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  1. Hello Forum. Anyone of you integrated Rogers Ignite Xi6 to Control4 over IR or IP? I do have an IR Driver for Ignite but struggling to locate IR Sensor on Ignite Xi6 box. Any guidance, tips, or knowledge transfer is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi Fellows I have a fairly new EA3 on a project site that just went offline. Front LED are on but hardly visible. There is a static RED color LED shining through the top grill. Any idea whats going on? Tried doing factory restore but unit is unresponsive. LED on Ethernet port as well are not flashing. TIA
  3. Its all sorted ...turnsout audio cable that we were using (supplied by control 4) was the culprit. Got it replaced ....all works! Thank you all.
  4. Hi there, Can anyone suggest........What are the connections on the composer? I understand we need to bind the dimmer and 2buttom/3button keypads in composer for it to work Thanks
  5. Its actually connected straight to speaker point.
  6. Hey, I'm faced with a unique challenge of iPOD Dock producing single audio channel. I have iPOD dock & a speaker point on the project, but when audio is streaming to the speaker point from my ipod i onle get single channel. Below is what I have already tried:- 1) Changed audio cables 2) Changed Speaker point to 4 zone amp 3) Changed iPod dock 4) Changed Speakers Result = Single Channel. When I stream digiatl media straight from the HC300 Controller....no problems both audio channels (left & right) are active Anyone there with a solution?
  7. Nothing is plugged into usb port. I had a word with C4 tech support, ran through certain diagnose (Like: 6 time power cycle etc.) and finally got this controller RMA'ed. Thanks to all who responded.
  8. Thanks Alan! I tried factory restore but as soon as i power up........controllers both led's light up Power = Blue Wifi = Red and nothig happens after that. I guess i'll get the controller RMA. Controller is 1 week new. Thanks again
  9. Hey forum....any help is much appriciated. I have a HC 200 controller on a small project. the power LED is solid Blue but the wifi LED is solid RED. I have powercycled the controller but it turns back on with the same thing. Power LED = Solid Blue Wifi LED = Solid RED Ethernet on the back have green and orange led that shows communication but this controller is not coming online. Anybody there for rescue?
  10. Hi, Has anyone added Panasonic AE-4000 to the project? Can someone help with IR or serial drivers? Thx
  11. Hey Crew, Has someone built IR drivers for Bell PVR 9241? I thought i'll reachout to the forum than re-create the wheel! Can someone share the driver please? Thanks M
  12. Thanks Alf! I have recaptured all IR codes can't say everything is working but we are good for time being. Thanks for your reply. -Mowat360
  13. Hello there, I'm stuck with Pioneer VSX820 receiver driver. The one on the online database is not having complete IR commands. I have tried creating Recevier AM/FM Tuner UP/Down driver through Composer 2.0.6 but its not yeilding any results. Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks
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