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  1. Yeah I have all incandescent bulbs in now. Thanks for the tab trick, 8 years and never knew that. No surge that I know of. All other switches/dimmers are working. Looking more like a bad dimmer. You guys are great trying to help me out. Thank you.
  2. Breaker has been reset, no luck. It’s the old style switch. Not sure of model number, but pic attached. LED Blue light goes up when press on , goes down when press off. Like normal. See pic. No recent changes. Tried multiple types of bulbs, no luck. Switch has been in probably 7-8 years. Many other switches/dimmers in the house with no other issues. Pic of light fixture attached. Normal garage light fixture.
  3. Thanks James for your reply, went through the sequence, no luck. Light is still on.
  4. I have a switch for the garage light that has worked for years. Now, the switch shows on and off in Control4, but the light bulbs will not turn off at all. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Love the Driver and Ari was awesome. Trying to add another Echo IP to the driver. Do I need multiple instances or can I add more than one Echo IP to the Driver?
  6. Hello Everyone- I've had a Card Access Wireless Relay setup on my main garage door for years to open and close. All has been well with the programming since it was installed. I recently had a second one installed on my third car garage. When I did that, the programming for the new one for some reason was opposite. If I programmed it to close, it would open. If I programmed it to open, it would close. Also the icon on the app would show the picture of the garage with the opposite of what it was physically. I've just dealt with that and programmed it opposite. Now as of 2 days ago, the main garage door that has been working for years is doing the same thing. Whatever is programmed it does the opposite. So when I go to bed at night and I have it programmed to check if the door is closed and if not, close it. Well now it opens it! Very strange. Nothing had changed. Any help? Thank you so much in advance. I also have another strange thing as of 2 days ago (again, nothing has been changed) where my 2 way dimmer at the top and bottom of my stairs all of the sudden has a red light on the bottom light. It's not programmed to do that. Blue on top when it's on, blue on bottom when it's off. Now regardless both dimmers (top and bottom of the stairs) have a red light on the bottom light. Any ideas on that too? Thanks everyone!
  7. Hey everyone, I need some help... I had a recent dealer visit for nothing related to my TV. Now every night at 1:00 AM, my TV in the Great Room goes on and 2 lights in my basement. I have no schedule for this to happen and can't figure out why besides maybe a ghost. Has this ever happened to anyone, and if so how do I get it to stop? Appreciate the help.
  8. Hey Everyone, I'm having some issues with two 3-way dimmers on the same load that control 7 can lights in my basement. They worked for years and about 2 months ago they would no longer control the lights. The lights on the dimmer themselves were still going up and down, but no lights. Then after about a few weeks they just magically started working again. Nothing was changed. Fast forward a few months and it's happening again. Rebooted my system, but nothing. Every other light in the house is working even other 3-way dimmers. Not sure what to do and having a party on Saturday and it will be pretty embarrassing. Not getting a response from my dealer right now to help. Anyone have any suggestions? Also I know the old wireless 4" mini touches are dinosaurs, but I had 4 installed in my house about 3 years ago. Now only 1 works. They worked for a while then stopped. They would constantly be searching for the controller but would never connect. Constantly reboot until they would finally just turn off. Reboot of the breaker would get them back up for a short time but then would go through the constant loop. So I replaced 2 with some new ones one eBay and had my dealer install them. Doing the same thing. I can't believe 5 would just stop working and 1 has no issues. Dealer had no explanation. It's going to be expensive to replace all with new ones. Thanks!
  9. Yeah I can understand the Sonos with EV driver needing flash. I am using AppleTV V1 with EV driver. And I have the Ipod cover art set to on. All Cover art works fine with 7" Infinity and on Screen TV interface. Seems strange, I really believe cover art was there before 2.xx...
  10. Just a question, not sure if this has been asked before...Why can we get cover art for music using Rhapsody on the old 4" in wall touch screens but no cover art when listening to music using Ipod docks, Sonos, AppleTV, etc?
  11. Thanks James. And thanks AVHomeInstalls, that did the trick. I'm all set!
  12. Got a new ROKU with Diamond Design driver. Love it but when setting it up with my system, we plugged it into my last avaialable HDMI port, HDMI4, on my Sony STR-DA3400ES receiver. Dealer was unable to program the ROKU to this HDMI4 when setting it up and it's not available through any type of programming in Composer HE as you can see in the attachment. Anyone else have this same issue? Kind of a waste if I'm not to be able to use my 4th and only available HDMI input. Thanks for the help in advance!
  13. Maybe if we triple dog dare someone to help figure this out, it will happen?
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