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  1. I mis-read as well I have 3 fans and 2 fireplaces I could use this driver for. Amazon has the BOND at $69-$99 Chowmain has the driver at $150 $219 isn't bad considering the alternatives to get those on the devices on Control4 platform
  2. Yes what??? One driver per BOND? (thus the ability to control up to 6 devices only) OK if you only have a fireplace, a few fans, and a couple other devices to control via RF OR multiple BOND's under one site licensed driver? (seems like a few of BOND's may be needed to cover a larger space, more fans, or anything over 6) I like the BOND...I'm happy about the driver being available!! I just think it's important to clarify that the investment of $69 for the BOND and $99 for the driver would only service 6 devices. @alanchow - is this correct?
  3. Does the driver support multiple BOND devices? According to BOND website One BOND currently only supports up to 6 devices within a 2,500 sq. ft. home -
  4. what would make it change back to blue when door is closed? Wouldn't the LED just remain blue even when the door was closed? And - that wouldn't make it blink periodically.
  5. I have three garage doors monitored/operated with contacts/relays on an IOX. On a bank of three switches/dimmers - what's the best programming to change the bottom LED to red and blink periodically when a garage door is open and back to blue when closed?
  6. I think you should consider the timer - it's actually the best way.
  7. OK - I'm curious why a timer needs to be stopped first? I get the "when motion stops" starting the timer.....
  8. AudioControl Rialto - nifty amp !! I use them and they work great. Depending on you budget look at the 400 or 600. Plenty of power and features. Otherwise - go with Sonos Connect Amp.....costly but rock solid.
  9. LOVE new construction - Driveway sensor, mailbox, gates
  10. product called PROSOL (it's a solvent made just for that). Google that
  11. @BraydonH - you just made this thread SOLID GOLD! Thanks and I appreciate you. I'll post some of my programming as well. Someone will either correct me or copy me
  12. This is a great thread. I'd love to see examples/screenshots of the programming for these. Maybe picking up a few pointers with examples
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