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  1. Thanks guys. I’ll ask my electrician about getting this done.
  2. Ok l. I don’t really understand how that works, but I can try to ask my electrician. Sounds like it steps down the voltage somehow but still allows for control via a regular switch.
  3. Is there a switch/plug that can handle a 20 amp 240 v circuit? Getting an ice melt system installed and trying to come up with a way to incorporate into C4. I have Berto so I can go with products other than strictly C4. I’ve looked at Kasa but everything seems limited to 15 amp. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  4. I have a 260 with AA batteries. Are you saying they are interchangeable? I didn’t think they were. Think I’d buy a battery and cable since they seem to go through AA pretty fast.
  5. Yeah I don't know why it isn't there. Maybe there is a way to do that. I've had little to no issues for years with this integration. I had heard people experienced trouble with it on OS 3 which is a main reason I've dragged my feet on it. But now I heard a couple people say it is working on OS 3. Every once in a while zones will stop showing up within C4 which causes any programming off this to stop working. Happens maybe once or twice a year. I just pull the power to both the panel and the controller, plug them both back in and it works fine again. Thanks, Jeff
  6. 2.10 user here with HSIM integration and I am able to arm into Night mode. It is in the "Functions" buttons and can be used from within C4 app. Thanks, Jeff
  7. I usually unplug panel and battery then unplug C4 controller. Plug panel and battery back in then plug controller back in.
  8. Cut power to alarm panel including back up battery. Reboot C4 controller at the same time. Should start functioning again in the app. This happens to me from time to time and above always fixes it. What OS are you on? 3.x? Jeff
  9. Thanks! I will proceed that way. Appreciate the help.
  10. Thanks. Will the remaining 3.5 mm analog output that I have left on my EA-3 do this ok? For some reason I thought there might be an issue mixing the digital audio (which I use to stream inside to my 5.1 setup) and analog audio streaming might not work. Not sure though.
  11. Sorry I am confusing the subject. Forgot that C4 natively can use Amazon Music. Streaming Amazon Music is really all that we need it to do. How would that be best accomplished in my scenario? Thanks!
  12. Thanks Cy. What would you recommend? Utilize Rotel receiver with C4 which should still allow me to stream Amazon music natively? Thanks, Jeff
  13. I have an EA-3 that controls my Anthem MRX520 in a 5.1 set up in my family room. I'd like to add a pair of outdoor speakers as a separate zone to my set up and utilize my existing Apple TV to play music outside. I contacted Anthem who responded with this: You need a separate 2ch amplifier to power the z2 speakers. You can use the apple TV as a mirrored video source using out2, but you will need an HDMI extractor to put sound out to z2 I do have an old Rotel receiver that I could repurpose to drive the outdoor speakers. So should I ditch trying to use the MRX520 second zone and use the old Rotel to with control4 instead? My thought was I could have the Rotel added back into my set up and use an IR emitter for control and send audio to the Rotel using a 3.5mm to RCA plugs. The 3.5mm analog plug is the only audio out I have left on the EA-3 so hopefully that is ok. Thanks, Jeff
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