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  1. Yes, but aren't the new Triad matrixes suppose to be a major improvement in sound quality compared to the older C4 matrixes?
  2. Thanks, but a bit confused on what you said here. You are saying that I should try to eliminate 8 of the zones by combining rooms? And then in the rooms where I want the subwoofers to play along with the ceiling speakers, just Y those outputs to the sub inputs in the rack? Like for instance, I have dual Kef ceiling subwoofers in the kitchen. So are you saying that for the output from the 24x24 for the kitchen zone, split that output to run to the Traid for the kitchen ceiling speakers and to the Crown for the Kef Subwoofers, thus saving a zone? I wasn't sure that I could do that and wasn't sure that would sound ok?
  3. About the same, even though now I would have to sell the Triad stuff. Its difficult because you are the only real VS user on here so can't get more opinions on it. My dealer is telling me that he guarantees I will have better sound quality with the Triads, and he says its even more important with ceiling speakers. But, he did say that the quality may not be as big of a difference of the speakers are low end. I already bought them so he isn't trying to sell me on them. If there will be no difference whatsoever with the functionality, and only has to do with a few extra wires, then I dont really care and would just keep the Triads. I think they would be pretty easy to sell though if I switched to the VS 38x38. I guess one major selling point was that the Triad outputs can be summed into a single output to go to a subwoofer amplifier. I called VS on this and the guy seemed a little unsure but thought the VS could do that too
  4. To add, the dealer tells me the dual Triad matrixes will be fine and he uses them in many setups. The biggest issue being the Y cable splitters.
  5. Ok, thanks for the replies. For more information, 24 zones will be interior overhead ceiling speakers for the house and garage. Two zones will be for front landscape speakers and rear landscape speakers. The remaining 6 zones will be for interior and exterior subwoofers. When I was deciding what to buy, I was told there would be no sound deteriation with y splitting on the Triads and that the sound quality on them was superior, so I decided to go that route. But if there are odd things C4 does with double matrix, I dont want that either. Here is my question, if for instance I play a song in the kitchen (kitchen is part of the 24x24 switch) with an online music source, then I decide to go outside and want to add the patio speakers (part of the 8x8 switch). Can I just add the zone like normal and it will begin playing at the exact same point in the song as the kitchen and they will play together without delay?
  6. Yes. Just was told the Triad switches would be better and are better quality. Don’t know if this is true or not. It is nice to have it all matching In the rack though. It just so works out that the 24x24 will be all interior zones and the 8x8 will be all exterior zones. So do you think the Video Storm 38x38 is a better option with all considered then the Triads?
  7. Realistically, the only source we ever used in my previous system was Deezer. I wanted to set up a couple of the 5.1 systems as sources too but I have had mixed feedback on that topic. You know, so when I’m watching a NFL game on a 5.1 system, I could select that as a source in other rooms to have the game sound played in those rooms. Why do you think this setup is clunky? What is another option for 32+ zones without using something from Altona, Wyrestorm, Zektor, etc. that costs $10,000+? Also, I was told even if I bought one of those $10,000+ switches, the sound quality would not be as good as the Triads so that is why I thought of combing the two. Can’t they be programmed to act as one 32 zone switch?
  8. I guess I don't know if my question was clear, just wanted to know if you guys thought I would lose any sound quality by combining the 24x24 and the 8x8 to get 32 zones?
  9. Guys, For my whole home audio and outdoor audio, I currently have a Triad 24x24 matrix, Triad 8x8 matrix, 3 x Triad PAMP100-8 amps, 2 x Crown CDI2000 amps(70 volt), 1 x Crown 2002 XLS amp, 2 x Crown 1502 XLS amps powering 26 audio zones and 6 subwoofer zones. I'm going to be coimbining the 24 matrix and the 8 matrix to get 32 zones. I know there will be alot of extra wiring in the rack, but couldn't find a real good solution for this unless I spent $1000s more to get one unit that would do 32+ zones. Plus have the fidelity the Traids do and let me SUM outputs for subwoofers. Thoughts?
  10. Ha chopedogg88...it's you again. It wont be available tomorrow. Thanks
  11. I have for sale brand new in box Triad TS-PAMP4-100 amplifier. Never been opened or used. Will sell today for $850 shipped
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