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  1. Does anyone have an extra mounting bracket that plugs into the back of the C4 THERM? I lost one. Or can anyone sell me a new one?
  2. Great. Thanks. What is your opinion on my second post? Which would be better?
  3. And on this same subject, the original plan was to put a keypad dimmer in these rooms, so that they could control blinds and select preset music to play. But now my thinking is just to put in a APD for lights instead of the keypad dimmer and then use a touchscreen for music and blinds. Is it cumbersome to get to and adjust the blinds from a touchscreen? Or simply does the home screen pull up, lets say "Johnny's Room", then one touch to get to blinds, and then adjust?
  4. All, I have a question about touchscreens. If I decide to put T3 touchscreens in each of the kids' bedrooms, can I set restrictions on them as to what they have access to? I would just want them to be able to control their blinds in their room, select music, and that is about it. I would not them to have access to HVAC, Lighting, security, etc. What are your thoughts?
  5. I was planning on putting under the sink, but how does C4 talk to the WIFI thermo? Via WIFI?
  6. I apologize if I wasn't clear. This would actually just be the heat wire used under tile, such as Kerdi Ditra Heat that would be controlled by a simple wall mount Thermostat. The Thermostat would be something like the Nuheat Signature the has WIFI and integrates into C4. This may be a dumb question but how does C4 then actually communicate with the thermostat, over WIFI? I would like to mount the Thermostat in an under the sink cabinet or something like that, and just have the nearby touchscreen control the floor heat
  7. But then do you still need to have the Nuheat control on the wall? Would love to have any heat control out of site and just control via touchscreen. Most likely would have it on presets anyways. Like could I just hide the Nuheat control in a cabinet or something?
  8. All, I’m on last stages of drywall on a new build and spaced out heated floor integration. I also see that people do heated towel racks. I wanted to get the consensus on best way to do this. It would be nice to have no visible controller for heated floors and just have them controlled via touchscreen or iPhone. How would this need to be wired?
  9. Thanks for the details! So, how do you have your Echos wired to the system for this to all work?
  10. To add, them I don’t have to place Programmble Keypads all over and can just use the Echos in those areas
  11. All, Im trying to do something very simple (in my mind) using Echos and C4. I will have about 14 Echos strategically placed throughout the home. In secondary rooms, where music would need to be turned on but there is no touchscreen, is it possible to say, “Alexa, turn on Main Laundry music”, whereas the Echo can communicate with the C4 matrix, identify the Main Laundry zone, and turn on a pre set radio station? Seems like basic 101 stuff, but wanted to get your thoughts
  12. Yes! Could you please send me the Id and the model of your fireplace?
  13. Here is the screenshot of the actual Efire app and a webpage link https://www.napoleon.com/en/ca/fireplaces/learn/features/efire-bluetooth-control
  14. I also just noticed that that Napolean has an Efire bluetooth App to control my fireplaces. It lists both the BL46 and the LV74N as compatible with the app! It would be awesome if there was a driver for control4. I suppose there isn't though? It would just have to be a simple driver that would allow on/off, flame control, LED control, and that is about it. Just like the screen shot attached
  15. All, New construction home with two Napolean BL46 fireplaces and one Napolean LV74N fireplace. We are finishing up wiring and want to automate all three. The BL46 fireplaces are pretty basic and are just on and off. The LV74N has LED lights and flame control. We are guessing that if we want to automate this that we will lose that control but that doesn’t matter to us. Can anyone help us out with the specifics on the easiest way to do this? For the BLs, do we just run a single run 14 guage speaker wire from fireplace to C4 SW and that should work? Do we do the same with the LV? Or do we run a CAT6 to each fireplace and then to C4 relay extender? BL46 https://www.napoleon.com/sites/default/files/fireplaces_products/Ascent-Linear-Series-Owner-s-Manual.pdf LV74N https://www.napoleon.com/sites/default/files/fireplaces_products/Acies-Vector-Luxuria-Series-Owner-s-Manual.pdf please help!
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