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  1. So could it be programmed as such?: alarm not armed: triggers light alarm armed in stay: triggers light alarm armed in away: triggers alarm
  2. All, I'm working on installing LED lighting to some cabinets in a fully custom closet. In this closet there is a keypad dimmer. When I add up the total of all the lengths needed, it is like 600ft. If I use some bright less and a 24V transformer, they require 8.8watts per foot. So 8.8watts per foot x 600ft = 5280 watts? The plan was to have these programmed to come on at like 5:00pm, turn off at say 1AM, then have them come on in the mornings again at say 6am until 9am. But at 5280 watts, that just seems crazy so we thought about having them motion activated. There is a motion sensor in th
  3. All, I posted this before and I didnt get a response so I'm trying again. Can some get me or order me a backplate for a THERM thermostat? Its just the small back plate that gets attached to the wall that the THERM plugs into. Please help. Thanks
  4. I read a post where you were possibly looking to sell your Triad equipment and go with a VS audio matrix.  Are you still looking to sell your triad gear?  I am looking for a Triad AMS24 matrix.  Thanks!

  5. Guys, I also notice on the combo unit I mentioned earlier, they make the DSC BV-501GB.This is the motion/glass combo that has a tamper switch too. The DSC BV-500GB has no tamper switch. Do I want this? I only have the typical 22-4 x 2 ran to these locations, one for the glass and one for the motion, does the tamper switch require extra wiring?
  6. Looked at this buts its the same old ugly glass breaks and motions
  7. Thanks for the replies, but isn't it the old rule of thumb that if you can go wired, always go wired instead of wireless? I was more looking for the best looking modern sirens, glass breaks, motions, etc. All that stuff is usually so ugly so just seeing if there were cleaner and less visible solutions out there?
  8. Lastly, in a few locations where we didn't want added clutter with hardware, we ran the motion and glass break together to same location, and will use these: DSC BV500GB PIR Motion Detector & Glassbreak Sensor. We still have stand alone locations for separate motion and separate glass break though, so looking for something modern that can be hard wired as previously stated.
  9. For example, we like the look of the AEOTEC Z-WAVE PLUS SIREN 6, but of course it is wireless.
  10. All, Good morning. I'm looking at what residential sirens, motion sensors, and glass break sensors to use for a new installation. Security products in general look old fashioned in my opinion, except for the newer stuff out, but all of these items seem to be wireless. We want wired solutions. We will have a DSC alarm system. So just wanted to get some ideas from you guys on any new and modern looking hardware. Everything is hard wired. Also have two locations outdoors for a couple outdoor sirens. Thanks in advance
  11. All, Dumb question here, but when installing keypads, switches, dimmers, etc, which number do you write down to give to the dealer for programming? Is it the 8 digit number off the back or like the long 12 digit+ number off the back of each device?
  12. Thanks. I would sure think that there would be something soon for Intelliconnect. It is very basic and runs off WIFI so I would think it would be a breeze to integrate?
  13. All, looking to purchase the Pentair Intelliconnect to integrate basic pool functions. Anyone know if there is anything available to integrate with C4? https://www.pentair.com/en/products/pool-spa-equipment/pool-automation/intelliconnect.html
  14. Does anyone have an extra mounting bracket that plugs into the back of the C4 THERM? I lost one. Or can anyone sell me a new one?
  15. Great. Thanks. What is your opinion on my second post? Which would be better?
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