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  1. product called PROSOL (it's a solvent made just for that). Google that
  2. @BraydonH - you just made this thread SOLID GOLD! Thanks and I appreciate you. I'll post some of my programming as well. Someone will either correct me or copy me
  3. This is a great thread. I'd love to see examples/screenshots of the programming for these. Maybe picking up a few pointers with examples
  4. I'm in...I have a 980. I love a beta!!!
  5. Of course.....the problem has resurfaced with different symptoms now. I only have the 10" T3 installed with an EA3 and an HC800. Went to go show off my system and wouldn't you know the daggum app says offline. Double tapping the "world" icon reveal - GATEWAY OFFLINE. and of course resetting the Gateway has no effect what-so-ever. Funny I can make a call TO the app from the Touchscreen and it works just fine - but not from the app to the touchscreen. This is sooooo frustrating. I figured the EA3 and moving to 3.0 would chinch up the system and get rid of all the bugs, but that's not what happened at all. Any advice???
  6. Nice little amp - used many of these.
  7. HC250 isn't even in the project or registered as main controller with C4 anymore- my last post I said I moved forward with the EA3 & HC800 combo. Doesn't matter tho - damn thing just began working out of no where. I didn't change a thing and all of a sudden it's workin. Something was up with port 6700 being offline, now its online and everything works as designed.
  8. That didn't work. I went ahead (in front of the release of 3.0) and installed an EA3 and HC800.....same problem still exists. BUT - now the intercom button isn't visable. I did not install the TW7CO Touchscreens since I understand 3.0 isn't going to allow them in the project. There are three ports under the "+" tree for the 10" Touchscreen (in composer). Two of them show online and port 6700 shows offline. To be clear - I have not installed 3.0 yet. still at 2.10.6 and all device updates are good to go. Registered controller is the EA3 and the HC800 is part of the project. LAST Sidenote: Migration failed and I had to load the entire house from scratch. Just took a little longer but at least I know it's a fresh install. Any other ideas??
  9. Well I tried that. No effect. I even removed the 10" and re-added all. Identified by SDDP.......situation is the same
  10. Backgound/Setup: C4-8AMP - Zone One Output - A pair of Bose 251 Outdoor speakers Zone Two Output- Reserved for another pair of 251's (ordered) Zone Three Output- Empty Zone Four Output- Empty Zone One Input - Digital from Sonos Connect Zone Two Input- RCA from 55" TV Zone Three Input- Reserved for Echo Input (arrived - not installed) Zone Four Input- Empty While the sound is very good on the covered patio, the bass is lacking. I've got a few walls for sound to bounce off and a coffer type ceiling, so the sound is very good in the covered portion and remarkably ok out in the back yard area. I'm not after earth shattering bass, but I'd like more than the amp will give me out of the pair of Bose 251's. I've played with the EQ and it's as good as it's going to get. I can't push the EQ any further or it starts sounding like crap......….SO! I bought these in-ceiling subwoofers to compliment the 251's and I'm wondering …. I should just buy a separate amp for the subs entirely OR should I use Zones 3 & 4 Output for subwoofers? I could use the parametric EQ on those zones for low frequency only? I'm looking for advice or best practice.
  11. I have an HC250 with a 10" T3 and two TW7CO's - everything was fine 100% using intercom anywhere, now none are able to use intercom functionality on all screens. The screens work fine otherwise. In the C4 App I'm getting: I'm getting "unable to connect' Also, double tapping the world icon brings up SIP: Remote Broker: Remote Gateway: Failwait I did try resetting the gateway - but that didn't work On the 10" Screen- it doesn't dial the iPhone I have I saved When trying to call one of the other touchscreens (7") is says "station offline". The 7" screens come up with an error "Initializing Intercome, please try again later" intercom is initialized
  12. You need your dealer involved on this I believe. Could be a controller registration issue?
  13. Since the China Trade dispute - prices for EA's are going up, so I decided to upgrade from an HC250 & HC800 to an EA3 and HC800. And with the additional buzz about the HC250 no longer supported in Composer 3.0, that sealed the deal. I've got a few questions about setup with my dealer and I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game. HC-250 x 2 (Should I sell them now????) HC800 x 1 (What role will the HC800 play in the project?)
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