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  1. Question for those of you in the know... I have the annex4 LG driver in my project, and I understand that there should be mini-drivers that allow me to for example select "youtube" from my navigator. But I don't have any of them anymore (I believe they were once there). Driver version is 4.15.375 and it's a LG 55EG9600. Any ideas how I can get these back?
  2. Hi All - Having a problem and wanted to see if anyone can guide me here. When I use the C4 remote to access a shared movie folder list through my Popcorn Hour VTEN... every time I hit Page Down or Page Up, it repeats twice. So I mean to go to the next page and instead go two pages in either direction. This is when I am literally scrolling through NFS shared folder list to select a movie folder (use MyMovies as well). I was told that the driver isn't editable, as I saw that in some cases you can so I had asked. This is really annoying, but using the up/down buttons (as opposed to the page up/down buttons) works fine, so there is a workaround. Ideas? Thoughts? Guidance? Thanks to everyone in advance! Will
  3. Thanks! That was quick! And here I thought I would have time to grab a soda before I got a reply... Will
  4. Hi all - Couple of quick questions that I was hoping one of the experts around here could look at. 1) I just bought a HC-250-BL-1A used at a good deal. It is for the playroom we're building downstairs, which won't be ready for another few months at the earliest. I have another room where we use a HC-250-BL, and wanted to see if there was any reasons to "upgrade" to the 1A. It's not a primary controller, and it is only used to run a room, but I thought if it had faster chips maybe movie browsing would be quicker. Can anyone tell me what the differences are and whether it's worth the effort (read: money, quote was $200 to install and replace)? 2) Same deal, I received a 4 zone amp, c4-8amp1-B. The idea is to replace the speaker points I have. I got a quote from the dealer and he has time in the quote for a firmware upgrade. I can't find anything about firmware upgrades on amps, so I don't know how it's done, and can't tell if I'm getting a good deal or a BS line item. Can anyone help me here? Relative to #2 above, since I learned that version upgrades are basically my dealer connecting remotely and hitting a button, I've been able to save a ton of money. Yes I make sure they are paid to monitor and be there if there are problems, but there haven't been since the 2.5.something upgrade. You all probably have saved me $400-$500 since then, and I appreciate your expertise and advice. Thanks again! Will
  5. I've been using Popcorn Hour successfully for the past 5 years. C-300 and VTEN models. I also use the MyMovies integration, which I have found to work nearly flawlessly.
  6. Thanks for the advice all. Much appreciated! W
  7. Hi All - Quick question for the experts. I have a HC-800 as my main controller performing all the tasks that a main controller performs. I also have an EA-1 now and am thinking about where to use it, either in the main "theater" or in another room. I use MyMovies/Popcorn Hour and the built in movie selection menu that comes with Control4. If I switch to the EA-1 just for navigation, would it be faster than the HC-800 in terms of scrolling through movies and the like? (Maybe have 500 titles or so, but set to icon mode so that my kids can select.) Are there any other advantages/disadvantages of switching to the EA-1 for navigation? The other option is to use the EA-1 to switch out a HC250 in another room, but we only really use that for TV so the scrolling/speed isn't an issue. Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Will
  8. You might want to create another my.control4.com account and register that controller with the account.
  9. Hi all - problem resolved. Apparently it was a problem with the security key. It was the correct security key, but set to the wrong protocol. We didn't know that it would connect to the network at all with the key set incorrectly, so we didn't think to review there. Thanks for your help as always! Will
  10. Hello. We had done that before, but we did it again just now. It went back to needing a hard-wired connection and using DHCP. Tom reconfigured and it still has the same issue. It finds the network and connects to it, but can't seem to communicate with a set address or get an address with DHCP. Any other ideas? Thanks! Will
  11. Hello everyone - Working to resolve an issue with my dealer and trying to get our arms around this. I just moved and had two HC-250's hard wired at the old place that now need to (at least temporarily) be wifi in the new place. When Tom (the dealer) enters the information to connect to the wireless network, it can connect to the wireless, but there seems to be a problem with the IP address. To troubleshoot: - When we connect with a hard coded IP address, it connects to the network just fine but is unable to communicate or identify - When we connect with DHCP, it connects to the network but times out on obtaining an IP address This is happening with both HC250's. There are a number of other devices both hard-wired and DHCP in the house that aren't having any issues at all. The current diagnosis is that both HC250's now have bad wifi cards. Which I doubt completely, given they both have the same issue. Has anyone else seen this before or can maybe lend a little guidance? Thanks as always. Will
  12. I'm on 2.5.3. But I'm not even sure if this thing is embernet or just broken (can you tell I'm frustrated?!?!) As I recall from a year or so ago, I had a switch that was embernet and had to re-add my old hc-300 into the system to get it upgraded. PITA like you said.
  13. msgreenf - correct, it is not identified. My dealer needs to do that. He's just given me my pre-work so that the call takes 10 minutes and doesn't cost as much. VinceLDub - it does not have the light sensor, and when I hit list and scroll down, there is no option that says channel. Just display/keypad brightness, motion, battery level and about. If this is running embernet, do you know the command to make it leave the mesh so that it doesn't say "waiting for network" anymore? My thinking is if that sequence works then I need to get this upgraded to zigbee pro (or sell it...) Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone - Just acquired a used SR250 from ebay. Pulled from a working system. Spoke with dealer about adding to system and he gave me some instructions to get started. First, he had me hold down the C4+0 button while taking batteries out and putting back in to factory reset. That worked fine. The remote said waiting for network, as expected. Then I did the Room Off, #, *, 13413. Nothing happens. Still says waiting for network. I'm hoping to see if anyone has an ideas. If I can't get it ready for the dealer, then instead of a $25 "add device" call, this will become a lot more expensive. I am candidly not sure if the remote was pulled from an embernet system, so if anyone can help me know how to tell that might help. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance as always. Will
  15. Hi All - I like to close out when I have a question answered so that future searches are more useful to others. As CyKnight helped me determine, this one piece of the garage kit was still on Embernet. So my dealer remotely simply re-added my old HC-300 (which fortunately was on the same version as my current system), did some stuff on his end to put it in Embernet upgrade mode, then had me push the button on the switch 4x, wait a bit, then push it 4x more times to identify it into my current project. A couple things the dealer mentioned: the HC-300 wasn't in any hurry to get into Embernet mode, and we had to restart it once. Once the part was ID'd into the Embernet system, it took about 10 minutes before it started upgrading itself, which has us thinking the worst, but apparently it can take this long. Thanks again for the help, all! Will
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