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  1. Could I get a few recommendations on “brands” and/or sources for quality bulk network cable? I need to run a few drops and will need to buy a box of bulk cable. Lowe’s and Home Depot are convenient but I am concerned about the quality given the very low price. Belden is universally recommended but doesn’t seem easy for a DYi purchase. Thanks!
  2. It's interesting that Nest are moving on to smoke/co detectors and they have both AC and DC powered units. I like their business strategy for expansion. I agree that I can see Apple moving into this space.
  3. How does this work with humidifiers, ice cube makers, etc. that may be on while you are away? Do you calibrate a threshold leakage rate? Glenn
  4. How does this work? I understand putting a pull line in, but don't you pull it out to install a cable in the conduit? (Then just pull another line in while you pull the wire.) Glenn
  5. Thanks Kevin. I got the contacts. Glenn
  6. To get to CEO, you would think it would take a good sense of judgement. That seemed to fail him in this case. On Best Buy, they are closing a relatively small percentage of their total store (~1000). But, there are very few examples of a company shrinking their way to success. Glenn
  7. Some are in decent neighborhoods. Best Buy stores are pretty saturated in most markets. I bet they assume ppl are willing to drive an extra 2 miles. Glenn
  8. A surprising list. It is kind of amazing that none of the stores being closed in this round are in Michigan. Several of them are in the Chicagoland area. Glenn
  9. ^ May actually be good for some small businesses and custom installers. Glenn
  10. Unfortunately too true. Very few contractors strive for quality even when you are paying good money. Glenn
  11. The wiring prices look cheap. If you know where all of the TV's will be located, you can have them install conduit for future use. The contractor for my house was expensive for multiple runs (no discount), so I used conduit. You may also want to add a couple of runs of conduit to the attic from your equipment closet for future use. This was not too expensive. Glenn
  12. I think many people would be interested at ~$700, the $5000 price point for the WeatherHawk is a non-starter for weather information. I checked the driver information on the CZ unit, but could not find out if the readings will be in English units. If it displays in metric units, I would not be interested. Glenn
  13. Does this replace a cable receiver? How does it get access to the content it is recording? Glenn
  14. Looks like Comcast is more popular. Glenn
  15. Do you have a high def package or just standard definition? How do you like to picture quality? Glenn
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