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  1. Actually still have every iPhone I've ever bought.....wayyyyyy back I never traded or sold them. Just put them back in the box ….. Now who's hording??? lol
  2. There's almost always a use for the old gear ….the exciting thing for me is repurposing and squeezing the last bit of life out of the old gear. Hell, I had an old HTC for the contact and relays running forever but finally retired it. And I do have a couple retired speaker points in my closet. I see AMR's point and msgreenf as well. I'm not a horder - hell I don't even recycle my plastic, I just hate throwing away old tech. The speaker point has been EOL for a long time.....let us know how it works out and what you can get that speaker point to do? If the effort and result was worth the $50.
  3. How much is the ChowMain driver?
  4. The AMP is the variable here....which AMP are you using? If it's the Control4 Amp then no worries. Like Unsocialtoaster said, it's usually not an issue to connect 2 pair of speakers to one pair output.
  5. Found one on fleabay….thanks anyways
  6. In need of an HC-800 power supply if you happen to have one you are not using and would sell, or an alternative. I've got a few 19V power supplies but all have wrong connector and I'm just not excited about splicing the correct connector in.
  7. Is the C4-8AMP1-B capable of "signal sensing" on the audio inputs? I cannot find any documents defining how I can program with it - although I've read it's capable.
  8. I really thought the C4AMP had "audio sensing" built in.....that would've solved my problem I think.
  9. Thank you for replying and that seems like it's gonna solve one of my issues but create another. I'm after this kind of use - to be able to stream music from C4 App OR use the Sonos App both with equal results on volume control. My kids don't really use the Control4 app BUT they use the hell out of the Sonos app. I guess I'm trying to figure out if the C4AMP will sense audio on Zone1 input from the Connect and automatically turn on the connected Room. If controlling that room from the Sonos app then I'd have to have volume control in the Sonos app and not fixed. I did find this searching the forum but I'm unsure it would work. Under the Sonos Connect on the programming tab, expand the 'device variables' and click on the PLAYING variable When PLAYING changes ? if PLAYING status is true (under Sonos variable conditionals) - Select the sonos device as the audio device for the room (selected by clicking on the room name)
  10. I have something similar to use (heck I think it's even a Russound) but I don't see where this will solve my issue. Does the C4AMP actually "sense" audio on input zone 1 AND output audio to output 1 by itself in the scenario of using Sonos App? The Sonos Connect is NOT the ConnectAMP…...just the Connect
  11. Need a little help figuring out how to accomplish something. I'd like to be able to use the C4 App AND the Sonos App to control some Patio Speakers (not at the same time). I have: C4AMP1-B (RCA for now) Zone 1 input<------------>Audio Output (RCA) Sonos Connect. Here's what I cant get right: Using Control4 App - No audio with volume below about 35%. Sonos App - Volume 100% on the Connect. Is there a way to have the Sonos Connect output max volume as a default while using C4 App? Why no volume below 35%? Using Sonos App - no volume control at all. Can't find any "Audio Sensing" in AMP programming, maybe I'm going about this wrong.
  12. Exactly the problem......working perfectly now
  13. I'm sure its simple - but I'm confused. One of those "can't see the field for the trees" issue. Here's the setup: Samsung 55" - unable to control via IP as it's older (IR over EA-1) Sonos BEAM connected via HDMI (ARC) Roku HDMI and powered by USB from Samsung EA-1 via HDMI (in a project where HC250 is main controller) I've screwed things up so much I just need to start all over with connections and endpoints. Not sure if the beam is my problem. Roku turns TV on and off and can control Sonos Beam volume via Roku remote. Sonos Beam shows in other Navigators and functions for music flawlessly. Here's my problem: EA-1 isn't displaying navigator on HDMI input when using SR250 If I make TV the video endpoint I lose control of the audio to the Sonos Beam If I make Sonos Beam endpoint for videos audio - I lose control via Roku remote TV isn't showing in other navigators so Roku Channels not showing in navigators currently I know its all in the endpoints - how would you handle?
  14. I'll take the switches if they are still available
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