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  1. Like where it actually makes a sound through the touchscreens? Also, if listening to music at the same time on the speakers, does the music pause?
  2. All, With the new Chime doorbell, does one have to have a physically wired interior bell to sound when the doorbell is rung, or can this be done through C4 with the overhead speakers in whichever zones we select?
  3. All, I have a KD120 from a previous install that we are trying to get working. It hasnt been programmed yet, but has been reset doing the 13-4-13 button press. It is wired up to a lighting load and it turns the light on but wont turn it off? All other keypad dimmers out of the box will turn a load on and off without any programming, this one does not. Do you have any suggestions or is it a bad dimmer?
  4. I was told different that it is wired only. Wierd
  5. We will just purchase 2 8 zone Rachios. I think this is best solution. We have 21 separate wires ran to the location so we have plenty. Question though, do the Rachios just connect via WIFI to C4 or can they be physically connected?
  6. All, We are implementing a 12 to 16 zone sprinkler system. The unique thing is that half the zones will be run of an irrigation pump and half the zones will be run off "city" water or regular water supply. Can a single Rachio 16 zone controller distinguish between the two, or will I need two separate controllers for each water source?
  7. Also, I heard the driver is really buggy (of course). Like lights dont stay on, or cant even change the color of the lights, etc.?
  8. I found out I have the IntelliCenter also. So we need to get Cat6 to it, or will it work over WIFI?
  9. Thank you. Wish the Unifi 6 Pros were available. I would buy those right now, but again sold out and dont know when they will be available
  10. And I'm not set on them, if I could get six of the Unifi 6 Pros right now at $150 each, I would buy them immediately. Those are what I want but it could be two months yet until they are back and we want to move in around May 1.
  11. Kinda want to "set them and forget them". They dont make the POE adapter yet for the Eero Pro 6 to mount on ceiling. So my plan was to get 3 of the Eero Pros and then three of the Eero Pro 6 models (these I can hide in cabinets without the mounts). May not get 500+mbps, but internet should be very reliable
  12. Yes, but will never have 30 cleints. EVERYTHING is hardwired, all TVS JoshAI, APs, etc. Literally will only have phones, laptops, over air printing, etc on Wifi. I really wish I could get the Unifi 6 LR units, but would those act as same as the Eeros for flawless AP to AP jumping, and one network name that automatically selects the best band to use?
  13. Yeah. The Eero Pro claims up to 574mbps on 2.4, 1202 mbps on 5ghz, and 2402 mbps on secondary 5ghz, but those numbers are inflated I think too
  14. That is my only issue. Other than top speeds, they jump from AP to AP flawlessly, oly show one network name when searching for availbale networks, etc. These are the things I want, but I heard the speeds are a bit lacking. We have 500mbps service from internet provider. I seriously would really like to get the Unifi 6 LR APs, as they fir my needs perfectly, but of course those are not in stock
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