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  1. Agreed on many points here. Touchscreens - I've had different generations of the panels since 2011 and rarely used them other than light, shades and music for the backyard. All of these are much easier using the Micros especially on the shades now that all have been converted to Lutron in the home. In this case the non-C4 installers for the Lutron shades put them in, set the limit and I was able to control with voice immediately with zero programming on the additional ones. The C4 dealer will be here next month to link into the OS when needed. The scenes programming has work
  2. in looking at their evolution it is foreseeable that their long-term vision is to serve 2 purposes: Offer a standalone operating system apart from C4,Crestron, etc Integrate services to be a complimentary function to these same companies Based on the number of deep integrations they have with the different companies it isn't something that's going to be here today and gone tomorrow. It is well positioned for growth based on the amount of venture capital they raised earlier this year. In addition the technology packaged could be attractive for acquisition at some point in the
  3. Hate it! Switching to C4 Thermostats next month. Have had to nest t-stats come offline from Control4 since their migration from Nest to Google. Was able to get one back but the other still no luck after 2 factory resets and adding it back just like the one that worked. Have had them go offline and had to use the Nest/Google App to control almost every other month since. Spouse unable to control any of them even though connected exactly the same. These are going the route of EBay!
  4. agreed. used one for Christmas Tree and automatically discovered on Josh.ai requiring no programming past the TP setup. Definitely getting some more for some desk lamps
  5. Correct. If you have a Micro the microphone and the speaker are both built in and all that you need. You would not need a Core at all. If you decide to get a Core you get a few functions: Faster processing of commands If paired high availability (more reliability) The ability if desired to tie into your audio matrix to have the VoiceLink which would broadcast on any matrix-connected speakers in the home If knew they were introducing the Nano's I would have only gone with them and 2 Core's in the rack. The Micros work great it's just not as clean on the walls eve
  6. Concur with @malelan. I actually sold all but 1 of my 5 T3's with and replaced with Josh Micro's in 3 locations and awaiting the Nano's and Core for this 1 spot and 4 other locations. I never once used the intercom feature from T3 to T3 in the home but no kids or large family here so that need is not warranted in my case. The T3s' were only used for music, lights and shades for the most part here and that is much easier to use on the Josh when hands are full or just walking into a room. Fortunately was able to sell the T3's at a price that made the cost of the Micros and the 5 year u
  7. Does anyone know what the warranty period is for C4 Video Matrix Switches? Have been looking at the C4-LU862D (8x8 with Audio Downmixing). From recommendations received I planned to go with AVPro Edge based on its reliability AND the 10 year warranty. However in pricing it out for my system it is considerably more. Just trying to get the C4 warranty since I couldn't find it on their site.
  8. They came out great and paint matched to wall (Wall-Smart units). I'm sure the Nano units when paint matched next spring will look better in other spots since they are smaller and more discrete
  9. Definitely agree - competing systems have much greater flexibility to add any channels you can get to favorites. In addition you can create groups (one for dad, one for mom, one for kids) and assign them to rooms via the iOS app.
  10. Hopefully there are plans with a new OS update to not need to rely upon Composer or a dealer to do something like this that seems to be pretty basic
  11. @Dueport I personally have not used Alexa in my home for a few reasons. I did go visit a speaker manufacturer locally that has a model where they are embedded into the speaker to try and do a sort of Voice-Cast function. It was clunky and not reliable enough to justify spending the money in my opinion. Also because you can't do compound commands in the same type of way nor create aliases as I'm aware the Alexa was a non-starter. So the units were installed on Saturday and programming began on Monday. The voice picks up very well and don't have to speak loudly to pick up commands fully. B
  12. Shout out to @StroTek LLC for their setup and continued help so far! Should send them a message if interested in getting your system setup.
  13. So far have them installed in 3 locations and they work great. The biggest benefits so far have been: Compound commands - rattling off shades closing/opening + Lights to a random brightness + unlocking the back door as an example. Natural language - You don't have to be overly exact with the commands. You also don't have to call out all lights. I have 4 different kitchen light loads and can just say Ok Josh turn the kitchen lights to 50% and it will turn them all one versus having to call out each light load separately like some other systems or create a scene Scene creat
  14. Just got 3 Micros physically installed today. Configuration and programming on Monday. Will be interesting to see how well it works. Have friends that showed me their Alexa integration and was quite unimpressed. If all goes well intend to put in 4 Nano's and 2 Core's when they come out at end of Q1 2021
  15. I'm looking for anyone that may have Wall-Smart Shim Packs (P/N 10-01-067). Needed for T3 Touch Screens - 4 total packs. Need for install this week. Any help greatly appreciated!
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