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  1. Control4 CCZ-T1-W. Device File is control4_thermostat.c4i
  2. I posted this previously, but didn't get much in the way of ideas/suggestions. I thought I would put it out there again and see if anyone has any ideas. My system (both Navigator and Director) is running version is currently running I use Composer HE (v. 2.8.0) to automate a number of tasks in my house including managing my thermostats. I have a weekday schedule and a weekend schedule for heating my home in the winter months. The issue I am having is that my TSTATs (two) are not receiving or using the schedule I have programmed into HE. For example, I have a M-F schedule that adjusts the thermostat temperature Up and Down morning. Back up in the afternoon and than down again before bed. There is a Weekend Schedule that is very similar but the times are adjusted. I have tried to Refresh The Navigators (repeatedly) and the TS are receiving the command to update (I see all of the loading/updating messages) but he TStats do not receive the correct schedule and commands. TImes are wrong, temp is wrong, M-F have different schedules. I'm stumped. Any suggestions or ideas?
  3. I am trying to back up my project and I am receiving an error "The driver broker connection must be available when saving the project" Any ideas?
  4. My dealer was hear today adding some hardware and he did an upgrade to 2.8. I was not home when he finished but he told me about the new music streaming services. However, this is nothing on my TS for these services? Is this something I can correct or do I need him to come back out to activate the services? I thought these were native in 2.8 so I would think they would "appear!" on the TS under music/ Thanks for any insights.
  5. I use several of the older model Thermostats to control two heating units across several zones. I have the new Touchscreens and the Director is running and the Navigator is Looks like I received an update on October 7 to the Navigators, but I'm not sure that is the cause of my issue. I use the Scheduler and Programming functionality within Composer HE to control my thermostats during the colder months to manage energy costs during evening and the work day. I "turned on" my scheduler for the TStat control the other day and my TStats do not seem to be receiving the schedule. No only are the TStats not showing the correct schedule as I programmed it, the TStats are not following the schedule that is displaying on the Touchscreens. For example. 1. I have programmed the TStat to increase the temperature Set Point from 64 to 70 at 3:00 PM Monday thru Friday. (weekends have different schedule but are wrong also) 2) If I look at the schedule on the TouchScreen for M-F the Temp will increase from 60 to 69 at 2:30 3) At 2:15 PM today I looked at the TS and TStat and the set point was 70 I have Refreshed he Navigators, but it doesn't seem to help. What am I missing? Thoughts?
  6. I did try the battery replacement. Still Morto! Thanks CYKNIGHT
  7. I had a rack mounted Panamax Battery Backup/UPS that has met its maker. Looking for suggestions on a reliable replacement. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone have a datasheet for the new 7" in-wall touchscreen? The link is broken on the C4 site. Also, is there a datasheet available yet for the tabletop TS?
  9. I decided to go with the Aquatel product and I am going to add the HouseLogix app as well. Since the tank is underground, I needed a solution that gave me a reasonably accurate read. Hopefully this works with few issues. Thanks for the ideas and insights.
  10. I wanted to see if anyone has integrated any type of tank level monitoring into C4. I recently added a cistern to capture rain run-off for reuse on our property and need to install a tank level monitor. (There has to be an easier way than removing the lid and estimating the volume level). I found a wireless monitoring device from a company called Aquatel, but wanted to see if anyone has integrated any type of system into C4. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I rebooted the TS and they are working fine.
  12. I returned from vacation and the time on all of my TS is off by more than one hour. I had some other issues with my internet service, but I am not sure how that would have impacted my C4 system time. Is there any way for me to correct this in Composer?? I am not seeing an easy fix to this and it seems a bit silly to have to call my installer to correct the time. Thanks for any help.
  13. Cyknight - Thanks for the time and suggestions. I think the ideas you propose are probably the two we will try next. My installer was just at the house on Saturday and we kicked around the configuration delete/adds as a next step. Wanted to put the issue out there to see if anyone else had ever experienced a similar issue. Agree on the number of ports we have looked at the power draw when everything was plugged in and humming and we were well below the upper limits so I really don't think it is a PoE issue. I could be wrong, but like I said we pulled everything off except those two TS and they still went dark which took me back to it must be something in the C4 OS config.
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