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  1. Don't make it harder than it has to be. No reason to run wires. Drop a wireless motion in there pointed at the door. As a bonus - using the right one - you could measure humidity.
  2. +3000 I use the outdoor Phillips Motion and it works flawless
  3. Does the affect the Nest thermostat and Yale lock at all? I'm still on "works with Nest" and have not migrated......
  4. Factory reset two SR-250's ….project running 2.10 Remotes stay in "No Network Found". Cant figure this one out......help?
  5. I like that….didn't know it was there
  6. Is there an LED Controller - C4 Compatible - that doesn't have a wall wart? 120V ?
  7. Don't know what solution would work best and DMX seems too costly for what I want to do. I have approximately seven (7) small florescent fixtures at 120V all wired to the same switch that serve as undercabinet/counter lighting. They are so 1980's....I just hate them. I'm thinking of swapping out to some RGB LED (possibly strips) to create some different lighting. I'm swimming with ideas, but unsure of direction I should go. I know nothing about DMX and applying that to this scenario seems very expensive. Am I wrong? Is there an easier way to achieve what I'm after?
  8. Since Alexa is more global (i.e. it has no idea what room you're in) -It's best to keep names as short as possible and use location and device. For example, in my master bedroom I use: Master Cans vs Master Bedroom Cans Master Fan vs Master Bedroom Fan Master Lamp vs Master Bedroom Bedside Lamp Naming a device Can lights or Lamp really wont help unless you have just one of those (which I doubt). As msgreenf said - you can log into your account with C4 online and rename those devices there under the Alexa tab. Hope that helps
  9. I use the Phillips motion driver/sensor from Unilogic -has lux level you can program off. So does the Card Access motion I believe.
  10. It's super simple with connected Sonos. I have an echo dot in the kitchen and can say "Alexa, play music in the Kitchen" and she will start playing something on the Play5 (located in the kitchen). I have a FireTV connected to my TV in my master bedroom and can say "Alexa, turn off master cans" and she will turn them off OR I can say "Alexa, play music in Master bedroom" and she will start playing. Scenes work the same way. I used "Alexa, turn on goodnight" every night. My Goodnight Scene with additional programming shuts off and turns on various lights, locks doors, checks garage doors, etc.....I don't have an echo in my rack. Just various devices around the house using the C4 dot driver. I'm totally satisfied.
  11. Anyone seen a Black Friday TV that has IP control and plays well with Control4 we should consider?
  12. WOW!! This is wonderful news!! I'll just sneak two questions in there that have been puzzling to me. Sonos and Nest. Two of my biggest entertainment / security / comfort loves......what are your thoughts on the future of the integration with Control4? Thanks again for your contribution and your thoughts! I think I can speak for a ton of us in saying WELCOME!!!! STICK AROUND!!!!
  13. I never migrated my Nest Account to Google......Never did the two step authentication either and I'm able to "skip" the process and log into my account. My Nest thermostat working fine on 3.1 currently.
  14. Phillips Motion Driver does that. Requires the Hue Bridge (which opens the door to more Hue devices) but I think its probably one of the best drivers available. To answer your question - on top of motion, it senses TEMPERATURE and LUX. And the motions are cheap, small, and have excellent battery life. https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers Zero problems whatsoever....really love it. Very reliable. I swear I don't work for them - just love the driver.
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