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  1. Thank you! We have put in a lot of hard work, but much more to come. Absolutely, it is part of the package, we offer remote desktop chat through TeamViewer, Windows Live Messenger, Skype in certain situations, and of course we will talk on the phone old school style
  2. Great post, well thought out and exciting to think of much this industry is changing back to service! I can tell you the need is there as well or we wouldn't be here, we are helping a lot of lost people. To answer your question from who would own the customer in your case....you do. The way our business works is situational: 1. Work for a client left without a dealer or option due to a business closure. 2. Work for a client looking for a new option due to various circumstances, situations, or time constraints. 3. Work for a client working hand in hand with the existing dealer, the existing doing physical implementation and we are doing programming remotely. (In this case we would act as advisor, not try to run the show.) 4. Work for the dealer directly allowing him to operate his business more efficiently and lower programming labor costs in certain situations. Similar to going to the doctor, consider us a specialist, we are focusing on a particular area of your homes technology implementation.
  3. Hi Neil, We are indeed a new business, and our dealer app is in process, although our business plan is not designed around selling hardware. I have run top performing multi unit Platinum Control4 dealerships previously, have served as Control4 Dealer Council member and have relationships with Control4 top level management. We are currently selling programming services. We have a staff of certified techs and sales certified employees. Certainly anyone has their choice in who do to business with and should always be cautious, but we are professionals. Thanks and much success to you.
  4. Glad to see you on the forums, welcome! Thank you! Greatly appreciated, looking forward to being a part of the community here.
  5. He has not hired us at this time, I just offered to take a look at his system for him at no charge to see what he has going on. newHTowner, I got your email I will get back to you today, we definitely know what we are doing and rest assured we backup your system project before we touch it Looking forward to working with you as well.
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