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  1. @SipsyI know how you feel. I bought this driver only 2 weeks before it went tits up. While I understand that some things are out of their hands, I still feel like I would be justified in asking for a refund. I had not expected to pay $150 for a driver that was only going to work for 2 weeks. I've been trying to wait patiently for the issue to get resolved but at this point I'm losing my faith in the one and only programmer who's supposed to be able to fix this. Family issues aside, after 4 months, I would hope that he/she could put some time into this. I also understand that all I gotta do is buy an older generation echo dot and I should be back up and running. But that feels like a cop-out. I've been holding out for a fix for so long now, I'm digging in my heels and refusing to spend another cent in order to receive the "benefits" that this driver provides over the native C4 driver.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "2 button keypad or...?" But in terms of your programming suggestion, so far that's what I've done. It looks like I also need to add to that changing of the LED colors to reflect the on/off state. I guess that's not so bad. If I ever get my Alexa driver working then I'll also need to add that programming to the Alexa event as well. I guess that's all there is to it. Thanks!
  3. I've connected a card access relay to a fireplace so that it can turn it on and off through programming. The annoying thing is that there's still a low voltage standard light switch that can be used to manually turn the fireplace on as well. The problem is if it's manually turned on with the light switch then the card access relay can't turn the fireplace off. So what I've done is I've removed the light switch and put a 2-button relay in its place, and disconnected the low voltage wires. The intent is for the 2-button relay to command the cardaccess relay to open or close. I'd like the 2-button relay to behave like a normal light switch as well. So when the fireplace is on I want the top LED to be Blue and the bottom LED off. Vice versa if the fireplace is off. I had assumed I could just bind the 2-button keypad to the card access relay in the same way you can bind it to another C4 dimmer. That doesn't appear to be possible though. I get the feeling I'm missing a step here.
  4. I need them for IR control of some old TVs, a projector, a soundbar, and combination sony surround sound / dvd player. I think the truth is I'm too damn cheap to upgrade my TVs to smart TVs with IP control. I purposely didn't renew my 4sight subscription in favor of using the Epic-Systems driver. So In order to go back to the c4 skill I'd have to renew that too.
  5. So I'm on 2.10.6. I have three HC-250s in my project and Gen2 echos. If I'm understanding correctly, I have to upgrade to 3.0 in order to get my Gen2 echos to work again? In order to upgrade to 3.0 I have to replace all three of my HC-250s to EA series controllers. As I understand it, HC-250s are not allowed in software version 3.0. I suspect upgrading to 3.0 will cost well over $1000, and all that just so that I can get my echos to work again. or buy gen1 echos. Or...wait until your partner updates the driver to work with 2.10.6. Has he made any progress on this?
  6. I think I may have fixed it. I ended up deleting both my new Wireless Dimmer (Pool Table) and the Leg Lamp Generic Relay and Belkin Wemo Plug. I then re-added the Wireless Dimmer and it appears to be okay. The Leg Lamp Generic Relay and Belkin Wemo Plug weren't even being used at this point in time. It was in place last year during the Christmas holiday season.
  7. Leg Lamp is just a generic relay bound to a Belkin Wemo Plug. I don't see why it'd conflict with my new dimmer.
  8. Pool Table is the Wireless Dimmer I'm trying to add. If I select it under the Connections section it doesn't indicate that it's bound to anything, but neither do the other wireless dimmers. Is it the binding ID that it's choking on and not the connections? How do I change the binding ID?
  9. I believe it's Zigbee Pro. It shows up in the Zigbee network after I've identified it. It's also running firmware version 3.20.14. Its been part of this project in the past, just not for a long time.
  10. I have a system on 2.10.6. There are many wireless dimmers that are model LDZ-101 and LDZ-102 in the system and operating properly. I'm having trouble adding an additional LDZ-102 to the project and I've just noticed that its driver is found under the "Discontinued Products" section. Does this mean that, even though there are existing and properly functioning wireless dimmers, it's not possible to add new wireless dimmers? Each time I add the wireless dimmer the project it fails to validate and indicates that its binding is conflicting with the binding of some other device or simply that it's not bound at all.
  11. vOkay, So I've updated to the v2 driver and the documentation tab indicates that I have version 200. Now I'm trying to reprogram everything, but it won't allow me to recreate my triggers. The "delete Triggers" drop down is empty. Is there something I missed? The Lua tab is showing the following error: Adding new trigger named: Alexa Routines Error duplicate Trigger name: Alexa Routines
  12. Just read the update on the website. One quick question. The update states that "this is due to a firmware update that Amazon is rolling out to older Echo Dot (Gen 2) devices." If I were to upgrade my Echo Dot to a newer generation would this be enough to get me up and running without the need to update my driver?
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I guess I could have checked the website first. My apologies. I'll standby for an update.
  14. A few weeks ago I got the Epic-Systems Echo driver installed and working. And then I went on a business trip and as these things typically go, while I'm away, something breaks. This time it appears to be the Alexa integration. Whenever I ask Alexa to perform any task related to my system it says it's not responding. I've gone into the alexa.amazon.com account and told it to forget everything. I then told it to discover devices and at the same time sent discovery from the driver. Alexa rediscovered all of my devices but it's still stating that they're not responding. Not sure what to do at this point.
  15. This is absolutely brilliant! I appreciate the step-by-step. I definitely needed it. This would also be the first time I've written a macro in C4 as well. Didn't know that was possible. Thank you so much!
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