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  1. I'm having a bit of trouble with the Nice website. I can't seem to find any of their products that they sell?
  2. Can anyone explain what Dante is and how it would be beneficial?
  3. Why? I'm actually looking for security/cameras that are quick, easy, high resolution and that all work under C4 interface. You know, what one would assume should be standard and a very simple thing. Its been awhile since I installed a system though so there might be very good things out there now. My last system was with an HC800 and Axis security cameras. It sucked. Crappy resolution, very cumbersome to even get to the camera screen page, etc. Almost was no point in even having cameras because of how time consuming it was to use them. On top of it, I would have door to door salesmen come trying to sell me on some cheap alternatives. I was never interested because I already had my system in place but these cheap alternatives absolutely looked fantastic as far as speed, ease of use, and resolution. It would really piss me off because I spent a ton of money on my system and it didn't look or work half as good
  4. Guys, I see now that Vivint integrates fully with Control4. Anyone recommend using there security and cameras for a new construction install?
  5. Guys, I have a quick questions on integrating the alarm system with C4. Lets say a DSC system. For example, say at night we use the C4 interface to arm the alarm system and want the system to check for any open doors or windows where we have sensors. Is this response time fast or is there a bit of delay because we are accessing these sensors through the alarm system and not directly through C4?
  6. Guys, Working on a new construction project and wanted to get some ideas from you guys and innovative ways to use relays and contacts? So far the only ones we are using are for the garage doors (5). So using 5 relays and 5 contacts there. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  7. My Pella rep just informed me that they will install the sensors in the windows from the factory for $60 per window. Do you guys think this is worth it to have done? It would just be on all the functioning windows that open. Then I have to buy a bridge for about $300
  8. Thanks. Yeah, usually basements are done here too. We still have to pour 4' of foundation for every home hear because of the frost. So most just pour another 4-5' and have a full basement. We decided to eliminate a basement this time for many reasons but still had to the pour the 4' foundation because of frost. So we decided to pour it six feet instead, then set our 2' floor joists inside the concrete walls flush with the top. This way we have 4' of space left underneath for a crawlspace and on top we have no steps. We will be concreting the floor of the whole crawlspace too so it ends up being a huge storage area!
  9. Quick question, is Cat6E still the best cable to run?
  10. It actually is better yet, we paid extra to have crawlspace under the entire home so have access to everything, except ceilings of course
  11. Yeah, I would just go for the "prep" option, but if they just prep them for their proprietary sensors, that wont work. Knowing Pella, I assume they will want $100 per window to put in their $5 sensor. I'm actually a little surprised that it was only $10 to prep it.
  12. I agree, but love hardwired vs wifi, etc. So do I just skip it on a new construction because I assume something better will come out? Its kind of a tough thing to do. Maybe a smart thing thing to do too is run a Cat6 cable to each of those installed locations in the ceiling just for some back up. Then I would have an outlet, Cat 6, and 3.5mm at each location. If someday all of this goes wireless, etc. then these items would just become dead items in the ceiling that I would not use. Good thing is, I'm planning on using dummy 6.5" speakers in these locations. So if a new and better item then the Echo Dot comes out, I will be prepared as having a 6' dummy speaker cover can pretty much hide anything or allow anything behind it to be modified to accommodate. That was sort of my plan
  13. Thanks. I'm actually going to see what the cost is today. They have an option to "prep" the windows for security or to have them installed by Pella. The prep option is only $10 per window. But then do they just prep it for there own sensor where no other sensor will work? I just dont like seeing visible security sensors on windows and doors. I like the flush mount ones, which usually means you have to bore out the doors and windows. Kinda scary with brand new windows. I'm going to check it out
  14. Yes, but i want everyone to be able to access and not everyone has their phones with them at all times. I want it to be a hidden and unique experience where Alexa can just be communicated with at any time. IS there any other option then what I have suggested? I know its alot of work and infastructure to set it up, but I'm hoping it should be future proof? I mean would they ever do away with the 3.5MM outputs so that everyone that has Echos now could never upgrade to something new? I'm very open to other suggestions, just dont know what else to do. To me, in a new construction, it kinda seems pointless just to have a few installed in certain rooms. Why not just have access to Alexa everywhere in the home since really the Echos and cables are pretty cheap. Or am I looking at this wrong? I have never had Alexa before but knew that I definitely wanted to integrate in my new home
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