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  1. Exact issue I'm seeing. Fire TV stick running 5.x fine. Fire TV 4k running no good and get the same. When I try to connect with ADB to 5.x I get right in no auth. When I try to connect with ADB to 6.x it asks me to trust the device on the fire TV. How can we get C4 to take a look and update the driver accordingly? Thx
  2. Also, I don't see how anyone can use the irUSB with the Fire TV 4k. It has a single USB port which is used for power. Am I missing something? Thanks
  3. Yes, adb authentication seems to be the issue. With the Fire TV or stick, if I try to connect via ADB from my laptop it just goes through. On the Fire TV 4k it prompts to trust the device. Looking online I see other products requiring an update to handle it. ex: https://forum.simplecontrol.com/t/problem-controlling-fire-tv-4k/2745/12 Sounds like Control4 needs to update the driver to support the trust capability and for now we can't control the new device
  4. I don't see the Sony Receivers on the performance calculator yet. I would assume when it hits that this becomes official... https://dealer.control4.com/assets/files/resources/performancecalculator.xls
  5. Control4 controllers have a range of capability and performance (HC-250 vs. HC-800 vs HC-1000 etc). Where do the Sony Receiver models fit in? Is it as powerful as the HC-800? Has there been any official word on this? Thanks
  6. Was the replacement the same model? Does the 59-738-03 work? My ADT installer just came with that model and I am also having the crazy red light and RS232 error
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