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  1. Thanks. It must have heard me as I replaced the battery earlier and its now routing via the relay again and responding! A shame I can't disable the routing feature of the ZtoIR module....
  2. Hi folks, Just trying to understand why I have intermittent behavior with card access motion sensors and lighting (via c4 puck). The lighting code is attached to the correct event, e.g. when motion is detected turn light on. For one of the two sensor + light setups I initially resolved it (assumed it might have been a mesh issue) by locating a zigbee relay in the same room. However its started playing up again, i.e. not always responding. I've noticed that the routing tree shows its not routing via the zigbee relay in the same room, but now routing via a ZigbeetoIR access module at the other end of the house. Strange that it routes via a device so far away, rather than the closest path which would be the relay or the controller directly - seems to be around 4 hops. There are no other 2.4ghz in that room or the immediate vicinity and the mesh is on ch25 so avoid wifi as best as I can. 0% packet loss inbound / outbound but I can see outbound route failures (1386) for the PIR sensors in question but not sure how relevant that is> I do have Google Wifi which I know can flood the channels - lowering its signal strength is an option if I can although all nodes for that are located away from c4 controllers etc on purpose. Any thoughts, is that routing what you would expect? All show as having strong signal. Thanks! Alex.
  3. Definitely true in my case as the zwave pucks / controller appear to have a bug in secure mode where they don't respond well. Have implemented without advanced scenes (LED light status was based on lighting scene activation status) and works for now - although not as 'smart'! Thanks!
  4. Tracked at final level, with each scene having different levels. Some of the lighting loads are using the Mi Casa Verde zwave (which support advanced lighting tracking) but looks like some of the zwave pucks aren't polling with the zwave controller correctly (zwave controller bug!), so not reporting status correctly. Will try implementing a different way - thanks!
  5. Hmm - looks like its not tracking lighting scenes correctly - it thinks multiple lighting scenes (with different load levels) are active at the same time - no doubt causing the issue!
  6. Note: I have not linked the lighting scene to the button / LED btw. Also - I removed the Lights button (it removed all associated lights events), and then re-added it. It re-appears with a green LED...?
  7. Hi folks, I have a weird issue which should be simple but can't seem to resolve. Insight appreciated! I have a KD-120 programmable keypad. The button in question is set as programmable with the LED behavior also programmable. I have an event so that when an advanced lighting scene becomes active it should set the 'Lights' key LED to a specific colour that matches the activated lighting scene (the event that fires when the button is pushed determines which lighting scene is activated). Issue is, when the lighting scene is active (confirmed in the agent directly) this does not take effect. It's stuck in a previously set colour. I have reviewed all events in the detective suite and there are no loops or events firing that would be overriding this to show the colour that is displayed (green), and the on colour default is white (off = black)! Any thoughts? Thanks, Alex.
  8. Has anyone by any chance written a mini driver for the Plexpreview channel? Trying to find the ID but not in the store given its a private channel. Thanks
  9. I agree. We are in the era of open source and increasing technical 'savvy'. There is nothing stopping C4 catering to multiple customer groups and varying competencies. If you can become a certified Enterprise Google Cloud Architect online, you can certainly run training courses and certifications for CC Pro online. Besides, if you screw up, its your dealer who will charge you anyway. Reality is using and programming CC Pro is easier than learning to code, and 8 year olds are learning to code right...? Given the amount of functionality being added to HE, I'm guessing C4 know this and are managing the balancing act of keeping their dealers happy and providing more control to end users in a user friendly way. The majority of C4s customer base won't bother, which is fine, but I still think the C4 dealer base needs to more aggressively embrace empowering their customers, not holding onto the keys to their house and charging them $300 to add the TV that just cost them $500. Thats such old, outdated thinking in my opinion.
  10. I folks, I'm running TIDAL (driver v.86) on an HC-800 (small project) and am running into drop outs so much that its basically unusable. Latest driver installed, controlled utilisation never peaks above 2% when streaming and no obvious network issues (ethernet gigabit connection). Local internet connection is 20-50mb/s. No probems using Tidal on other devices so appears to be a C4 issue. Am based in Aus and have tried using Google DNS servers which made no difference. Any thoughts on how to improve? Thanks, Alex.
  11. Hi, I have been attempting to use a Monoprice HDMI extender kit hoping I could connect it using a mono to mono cable as the kit has a mono stereo 3.5 input. However - when activated the ir bud blinks but then stays on - i.e. it doesn't quite work. The kit simply uses the cec channel to send IR signals but I'm not clear why it doesn't work as Id hoped. Any ideas why? It comes with an it receiver and transmitter although neither are externally powered. Anyone played around with this? Trying to avoid running more cable to achieve this if I can. Thanks, Alex
  12. Is on 2.2 (from memory). Can confirm if an issue. In Australia but can ship internationally if required. Let me know! Alex.
  13. Hi all, I'm struggling with setting up motion detection lighting which should be simple. My Card Access motion detector is correctly connected and reporting into Composer. It appears to detect motion (i.e. red light shows when I walk in), however it will not fire any events it seems (in this case active lighting scene). I've tried with another motion sensor so I don't believe it's a hardware issue. Essentially, just as a simple as: when motion detected, activate lighting scene (have tried with just toggling a light). However this does not work. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious - any thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Alex.
  14. I assume Digital Media is not hidden (somehow!) for any of the afflicted zones?
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