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  1. Any chance these are still available ? Thanks
  2. The thing is, I don't have intercom and don't need it. Was using my screen purely for lights, sound and custom buttons. I have Alexa doing most of that anyway and was just trying to replace with as cheap a solution as possible seing its use in the system. Will look at the used screen. Thanks
  3. Can an Android type tablet be installed as a replacement for EOL screen,( with OS 3) using the new app. If so any suggestion and is a wall mount possible ? Havent given up yet ! Thanks
  4. Nice not to be concerned with $ Screens have gotten cheaper have they. I won’t be upgrading from my Hc800 or my old screen. I am not mad at not having a EA and I’m not mad that I don’t own a Tesla. Would I like to have these things, sure, just out of my league Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. True it's just if one looks down the road, considering the speed of change you start to see the end of that road. Loss of support, access etc etc. If $$ is no issue then no problem. Will enjoy the remainder of the ride, been great so far. Cheers However reading this forum will slowly become irrelevant.
  6. Same here, Installed C4 in 2012 when I retired. ( = fixed income ) I knew this would get ahead of me, just didn't think it would be so soon. Guess I better start looking at old folk homes.😁
  7. How much for the HC800, shipped Montreal area. Thanks
  8. Ok if anybody cares, Auto Room Off setting 1441 in properties disables the feature.
  9. I can connect my echo to the bridge, but disconnects automatically if not in use. I have a dot at other house that stays connected and reconnects automatically to a Bose bluetooth speaker. What am I missing here. Thanks
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