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  1. You need your dealer involved on this I believe. Could be a controller registration issue?
  2. Since the China Trade dispute - prices for EA's are going up, so I decided to upgrade from an HC250 & HC800 to an EA3 and HC800. And with the additional buzz about the HC250 no longer supported in Composer 3.0, that sealed the deal. I've got a few questions about setup with my dealer and I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game. HC-250 x 2 (Should I sell them now????) HC800 x 1 (What role will the HC800 play in the project?)
  3. I'll check when I get home - I think I have a some stashed away.
  4. Will that driver also handle Philips - Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor ??
  5. Well, I've got one of these WPS-100-DVR-4CH. Works great I love it. I already had it set to NTP the time anyway
  6. The one floating around here is an IR driver but that's what I used. I installed it and couldn't be more pleased with Z2IR.
  7. Super easy. It just works. I wanted something simple that "showed" me the news I was interested in hearing in the morning. I didn't see the sense in spending a bunch of cash or jumping thru integration hoops on something that was only on for 45 minutes a day. There is a driver out there for the Roku (paid and free). Will show mini-apps as well (Netflix etc.) on the touchscreens and mobile app. There's a custom driver I got from these forums a little bit ago for the TCL with Roku but I never could get the "on" or "off" to work with it. Z2IR works like a charm tho. I don't have any downsides and I'm sure I'm not using the driver for everything it's capable of. The IR is for "on" and "off" programming only. I have the TV off at 7:45 when I'm out of the bathroom and getting in my car for work. TCL TV was dirt cheap ($120 I think), Z2IR was an eBay snag at $30, and Haystack is free. I can say it serves my needs way beyond my expectations. I recommend Haystack to everyone I know.
  8. This isn't EXACTLY what your asking for - but here's my setup and why I use it Equipment: I use a TCL 27" with Roku built in. ZigBee to IR Velcro'd to the back Haystack App Programming: schedule set to fire "on" the TCL at 6:45am Bathroom lights on at 7:00am So here's what happens for me in my master bathroom. The TCL TV comes on and then in (7:00am) 15 minutes of no activity on the TV, the "Haystack" app takes over on it's own. That's a custom newsfeed app with clips and local news including weather.
  9. Kahn


    Generally speaking a 2.1 system is pretty easy. Control4 has the Triad solution which would work for you. I'm a big fan of the Rialto 600. There's a serial driver for it or you can IR control it. Denon Heos:AMP would work well- driver available Sonos Connect:Amp would work well- driver available Hope that helps
  10. Actually still have every iPhone I've ever bought.....wayyyyyy back I never traded or sold them. Just put them back in the box ….. Now who's hording??? lol
  11. There's almost always a use for the old gear ….the exciting thing for me is repurposing and squeezing the last bit of life out of the old gear. Hell, I had an old HTC for the contact and relays running forever but finally retired it. And I do have a couple retired speaker points in my closet. I see AMR's point and msgreenf as well. I'm not a horder - hell I don't even recycle my plastic, I just hate throwing away old tech. The speaker point has been EOL for a long time.....let us know how it works out and what you can get that speaker point to do? If the effort and result was worth the $50.
  12. How much is the ChowMain driver?
  13. The AMP is the variable here....which AMP are you using? If it's the Control4 Amp then no worries. Like Unsocialtoaster said, it's usually not an issue to connect 2 pair of speakers to one pair output.
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