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  1. Ah didn't see that those were announced. Yeah that would have something to do with it for sure.
  2. Wall street not liking... CTRL down 18% today. ouch
  3. If you get the opportunity to travel to Switzerland, do it because the country is awesome! Unbelievably beautiful. Jeff
  4. Works great for me on the vista panel.
  5. Thanks for sending this. I will take a look at it. I was hoping for a way to assign a particular button on the remote to do a specific command. Like the tivo driver does.
  6. I heard they may announce a new line of controllers soon which causes me some angst because I bought an EA-3 only a year ago.
  7. Check out my PM. He sounded like he could add the serial commands no problem. I bet he would do it for you if you asked. I would owe you a pint!
  8. Thanks for checking this out and sending the profile examples! I had thought about doing that as well. I will PM you in just a second, because I reached out to the Annex person on this forum and I will send you what he sent me. It sounds like it is easy to update the driver, but I think only a dealer can request. Thanks, Jeff
  9. The Tivo “new experience” update had been out for a year or so. Anybody do this upgrade? It says that it uses the back button extensively, which TiVo warns you about prior to upgrading. Just want to make sure it works ok with the control4 remote prior to upgrading. Thanks, Jeff
  10. Ok I’ll look again. The driver is made by annex. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Thanks! I have the receiver attached to an EA-3 via serial connection. How would I program a custom command to make this work in control4? I got the serial info off the Anthem receiver web site and pasted it below. I could enter a value of Z1LEV2+01 Is it possible to add this value to the programming above? Z1LEVyszz Level setting: y=Channels: 0=subs, 1=fronts, 2=center, 3=surrounds, 4=backs, 5=LFE, 6=Heights1, 7=Heights2. s=sign: +/-, zz=value. Example: Z1LEV1+01 represents fronts boosted by 1 dB. Entry is rounded to nearest valid value. Subs, fronts, center, surrounds, backs have range -10 dB to +10 dB. LFE has range -10 dB to 0 dB. Thanks! Z1LEVy? returns Z1LEVyszz yes
  12. Is this possible and if so how would I do it? Trying to program: when video source Receiver is selected -> press button X to make center speaker volume increase and XX to make center speaker volume decrease. Any ideas here? Thanks, Jeff
  13. I don't think that helps the OP much. And if the price is comparable, that would be surprising to me. But maybe it is the case. Can get a google 3 pack for about $250 these days. What would your system be? Just curious...
  14. Entered LAN and WAN IP? Just need to enter the IP that the controller is connected to. I am guessing you know that, but that sentence confused me. Reboot the controller and retry? I don't think anything needs done in Composer, but I may be wrong there. Someone with Composer Pro access would have to weigh in on that.
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