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  1. Hi All, We are C4 dealers and our neighbouring shop sells Artisian Spas. We have been discussing Spa control for a while and he even talked with Artisian last month in Vegas to push Balboa. C4 Guru - Would really appreciate an driver you have so far to test!!?? My email is internet@cpdsat.com Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have looked at audioshare already. Grandstream might be a temporary option until C4 release their own intercom. If you come across any info in the meantime that you think may help - Please post. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Have a project to do and just been asked to add two IP intercoms. One at the main entrance gates to the property and a second one on the front door. The idea is when somebody rings the bell it will wake up the touch screen and they can talk using the intercom feature. Does anyone know of any hardware i can use for this. Thank in advance. Chris.
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