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  1. But in rooms that don't have KPDs, you recommend putting programmable in those rooms too? This is tough because some of those rooms I'm not doing C4 lighting in. So I would have to switch those rooms to a double gang box and add programmable keypads in there. Kinda looks odd? What about that touch screen idea, not a good idea? I can buy four of the previous generation touch screens for the price of one keypad
  2. All, So I have a general question for you. In the primary rooms in the house (kitchen, great room, rec room. master bed, etc.) I'm going to have T3 touchscreens for music control, etc. but there are also isolated speaker zones in what I call secondary rooms, such as the laundry room, kids' bedrooms, etc that all have dedicated stereo speaker zones in them. For these areas, what do you recommend tfor music control without having to go to a touchscreen? I know this all can be done with iPhones and iPads, but it seems like there should be a solution for a quick button press or something like that. Is the solution to throw a programmable KP in each of these areas? Some of these secondary rooms will have KPDs in them already so do we make one of the buttons turn on a radio station, etc in that room? It would be too costly to add T3s to each room. I had thought about getting the previous generation touch screens just for these secondary rooms, but dont know if that is a good idea either. My main T3 screens would be running the new software, where these previous generation touch screens would be running the older software? Is that possible? Also, thought about mounting like iPad mini 2nd gen on the wall too and just have them always on the C4 app. Throwing around some ideas
  3. Please help. So in this scenario, Its wiring a new home and trying to figure out what to tell electrician. I read the C4 configurations but don’t make sense. As shown below, what and where does the neutral come from on the AUX? Do we just wire it like a normal 3 way or 4 way and we might have extra wires but be fine?
  4. So in a 4 way situation, it would work with an APD and two AUX? Or a KPD and two AUX?
  5. I have a quick question on 3 way and 4 way lighting loads. In a 3 way, I know that an APD or a KPD can be used with an AUX. How does this work for a 4 way? Is it an APD or KPD with (2) AUX ?
  6. To all, I have a quick question. So on a TV connected to an AVR, how do you guys solve the issue these days with TV apps and the native sound coming from the TV, not the AVR? Of course anything connected to the AVR will output to the AVR, but what about a TV that is just connected via HDMI where you want to watch Netflix but still have all sound play through AVR? I know that some use Toslink from TV back to AVR, but my distance is like 30 feet and I dont think Toslink is very reliable at 30ft. Do I just use a Cat6/Toslink converter, or do you guys have better solution out there for this? Any cables that I dont have to use a converter with that can handle distances over 30ft? TVs are all Samsung smart TVs
  7. Ok thanks. Cat 6 is easy. I looked at digital optical cables but they say max length on those is like 15ft and my distance is like 40ft. I see they do make CAT6 to Toslink converters if needed. I see they also make RG6 to Toslink converters too.
  8. Ok, so please tell me what we need to do for pre wire. This is a cabinet that will have a motorized door to display a TV. The module pictured above will be in the cabinet with the TV. The C4 controller will be in another room. if I want this just be a button on on of the keypad dimmers, what would I run back to the control room for wire from the module/TV location?
  9. What do you mean by get strings? I haven’t written any drivers before...
  10. Best way to do this or pre-wire? Would it be RCA out from actual TV to the control room and into the matrix? Or would there be problems with this?
  11. We have the attached diagram that we would like to integrate into C4. It is a motorized door that opens and closes, this is the provided controller. What would be the best way to have this operate from a keypad, maybe a dedicated button that if pressed once it opens and if pressed again it closes?
  12. All, We would like to add a couple TVs, both connected to stand alone AVRs, as sources into C4. We are trying to accomplish having the TV audio play on whichever zones we select during sporting events, etc. What is the best method of this and what do we run for wiring? We are during the wiring phase now. Thanks
  13. All, I have come to realize that the Alexa and Control4 integration is a bit disappointing. I was always under the assumption that it was more advanced then it is. I know that voice control is in its infant stages of automation. I have been trying to think of ways that it would be useful in this home. So I have some questions. There will be 14 different locations in this home, each with its own Echo 3. They will be wired as separate sources back to the audio matrix. Can these Echo 3 devices be assigned each to a room, such as master, guest bedroom, great room, etc.? For instance, in the guest bedroom, can the Echo 3 in there be assigned to just the guest bedroom? I ask this because I had thought of a cool scenario where Alexa would integrate and be really useful. Say a guest was in that bedroom, and before going to bed said, "Alexa, please set wake alarm to 6:00am". Would Alexa then relay this to the system, where as at 6:00AM she would perform a wake up notification and then in turn that could raise the blinds 50% at that time? On top of that, would Alexa be able to just make the notification in that room and that room only through the overhead distributed audio speakers in that room? Lastly, the normal preset raise blind time in that room would be at 7:00AM. Could Alexa bypass the normal schedule time this one time, raise them at 6:00AM, and then say the next day they would go back to their normal schedule of raising at 7:00AM? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  14. Yes, I know C4 doesn’t. But as stated, we are not doing C4 in these rooms. Wondering if Lutron, Leviton, etc. have something. I know Ai can get it down to a two gang with some double load dimmers, but just wondering if I can get it to a single gang.
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