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  1. You cant use the Pentair 523434 Wireless Link Kit or another option?
  2. Ok, but that small adapter is $600? Wasnt told this when pool guy sold me the center so that we can integrate it
  3. I'm reviving this thread to see if anything has changed. So we upgraded the pool to the Intellitouch Control panel. We currently have no wires ran to the panel for communication as it wasnt part of the initial plan. We do have extra CAT6 wires stubbed outside of the house about 30' away that we could bury and run to the location. But, is this needed or do we use the Pentair wireless bridge? We would like to have no issues with this and have heard mixed things about the Pentair driver, etc. What is the best way to integrate this with C4. We really only have a couple fountains and some pool ligh
  4. With Intellitouch, does a physical wire have to be ran to the Intellitouch center and then back to the rack, or can it be WIFI
  5. With Intellitouch, does a physical wire have to be ran to the Intellitouch center and then back to the rack, or can it be WIFI
  6. All. Recently deployed six Ruckus APs (two 710s and four 610s) in a residential setting. Having troubles. Only the 710s show up and on unleased, the 610s are stuck in what looks like a constant updating firmware loop. Their status always says updating and then eventually goes to offline. Looks like they are constantly restarting. Called Ruckus and they will not give you a bit of help even though you are using their product. You must buy support from them in order for them to talk to you. I have really never encountered this before with any company, and frankly it really turns me of
  7. I also may have sort of asked this before, but in the latest C4 software, can access codes be set for certain users or to an icon in general? I would be very surprised if the C4 software isn’t capable of this. I can think of many scenarios where I would not want the kids to have access. Like this fire pit. Say if they hit the “HVAC” button on their bedroom touchscreen, can a user code be required for them to access this menu? Same goes for Security, etc. It would also be nice to have them locked out from putting on music in other rooms then their own.
  8. How quiet is the system you are using?
  9. There are differences if you look closely. They say they manufacturer their own, but these days who knows what that means
  10. But couldnt the Bond Bridge use the native remote control to control it?
  11. All, Looking to integrate an outdoor firepit into C4. I have purchased a heavy duty electronic burner kit in which the ignitor can be controlled via remote control, can be controlled view bluetooth, or can be controlled via their own app. It also, can be wire dry contact. I currently have power wire and Cat6a ran to fire pit location. I know this can be easily hooked up to an IOX for integration, but it would be nice to have some flame control other than just on and off. Would I be better using something like a Bond Bridge here? Would this give me more flame height control? The firepit is
  12. Thanks. Yes, I know the go to is usually Lutron, but prices are kinda ridiculous for a simple single motorized curtain. I'm also considering another brand I found. They look pretty nice, use commercial components and have a five year warranty on everything. They also work via Wifi but could integrate them with C4 using the same Bond Bridge/Chowmain setup.
  13. Thanks. Yes, i'm aware of Lutron, but their prices are pretty high just for a simple motorized curtain. Seeing if anyone has had good luck with other brands.
  14. All, Looking for some suggestions on motorized drapery rods. I have a room in which we want to incorporate a motorized drape that would slide all the way and stack on the right side. Some nice looking and quiet. Currently have CAT6a ran to the location and can have a power outlet there too if needed. Would want it integrated with C4 to operate via keypad.
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