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  1. We have updated the driver to fix status syncing issue with Control4 Thermostat Driver. Please update the driver to Ver 653
  2. If you want Full Control of Curtain with percentage then Siri driver will do the job. if you want just Up,down and stop then our Apple shortcut Driver.
  3. Thank you for reporting this. We have identified the bug and we have already fixed it. Doing some batch test before making it live.
  4. Yes with our Plugin and Homebridge set up you can run other plugin as well.
  5. I suggest you try the Driver. Can not comment on the other driver with Same functionality. Please go through the forum posts and Reviews shared by the Current users. Please PM me if you want more information.
  6. Yes works with existing instance. You just need to install our plugin.
  7. Control4 Lighting scene will be represented as a switch in HomeKit. Recently we have updated the driver to get full 2-way feedback for Control4 scenes.
  8. Why this Driver? Apple's Siri Shortcuts are designed to speed up actions you take in apps and let you add those actions to Siri. There's also a dedicated Shortcuts app, so you can create and manage multiple actions across multiple apps. The Shortcuts app has an Options to fire any URL and using this we can fire any commands to control4 system. This is a simplest and easy way to make Control4 triggers to available on iPhone screen as well through Siri. Lighting Fast Response. Where can we use this driver? You can create a Bunch of shortcut to replicate a Control4 Keypad on iPhone screen. It will act as an Virtual Keypad. Make a Shortcut for Light,Curtain or AC that you use Everyday so it will be available on your figure tip whenever you want. A shortcut to that tells you which Door/Window is open in your House. A shortcut for a Light so when you enter in room you just say "Hey Siri, Lights" and based on Light status it will Turn ON or OFF the light for you. More fun - Go to your iPhone's settings> Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > Double Tap. Here Select your favorite shortcut and fire it with Double Tap on back of your iPhone. There are Endless Possibilities. https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/apple-shortcuts/
  9. Thank you to All the Beta Testers who helped in testing the driver. We have Added a Supporting driver called "Homebirdge Manager" to make installation much more easier. so, Originally we thought we will have one "Siri Voice" Driver per Project but later we found that when you add devices in Home app it keeps showing up in default room in which we have added the Homebridge with this the when we are dealing with large projects it will hard and time consuming to move Device to it respective room on Home app. With Homebridge Manager driver we can add Child bridge per Room in Homebridge this way each room has it own Child Homebridge instance. Now, we have to add Siri Voice driver in Each room so it can talk to it respective Child Bridge Instance, after this when we add any devices it will go to its respective room without doing anything. Not only this its help us achieving common command for all rooms when we have Homepod Mini in each rooms. So when we say "Turn ON lights" in Living room it will execute in Living room only. The same command can be applied to other rooms as well. There is a great article on How to Name your devices? https://linkdhome.com/articles/2018/2/5/hey-siri-how-should-i-name-my-devices To all the Beta testers Please download the latest version of both drivers from Driver central. Please email me if you are facing any activation issues. As promised all beta drivers are free.
  10. Thank you for your interest. The drive has been released at DriverCentral. Here is the direct link. https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/siri-voice-module/
  11. Do more with Apple Shortcuts! We have just developed an simple shortcut that toggles a Light Just say "Hey Siri, Lights" and it will turn on the light if its OFF and vice versa https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/49d812c864004acbb3d20b65f8d1f843
  12. Do more with Apple Shortcuts! we have just build a Shortcut that will ask user whether they want to open Garage door when he/she arrives near his/her house. We have added a customized user pin for security so each time it will ask to confirm it before opening the Garage door. Try it out your self let us know how do you find it.Cheers.🍺 Shortcut link https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/b181e5b350fb46848c341089bd9990e5 Video Link https://share.icloud.com/photos/08quLjzdMpY9gvKO4insmH83Q Screenshot link https://share.icloud.com/photos/090mk7niBp8gIGMh0HTxOYmVA
  13. sure i will share via PM. I will add this in to Documentation as well.
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