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  1. Here is the fix that worked for me to get back into HE 3.2. My dealer logged into my PC at home so they could install Composer Pro. Launched and connected to project, then removed all programs and I was then able to get into HE 3.2 from my local system. I believe there is some sort of Key or Password being passed from Pro would be my guess, just a guess.
  2. Matt, Do you know if there is a workaround to remove the password prompt? My dealer upgraded me from 2.10 I think to 3.2 and now I am getting this. Is there a security key somewhere local on my machine causing this, that is a gut feeling I have.
  3. Does everyone have the Management OS system in there Add/Remove programs. What are they doing? I also noticed a note about a patch, that I used for 2.9.x, is that similar to this issue...
  4. I just moved up to 3.2 last night too and seeing this also. My dealer is working to see if it is a bug, I am going to go with yes. Has anyone here tried to SSH into the controller and use default password with root account or if they updated their password use that one. Can you get in there, I am unable to get in that way too, just another data point.
  5. Still have the kd120 for sale.
  6. Is this sale still going on. Looking to get 2 x KD120 dimmer switches in white. Can we make a deal.
  7. So does a patch have to be applied to the controller and to Composer HE too? I am lost with what has to be done...
  8. I love all this chatter. If a homeowner who knew just enough about updates did this themselves, I'd bet they break the system each time with something wacky that got moved or updated wrong. Just one mans opinion over here.
  9. Are these items still for sale?
  10. Neil got back to me super fast and then did the work very efficiently. Will use Neil for all my remote work. Need someone PM Neil.
  11. Lights switches are swap outs. Controller is IR cables to each device you want to control with IR. Audio out/in is just understanding what you want. Another recommendation is to do just one room, see how it goes and then add over the next few months. This is how I started out and I still add more stuff from time to time.
  12. What this post says is the best. Buy your stuff from a dealer, let me know if you need one, got a good one. They can do programming remotely. If you are able to install the hardware yourself you will save a bunch.
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