. The intercom is completely useless to me to start off with. I never said that this piece of equipment compares to Control4. $60 compared to $1400 like no kidding ! Beats leaving the much superior outdated C4 screen dead hanging there. It is as responsive as the app on my iPhoneX . Its just as fast as my old C4 screen. As far as longevity, will see, at the rate that end of life equipment is happening at C4 these days. I am probably 1 or 2 updates away from all my C4 stuff becoming part of the past anyway and that's fine. I guess I got a little excited at my amateurish accomplishment and should remember the level of expertise required to be relevant on this forum. My bad
  12. Well that would depend on your bank account, sure I would love a new C4 screen, sure I would love a new controller, It does all I need ..... It's no wonder DIY types take a s..t on this site.... Perhaps a clarification of "you will see" would be a tad more constructive.
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