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  1. You push the remote buttons and nothing happens on your Apple TV. Your dealer gave you good advice. I use an IP driver available from Intrinsic Development that works well. But don’t fear the IR.
  2. I used a variable for my Somfy blinds but I tried not to confuse myself and it works well. String variable open or closed.
  3. I have now have an adaptive phase dimmer. How do I program preset levels as it is no longer a programming property?
  4. I have my C4 lights and Sonos players named by room location. Both have same name and that is problem with Amazon Alexa voice command. I have changed light to "room name" light. Any other suggestions? K
  5. I received a great post and want to increase the sender's in forum reputation points (bdonohoe). How do I do this? K
  6. Wow, Mr Donohoe, your C4 cook book article is amazing. I never would have programmed my lights so perfectly without your article. Nor would I have known that so much was possible; different levels based on time of day (kudos). Please add more recipes as your easy are another's (me) not even thought of. Thank you. What's your first name, I like to address friends as friends? K
  7. I have a dimmer bound to keypad that controls a kitchen light. I want hit the on button (light or keypad) to turn on the light at 25%. Then if I hit the on button (light or keypad) again while the light is on, the light goes to 100%. My programming has lead to endless loops. Any suggestions? K
  8. Is there a way to program a motion detector to turn on at light a time before sunset and after sunrise and do nothing between those times? Night is too little time I want 90 minutes on both sides but I can not figure it out? Cy...StroTek? K
  9. Thank you. The new trigger works perfectly. K
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