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  1. I tried Chicago Ski Guy's script (Exportc4_v2x.vbs) as a Media Monkey add-on. I have Control4's Composer HE version 3.2.1. Both my C4 system/Composer and Media Monkey point to and play from the same files (mp3 and FLAC) and file locations. I got as far as being able to right-click a MM playlist the choose "Export to Control4 v2.x ...when I select that option for the selected playlist, I get a MM error message saying "Selected drive/folder cannot be exported. Please select a valid device or folder under My Computer." I am stuck at that point. I don't know how to select a destination that
  2. I saw a dealer's post that said: "There is another thread on here detailing how to import a library from mediamonkey and using the control4 plugin to convert it to a control4 xml file. This will save time a lot of time in scanning and creating a new library in control4." I could not find that other thread. On my NAS drive I have a 50K song library meticulously tagged with Media Monkey (MM). ComposerHE has scanned the same NAS drive volume and my C4 system with my new EA5, v.2 plays music from that NAS volume that MM organized and will also play from. With MM I have made extensive song p
  3. msgreenf just wrote "I would recommend setting up dlna on it and connecting to c4 that." I'm not sure what that means. More specifics would be appreciated. Does that mean use DLNA through my Windows 10 PC to recognize an EXT4-formatted drive in the QNAP NAS chassis holding music files?
  4. I too want to have my own FLAC and mp3 music files on a NAS. I can get a QNAP multi-bay NAS chassis and would put two 2.5" SSD drives in it. Each will be 2TB and they'll mirror each other in RAID1. My music collection would reside on the RAID1 mirrored drives in 2 if the QNAP NAS chassis bays. A Q4 employee specialist in Utah said music files must reside in a FAT32 file system drive for a Q4 EA5 to read and play those files. But, the Q4 same guy said QNAP NAS equipment has been proven as compatible with the Q4 EA series. I just learned that QNAP formats drives mounted in thei
  5. Has anyone heard from Control4 headquarters whether they will ever add a basic feature to Composer desktop application - playlist sort capability? It would be great if a moderator from Control4 would step in here. I have Composer ME and there is no way to sort playlists I create. If you have hundreds of songs in a playlist, and want to add more but can't remember each and every song you've already included, then being able to sort a playlist would make all the difference. All major media players (e.g., iTunes, Media Player, etc.) have had this capability for years. Thanks.
  6. I'm unable to add to or modify music content on my USB drive when its attached directly to my HC 300. I've seen other posts on this issue, but those posts don't resolve my issue. I'm using Windows 10, 64-bit. I have the C4 HC 300, with a Western Digital 1TB USB 3.0 drive, formatted FAT32, attached directly to the HC 300. I did have the same USB drive attached to an HC 1000 which, according to my dealer, just died. So, he removed the HC 1000 and said I'd be fine using only my HC 300 and USB drive. I have lots of songs on the USB drive. Mostly MP3, with some FLAC. When the USB dr
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