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  1. So attached below is my plan. Please forgive me for the crude drawing. I will explain as it may be confusing. Staring at the electrical panel, I would have (5) 240v circuits. These circuits would be split into two at junction boxes located right beside the electrical panel. This is just to get enough power to feed 10 of the definite purpose contactors. These contactors are basically like a relay that allow 240v power to move through them when they are energized. They are energized by 120v power. the is 120v power will come from outlets that are tied to regular C4 switches. So the idea is to wire each element from each heater separate and then group them together. In other words, the five definite purpose contactors (one for each element from each heater) will be grouped together for LOW setting, and then the other five definite purpose contactors for the other five elements from each heater will be grouped together for HIGH setting. In C4 then I would only have two switches for the heaters. One label LOW which would turn on one element from each heater and one switch labeled HIGH that would turn on the second element for each heater. Please let me know if that was confusing or what your thoughts are
  2. I contacted Driver Central and they have informed me that they plan to have a C4 driver out for the U by Moen systems in 3rd quarter of this year. They said more demand, the sooner it could be. You should fill this out here as I have done. https://drivercentral.io/driver-request/ They also said that they could develop sooner if someone was willing to cover the developers time, but don't know if I want to do that. Maybe someone on here could develop one?
  3. I just can't stomach the price. The Universal panel would also work. I know what components are involved, about $500 in parts and they want $5500 for it. Tough thing to buy to control heaters that are only $700 each.
  4. Yes, this is what I mean. Could I not just wire one element from each heater and group those together in programming to come on when low is selected. Then the other elements together to function with high?
  5. All, We are building a sort of his and her shower in our master bath. Each side of the shower will be ran separately, each with a "U by Moen" digital shower valve and control. The front wall of the entire shower where the door is will be glass. So the digital controls for these showers will be located inside the shower on an inside wall. What I'm trying to accomplish is a way to turn on either side of the shower without having to first open the door go inside and turn on the digital control. I know that these "U by Moen" controls can be controlled via mobile phone so was wondering if there was a way to turn them on to a preset temp with C4. My idea was to mount a simple 2 button keypad right outside the shower, where one button would be for her and one button would be for me. I would like, for example, when she presses the "her" button, that the system communicates to the shower control and her side comes on at a preset temp. Same thing when the "his" button is pressed on the keypad. Also could turn either side off from her if the same button was pressed again. Can you guys let me know if this is possible?
  6. Alos are these just wired in line? So, electrical panel > Aeotec> Infratech heater?
  7. Ok, question then. Can I wire one element from each heater to be activated on a low setting, and then the other element from each heater to be activated on a high setting?
  8. Or this I think is all that would be needed mounted inside a metal box. Looks like it is 240 volt line in and 240 volt line out, with 120V circuit to activate it https://www.supplyhouse.com/Honeywell-DP2030B5004-120-Vac-2-pole-Definite-Purpose-Contactor-30-A?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsIGkvdDE5wIVEdvACh28JAqsEAQYAyABEgJa4fD_BwE
  9. Could also make something a bit smaller like this that they use for hot water heaters
  10. Are you saying then that the outlet that the 9200 plugs into is tied to a regular C4 switch so that it can be turned off and on?
  11. So if I had five heaters I would need five of these? Also, how does this exactly work then? Each heater is tied to one of these boxes and then these boxes are tied to the C4 system somehow? How is that done?
  12. Do you mean you just wired the 0-10V dimmers in line and they were perfectly? Do you remember if they were single or dual element heaters? Also these are 240v so would I use the C4-TV240? I'm just wondering on the dual element heaters, would I need to wire one dimmer to each element? That would be a little odd then right because I would have two dimmers for each heater and would have to turn the elements on separately if I wanted low and high? Or would there be a way to set something up in C4 where even if there were six separate dimmers (3 dual element heaters), we could program 3 dimmers (one from each heater) to be activated when "LOW" is selected and then program the other three dimmers (additional ones from each heater) to be activated when "HIGH" is selected? The best scenario would be if we could wire one 0-10v dimmer to each heater that when dimmed t high levels that the second element would automatically kick on and when dimmed to lower levels the second element would turn off and only one element would heat. I dont know if this is possible though
  13. All, We are constructing a home with a covered patio in which we will be placing Infratech electric 240v patio heaters, probably five of them. I want to integrate these into C4. Each of these heaters has dual elements that can be wired separately. Turn one element on for low setting and both elements for high setting. Infratech make a sort of in wall dual switch for this. They are kinda ugly though. They also make a control interface to integrate with C4, but it is ridiculously expensive, like $5000. So I wondering if you all have some ideas. I know I could just hook them up to a C4 light switch for on and off capabilities, but them I would not get the low and high settings, I would get either low or high. Does C4 make anything that acts as a dual switch? I also know that the heaters can be turned up and down in intervals like 20%, 40% 70%, etc. Would a dimmer work in this situation? Just looking for some ideas
  14. All, I'm putting together a project with 32 audio zones. 24 of these zones were to be interior stereo zones. 2 zones were to be exterior landscape speaker zones. Remaining six zones were to be interior and exterior subwoofer zones that would play with some of the stereo zones. The equipment we decided on was a Triad 24x24 and Triad 8x8 = 32 zones. We are now debating whether we need the 8x8 matrix. I was visiting with a dealer and he said that the 24x24 triad matrix allows an additional output to be added to each of the 24 zones? Is this true, unless I heard him wrong? So then I could just add the six subwoofer outputs to the zones where needed? This would eliminate six separate zones then in the setup, but I still have the issue with the 2 extra zones needed for the landscape speakers. So he also said that C4 as a solution of simple one zone add ons for this? I have never heard of this. So all in all, I could use my 24x24 matrix, plus the two add-on zones to get 26 zones, then for the six subwoofer zones I could add them as an additional outputs to any of the 26 zones I have? Please let me know what you guys think. Or is it better to use the 24x24 and 8x8 together? If eliminating the 8x8 is best practice, please let me know what would be needed as far as equipment ,if any, for the additional 2 add-on zones to the 24x24. Thanks
  15. Ok. Does anyone know of a flush mount Exterior camera? I will have a barrel arch at front door entrance and would like a camera to show a visible live feed of front door when door bell is rung. I can have a dome or bullet camera Inside this barrel arch or it will look odd. I would need something that mounts flush. Or will my DS2 cast a wide enough shot to view wide angle at front door? I think Axis makes one but didn’t know if I was going with Axis for rest of the cameras
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