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  1. This is absolutely brilliant! I appreciate the step-by-step. I definitely needed it. This would also be the first time I've written a macro in C4 as well. Didn't know that was possible. Thank you so much!
  2. So let me make sure I understand. You're using the Alex app on your phone (or on their website) to create the various routines you want and then you use the Epic System driver to trigger the routine? or is it the other way around, is the Alexa Routine triggering the Epic Systems driver to execute your programming? I'm not sure I can wrap my head around that. How do you get an Alexa Routine to trigger an event in Control4? I guess I'll have to play with this a bit more.
  3. So you can make a one time payment of $150 rather than an annual payment of $100. At least that was my justification. The only reason I maintained a 4sight subscription was for the Alexa integration. Unless you’re paying for 4sight for other reasons then I think it makes sense to buy their driver.
  4. I also assume that in order for this driver to replace the 4Sight driver I have to have the voice-scenes driver removed from the project. Is that correct? I also recognize that some of the things I want to do are things that even the 4Sight driver can't do. What about "Mute"? I've used the set trigger to set the volume in a room, but what about just saying mute? I know the 4Sight driver can in fact perform that one, but can the Epic-Systems driver do that?
  5. So my 4Sight license is expiring tomorrow and so I've gone ahead and purchased the Echo-Systems Echo driver. I've performed the basic programming for lights and volume control in the rooms where it's applicable. I've also created a trigger to turn on Pandora and have it play the last station. I'm not sure how to accomplish some other things I want to be able to do. These are: Specify the Pandora station that I want to listen to in the room. I'd like to say, "Echo, turn on (or play) Pandora <station name>". Tell Echo to pause, play, skip, Fast Forward or Rewind the current media in the room. Tell Echo to play a specific Movie or TV Show on Kodi (using the Chowmain Kodi Driver). I think that's all I can think of for now. Has anyone figured out how to program these events?
  6. What kind of network switch did you have? How did you come to discover it was your switch? Were you rebooting both your cable modem and your switch in order to get internet back up?
  7. I'm using Comcast's crap (TG1682G) only as a cable modem. I've put it in Bridge mode so the pfsense router is the device that actually receives the public IP lease. While in Bridge mode all of the extra features of the modem are disabled. The cable modem is maybe 1 year old. Might need new firmware...I'll have to look into that.
  8. When the “internet dies” is it just WiFi for hardwired Ethernet too? Hardwired ethernet too. Are you using the Comcast gateway for your modem? I'm using Comcast's TG1682G combo wifi router and cable modem. It's in Bridged mode though so it's only behaving as a cable modem. I've also disabled the WIFI on it. I'm using my own WIFI Access Point. What are you using for your router? My router is a Pfsense Virtual Machine running inside of a VMware ESXi server (Dell R610). You have it on a battery back up (UPS)? Is everything for your network on this? The UPS is supplying power backup for the cable modem, the ESXi Server, and my WIFI AP. Do you have their TV service? Does that “die” too? I do not have their TV service. I only want internet service from them. They keep trying to sell me on their streaming crap though. if you’re using the X1 platform do you have the proper cable distribution/amp installed? Or is you CATV just haphazardly run all over the place and have basic 1000mhz splitters? Nothing in my house is connected to coaxial cable with exception to the Cable Modem. Do you live in a rural area? Construction nearby? Are you at the end of a dead end road? I'm in a basic suburban neighborhood. No construction nearby. new issue or ongoing for more than 2 months? Kind of a new issue as of about 2 months ago. There are so many unknowns that could be causing this. Main thing is tho, rebooting shouldn’t be necessary. Indeed. Rebooting should not be necessary. Here's a diagram of my home network if you're interested: https://imgur.com/a/rG8T7MB
  9. I guess I could look into replacing the one I have with one that supports that feature. Any recommended models for $100?
  10. I'm not sure I understand. I have an UPS. Or are you actually referring to the United Postal Service. In which case, I still don't understand what you're trying to say.
  11. Looks like the easiest solution might be this: 3Gstore Remote Power IP Switch - 1 Outlet (Ez-22b) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GOOE8OY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_gNLnDb637PGCR
  12. I have an issue with my ISP....or maybe my cable modem. I don't want to deal with my ISP (xfinity/comcast) because all they're going to do is try and get me to buy a new cable modem. About 4 times in the last 2 months my internet will just die. At first glance, the cable modem appears to be working fine and even the ISP will report that there are no problems. But all I have to do is reboot the cable modem and then everything comes up fine. So here's what I want to do: I'm thinking creating a cron job on my home router (pfsense VM) that will ping once every minute or so and if it fails to successfully ping it then somehow have the router send a command to a smart power strip (or wemo smart plug) to reboot the outlet that my cable modem would be connected to, and then wait 5-10 minutes before it starts pinging again. I'd have to figure out the trick to get the router to talk to the power strip though. I'd have to reverse engineer the protocol that the power strip is using to receive commands. I'm guessing it's using encryption as well. I'm looking at this one: https://www.amazon.com/TECKIN-Multiple-Protector-Bar%EF%BC%8CRemote-Compatible/dp/B07FM3P87S/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=smart+power+strip&qid=1563740295&s=gateway&sr=8-3 Has anyone ever tinkered with one of these? If so, is it possible to control with something as simple as a json command? Could it be scripted? Alternatively, as a Control4 solution, I could (maybe?) have the controller ping and if it fails then have the controller reboot the outlet; assuming a driver could be written to support the smart plug. The problem with this is if a ping to fails from the control4 controller then it's possible that the router is the issue, not the cable box. At which point it'd be needlessly rebooting the cable modem. This is why I think it'd be best if the router were the device performing the ping. Thoughts? More effort than it's worth? Should I just switch ISPs?
  13. wow, I had not expected this thread to be resurrected. I don't even remember who it was that I was trying to help out.
  14. Ultimately what I ended up doing is getting it setup like any other receiver. So volume up/down and mute work just fine. If the source on the soundbar doesn't get changed then everything will come up just fine; otherwise, it'll just power on with the input that it was on when it was last powered off. I then added programming to the remote to use the red button to toggle between inputs. So worst case scenario they'll just have to press the red button on the remote a couple times to get the audio back.
  15. Honestly I haven't looked into the specifics on HDCP with the Raspberry Pi. I connect one of my rpi's through an HDMI switch (Tendak 4K HDMI Switch with PIP 4x1 HDMI Switcher) and have never had a problem with it. I also connect a second one through a home receiver (Pioneer Elite vsx-45) in another zone. With this one I do occasionally experience a hiccup that could be a symptom of HDCP weirdness. When this hiccup occurs; which isn't often, I'll hear audio but see no video. The quick and dirty fix for me is to simply change sources to something else for a moment and then go back to Kodi. Once I do that, it seems to complete the handshake properly to get video back.
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